“I’ve become convinced that we do have a situation that is essentially the growth and expansion of global tyranny that is harmonized, that is managed, that is aligned across nation states, and it appears to be aligned with the economic interests of a small cluster of investment funds that represents the bulk of global western capital.” 

    “I’ve become convinced that we do have a situation that is essentially the growth and expansion of global tyranny that is harmonized, that is managed, that is aligned across nation states, and it appears to be aligned with the economic interests of a small cluster of investment funds that represents the bulk of global western capital.” —American scientist and researcher Dr. Robert Malone, 61, in a November 27 interview (full text published below)    Letter #172, 2021, Friday, December 10: Austria and Germany    In the debate over the present Covid health emergency and what would be the most effective and wise policies toward the greatest common good in response to to the emergency, one voice has been notably calm, steady, and measured in assessing the evidence.    That voice belongs to Dr. Robert Malone.    Malone is the scientist who two decades ago did much of the breakthrough fundamental work connected with developing a technology called “mRNA technology” — the technology used in developing the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. (See this article, but see also this more sceptical article published by the liberal Atlantic magazine, link).    So Malone is a scientist with the needed credentials to discuss the pros and cons of the mRNA vaccines which have prompted such controversy in recent months — perhaps even the pre-eminent scientist in this regard.    That is, someone who ought to be heard on the same platform with, or even before listening to, the other doctors, like Dr. Anthony Fauci, who have been publicly calling for various, and sometimes seemingly unwise, public health measures in the past two years.    ***    Malone went to Rome in September to give a talk before the Italian Senate, and took time out to visit in the Vatican with Cardinal Peter Turkson, 73, a native of Ghana in West Africa, and the head since August 31, 2016, of the Vatican’s new Department for the Service of the Integral Human Development, created by Pope Francis to handle issues of social justice and peace around the world.     Malone and Turkson two met for about one hour and discussed both traditional and recently developed medicines for confronting epidemics and diseases, but it is not known whether Turkson reported some of the concerns Malone expressed about the new vaccines to Pope Francis.     Malone, who is not a Catholic, did relate to me that he had traveled to Rome hoping to find in the leadership of the Catholic Church that moral voice which might help concerned doctors to speak out on behalf of policies that do not over-step certain bounds of morality in the course of responding to the present health crisis.    ***    At the end of November, Maike Hickson of Lifesitenews, who lives in the Shenandoah Valley, visited Malone and interviewed him.     Malone urged caution in dealing with a virus which is repeatedly mutating, and prudence in mandating experimental vaccines.     A report on that interview, and then the entire raw interview text, is published below.    ***    I myself visited with Malone two days ago in his home. I spoke with him, and his wife, for several hours. I then summarized the essence of what Malone said to me to my own contacts in the Catholic world, as a group of us continues the delicate but essential process of gathering sufficient, accurate data to enable us to evaluate and then counter the evidently totalitarian measures now increasingly being implemented worldwide as the best and necessary response to this crisis.    ***    The Resistance    This group is presently engaged in prayer to seek guidance from above in forming a type of pro-life, pro-children, from human dignity alternative program to the presently dominant global order, which is presenting increasingly worrisome proposals that seem to go against all previous religious and secular counsels for the wise and free ordering of human life.    This program will be based, of course, in the Catholic faith, but those preparing thew program are fully open to collaboration with all men and women of good will.    One spur to the formation of this program is the evident willingness shown in recent governmental decisions around the world to set aside all traditional conceptions of human dignity and human rights.     We believe this is a tragic regression for human dignity and human freedom which must be engaged in faith and reason in order to head off great sorrows.    For example, see this article and this article which discuss the recent startling declaration of the head of the European Union, Ursula von Der Leyen, shortly after Austria became the first country in the world to make COVID vaccines compulsory, a declaration in which von Der Leyen called for de facto dispensing with the 1947 Nuremberg Code by making vaccination mandatory across Europe.     The Nuremburg Code, of course, agreed upon by all the nations of the world after the end of the Second World War, in 1947, said that it would be a crime against humanity to inject untested substances into human beings against their will.    Here is how one article sums up this situation: “The Code of Nuremburg laws explicitly state that ‘the voluntary consent of a person is absolutely essential,’ which means that a person can ‘exercise the free right of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deception, coercion, abuse or luring, other latent forms of coercion’ – for example, deprivation of your right to work if you are not vaccinated. The main reason for creating the Code was the nauseating Nazis performing medical experiments on objects without their consent. These procedures, usually performed under the direction of high-ranking officials such as Dr. Josef Mengele, were some of the worst and most abnormal procedures ever documented. Since then, full and proactive ongoing consent to any medical procedure is required by law in Western countries that recognize the Nuremberg Laws. The only way EU countries can avoid compulsory vaccinations against this mild virus, which is an extremely unethical and gruesome violation of human rights, is to repeal the Nuremberg laws or simply ignore them completely.” (link)    ***    A program based on science and respectful of human dignity    In short, a group within the Church is now actively seeking to provide a coherent, and scientifically impeccable — and so persuasive — alternative program for meeting the present crisis.    We expecting this program to be far safer, and far more effective in protecting human health, and also far more traditional and humane in respecting the dignity of the individual human person, than anything that has been proposed up until now by the present global authorities. —RM

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