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to me

Thank you Bishop. 

This is what my doctor told me tonight after I emailed you. 

He said a lot. I tried to take notes:

He believes the abnormal result is a false reading. 

They wanted me to perform at 85% on the treadmill. I made 89%. I didn’t have shortness of breath or chest pain while doing it and I could have kept going. 

EKG and echocardiogram all normal. 

The nuclear scan mentioned scarring which would have implied that I had a heart attack. 

But 18 months ago I had nuclear scans that didn’t show that. It showed trivial plaque which he said everybody at my age has. 

He would have been more concerned if I had not had that test 18 months ago. 

He finds it hard to believe it could have gone down hill that fast. 

To verify what he thinks, he wants me to take another nuclear cat scan. He does not want to put me through a catheterization. Although if the nuclear scan confirms the abnormality then that would be next. Or if there is substantially more plaque then he would have to consider a stent. 

He says he sees this all the time. He doesn’t want me to worry. He’s very sure it’s a false reading. 

So I have to have the nuclear scan when I get back from Florida next week. 

Thanks for your prayers. But keep them coming til I know after the next test. 

My dad had bypass surgery at 52. I am 46. But- he ate red meat 350 days a year and had other bad diet habits that I don’t have. 

So I am praying my Memorare non-stop!

Thank you dear Bishop for your prayers. 

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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