Today, December 16, at 1:00 pm, a worldwide Rosary Crusade will be inaugurated with the first Rosary being said publicly at St. John the Baptist church in Front Royal, Virginia, in the United States.

    The local pastors, Fr. Gee and Fr. Tom, have graciously agreed to open the parish to this event, which will be the first in a series of Rosary gatherings that will form a country-wide and world-wide Crusade asking the Blessed Virgin and her Merciful Son to heal the world which we see falling into unprecedented darkness before our eyes. The event will be broadcast on Zoom (link to register) as well as live-streamed on YouTube. If you have any issues accessing the Zoom or live stream, the video will be posted to our YouTube Channel this evening.

    In the words of one of the organizers: 

    “We have a deep concern for the human family and the evident descent into a type of slavery planet-wide.

    ”Of deep concern also has been the loss of the sacraments for many, whose practice of attending weekly Mass has been broken, and who now miss the Eucharist, and Baptism, and Confirmation, and the Last Rites, for many, many months, putting at risk their souls.

    ”It is time to turn to Our Lady in prayer for unity and for truth. The people of Brazil did this in a Rosary Crusade in 1964 to stave off communism: (link).

    ”This also occurred in Poland in 1920, when General Pilsudski turned back the Soviet invasion of Poland, after Pope Benedict XV called on everyone to pray for “God’s mercy for Poland … to join all the faithful in imploring the Most High God that through the intercession of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary She may save the Polish Nation from her final defeat and may turn away this new plague from Europe.” (link)

    ”Now is the time, now is the hour. Please join us!”

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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