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Hello again!
Writing the title inspired me to go look at the Cars music video of the song Hello Again. I’m not sure if I ever saw the video (no MTV, my parents rightly understood that it polluted the youth so I snuck it at the house of the kids I babysat). In the video, who do I see? Why, a young Gina Gershon and, it turns out, Andy Warhol directed the psychedelic and sex-infused video. The crazy in that video is mainstream now even though it’s still crazy.
Being normal is the new crazy.
I’m sorry it’s been a bit since writing. Between getting a magazine together, planning the gala and a myriad other things, getting to this has been challenging.
I received a rather straight forward email this week from Philip G. who said this, “Please send your newsletter.”
I figured I better get the lead out and get writing.
In the three weeks since the last missive, it’s like the world has changed itself again and not for the better.
Angelo Codevilla died. It’s an utter heartbreak. Some writers and thinkers just have lightning quick minds and the authority of thunder when they write. He was one such man. He predicted the times we’re in on the pages of our very own The American Spectator when he wrote America’s Ruling Class. I recommend that you read it and weep for the loss of Mr. Codevilla and for America.
Bearing False Witness
There’s a difference between lying and bearing false witness. Lying can be innocent and lubricate the social joints or perhaps be a kindness or a time saver. For example, one may say to the cashier when he asks, “How is your day going, ma’am?”, “Fine” or “Going great!” Neither might be true but does one really want to give a dissertation on how this day well and truly stinks and life is miserable in this moment and this is why, etc.? No. So it’s a little lie to keep the earth rotating on its axis.
Then there are big lies. Most of us know about these, too, and they’re terrible lies. “No, I didn’t cheat.” Or, “no, I’m not drinking again.” Or, “no, I didn’t remortgage the house so I could gamble it all in Vegas.” Those are big and terrible lies that have destructive, life- altering consequences for all involved.
But the 10 Commandments does not even mention those kind of lies (those sins are address as adultery, stealing, coveting, etc). No. The commandment is this, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” Bearing false witness is an abject evil. Bearing false witness is knowing the truth and specifically lying to harm someone else’s life. 
This week, a reporter named Sawyer Hackett, then the media, and then Jen Psaki and today, the President, bore false witness against a horseback riding border agent who was corralling an illegal immigrant back into Mexico. Hackett expressed horror that the horseback rider used a whip against the illegal immigrant. I took one look at the picture and said that it was what it obviously was – a rein. It wasn’t even in the agent’s hands. It was flying around. 
Hackett either through ignorance or malice bore false witness. Perhaps he didn’t know, but lots of people, immediately, corrected him. He didn’t remove his tweet, though, and it spread like wildfire. It was too perfect. It took the focus off the evil of over 15,000 immigrants from South American countries baking in the Southwestern summer sun for days and willing to do so to get free access to America and her many goodies. It changed the narrative of Biden’s border failure to a lie: racism.
Rather than defend a decent man doing his job, Jen Psaki and the Biden administration saw the perfect story to throw people off the manmade disaster of their creation. And so they bear false witness against this border agent, agents generally (no more horse rider agents!) and away from their own failures. 
This is evil. Malevolent. It’s bearing false witness.

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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