Words of Christ

November 3, 2021

“Neglect not My Eucharistic Heart,

For therein will you find succor for your soul,

And therein will you be molded into a holy vessel.

You cannot love Me as I have called you to love Me

Unless you dwell in Me,

And unless you sit often before My Eucharistic Face.

I wait for you to come before Me,

For I have treasures untold to give you,

And it is here that I will convey to you the secrets

Of My Eucharistic Heart.

You are beaten down and weary,

But draw nigh to Me,

And I will cover you with My hand,

And hide you from the onslaught of men.

I have prepared you for Me,

And outside of Me you will know no consolation.

Come to Me as often as you can,

And sit before Me.

No words are needed, for My heart will speak to your heart,

And you will know as you are known.

Do not be dismayed that your desire is to be apart,

For I have called you to be apart in Me,

To seek My face and to abide in Me.

But now I call you to put away your desires,

For only in My will can you find what you seek.

I will not abandon you.

The world grows dark,

And where will a light be found?

I will kindle a light in the souls of those who sit before Me,

And behold My face.

I will bestow a beacon in these hearts

That they might shine forth into the world.

So do not neglect sitting before My Eucharistic Face.

Live every moment immersed in My love,

And tarry not away from My presence.

I wait for you.  

Come, there is living water

And balm for your soul

In My presence.

I have never left you alone on the earth.

I have sent My saints that you might learn of them and know them as friends,

I have sent My holy angels to help and guide you.

But do you fail to hear My voice, calling you to Me?

For I speak to your heart,

That you might be replenished in Me.

I am the One who welcomes you.

I am the One who embraces and consoles you.

Give all things to Me,

And I will give to you what you need.

Your suffering is given to you that you might suffer with Me,

And thereby enter into full accord with Me. 

Accompany Me on this journey of suffering,

And I will accompany you,

And I will offer you the miracle of My divine friendship.

Trust in Me, and come before Me,

And there will I show you My heart.

Hide in Me, away from the eyes of the world,

And I will show you the joy of hiddenness and of silence

In My presence.

For it is in the hiddenness and in the silence

That I will work to bring you to holiness,

And you will come to know My heart.

And now I wait.

Come quickly.”

About abyssum

I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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