Words of the Blessed Mother

December 8, 2021 

“I am Mother. 
I have traveled many miles to this place. 
Who am I, and why have I come all this way?
I am Mother, and I have come all this way because it is near the time of His birth.
But what is my origin and how have I been prepared for this event?

I was born of godly parents, St. Anne and St Joachim. 
I was born full of grace – and in grace I remained,
For one day I would carry One who was holy and unblemished,
Indeed one day I would carry the Son of God,
And therefore a pure vessel was required. 

I was not made pure by the removal of sin,
I was born pure by the exclusion of sin,
Therefore I was born as a 
stranger into a sinful world, 
Seeing all the consequences of sin without partaking of it. 
This was done because of the One I would carry.
Was He also a stranger in the world?
No, because it was His world into which He was born,
But they considered Him a stranger,
And therefore the world crucified the very One who had come to save it.  

As the Mother of the Redeemer, 
I was myself redeemed,
But I was redeemed before original sin could touch me,
And not after it was already a part of who I was. 
I was born of original grace, not original sin,
And in grace I walked,
And in grace I carried Him who in justice gives all gifts as He wills. 

Who am I?
I am Mother. 
And I have walked many miles. 
I was born mortal but full of grace,
For would the Holy Spirit, the bearer of grace,
Consent to be the spouse of one who was not conceived in grace herself?
Therefore when I was proclaimed full of grace,
It was not at that moment it was granted,
But rather from my conception it had been so,
For could the giver of grace 
Dwell in one who had not been immersed in grace from her own beginning?
Therefore from the time I knew life, I knew grace.

I am Mother.
I have traveled many miles
Because it is near the time of His birth.
I was conceived immaculate because of the One I was called to bear.
God’s grace is outside of time,
And comes forth from One who knows all things;
Therefore, my future “yes” provided the fertile ground
For the grace that was at the beginning imbued in me. 
For what is to come God sees,
And therefore acts with perfect justice in that circumstance which is unknown to man.
Therefore the grace I was given at conception 
Was given in anticipation 
of the grace that Christ would bring
Into the world,
And yet was fully given in me before it was granted to the world. 
For time holds no power over God who indeed has set all in motion.
This fullness of grace came about because of my Immaculate Conception,
And therefore if you ask who I am,
That is who I am, 
I am the Immaculate Conception.

Who am I and why have I come all this way?
I am the Mother of God,
And I have come all this way because it is near the time of His birth.
I carry Him in my womb, the One who is the giver of all grace,
And this bed that has been prepared for Him
Is bathed in grace as befits the Son of God.
Ask not how this can be 
For God has redeemed me as He redeems the world,
But He has redeemed me before His advent,
Indeed from my beginning.
Because to be the Mother of the giver of grace,
And to provide a bed made holy in anticipation of the One who would there rest,
This is what was required,
And therefore was given.

Who am I?
I am Mother.
And I have traveled far. 
For He comes.“


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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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