Ron DeSantis, ONE; Joe Biden, ZERO

Joe Biden picked a fight with Ron DeSantis he thought he could win – he was sorely mistaken

September 23, 2021

If you thought Biden couldn’t hate anyone more than Donald Trump, you were wrong.

Ron DeSantis has become Biden’s newest enemy number one.

And Joe Biden picked a fight with Ron DeSantis he thought he could win, but he was dead wrong.

Joe Biden’s Presidency is going up in flames and he’s trying to save it.

By issuing new COVID orders and trying to push through massive spending packages, Biden is attempting to save face, but it isn’t working.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis became a household name after resisting mask and vaccine mandates.

The world has watched as DeSantis has led Florida fearlessly and laughed in the face of Joe Biden.

DeSantis made masks and vaccines optional in Florida and promoted monoclonal antibody treatments.

According to reports, the plan is paying off as fewer and fewer Floridians are being hospitalized.

DeSantis’ victory has infuriated Joe Biden.

Biden can’t stand that DeSantis is pushing back against the tyrannical mandates the White House keeps handing down.

So, Biden decided he needed to punish DeSantis and to do so he is playing with the lives of thousands of Americans.

Biden cut the shipments of lifesaving monoclonal antibody treatments to Florida and six other Republican-led states.

Not surprisingly DeSantis is fighting back.

The very idea that the President of the United States would play with people’s lives as a political maneuver is sickening.

But leave it to Ron DeSantis to find a way around Biden’s most recent power play.

Governor Ron DeSantis announced recently that he will purchase the antibody treatment directly from manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline.

“What I am doing though, is we’re going to try to cover the bases. I had a call yesterday with GlaxoSmithKline executives about their new monoclonal antibody . . . Sotrovimab was given EUA, I believe in May. So the Eli Lily one, which is kind of now coming back, but the Regeneron, that was at the end of 2020. Sotrovimab was given EUA in May. The clinical data on that was even better than the clinical data on the Regeneron, 85% reduction in hospitalizations,” DeSantis told reporters.

Of course, the White House tried to play off the despicable move by Biden and Jen Psaki told reporters the claims weren’t accurate.

Psaki is lying and was called out for it repeatedly on social media.

Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities are rapidly declining and the more pushback he gets from Republicans the angry and more dictatorial he becomes.

This is just year one. 

It’s scary to think what Biden might pull next.

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