Is it time to rethink the Orthodox option? 
Hello RENE HENRY GRACIDA,So much scandal in the Vatican. Such confusion, betrayal…and now Francis puts the world on notice that—despite pandemic, predator priests, food shortages, and global chaos—he wishes to add to the misery of millions by ruthlessly tearing out our greatest spiritual consolation, i.e., the Traditional Latin Mass of our youth.

Why? God help us, good question!

So, it should come as no surprise to any of us when the situation finally becomes unbearable, at least for some of us. I hear it all the time: “Get out!  The Catholic Church is wrong. Join the Orthodox!”

While I understand the sentiment, I fail to understand why anyone would suggest I should apostatize just because Francis is. I would die for the papacy, as any sincere Catholic would. Francis has not shaken my faith in the theology of the papacy.  In fact for every Francis, I can think of (and thank God for) a dozen Pope Pius X’s.  

Why would we abandon the papacy over a bad pope or two? History is full of them. I don’t see it written in any creed: “I believe in the pope.” Or “I believe in Francis whom I must love with all my heart, mind, and soul.”  This is nonsense!

The Church is our castle under siege, and I have no intention of abandoning her just because Francis and his globalist friends have breached her walls.  Our job is to drive the moneychangers out of the temple, not let the moneychangers drive us out!

Bottom line: When God raises up another pope who will drive the evil men out of our Church, I have every intention of being right here in the Church of my childhood, holding fast to the Faith of my fathers.

Bad popes come and go, but the Church will last forever.

Please watch and share this RTV Short, especially if you’re tempted to leave the Church in search of greener pastures:
 CATHOLIC FOREVER: Why Francis will never run me out of my Church

In Christo Rege,
Michael J. Matt  

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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