Biden’s Supreme Court nominee made one rash decision with devastating consequences

April 5, 2022

Joe Biden is anxious to get his Supreme Court pick confirmed.

But skeletons in her judicial closet keep emerging.

And Biden’s Supreme Court nominee made one rash decision with devastating consequences.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson has not had the smooth confirmation process that the Democrats expected.

Unlike the Democrats’ disgusting smear of Justice Brett Kavanaugh and other Republican appointees, Jackson has been peppered on her legal record.

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley brought up the fact that Jackson has a tendency to give lenient sentences to sex offenders who harm children.

A case involving a convicted molester named Leo Weekes served as an example.

Weekes was given a slap on the wrist after failing to register as a sex offender, and soon after he sexually assaulted someone else.

The New York Post reported that “[i]n 2010, Weekes was convicted in DC Superior Court of raping his 13-year-old niece four years earlier. He was sentenced to 16 months in jail and four years of supervised probation and was required to register as a sex offender for the next decade . . . Weekes failed to register – lying about his whereabouts by claiming he lived in DC in February 2013 when prosecutors said he was really living with his wife in Temple Hills, Maryland since 2012. He was hauled before Jackson, then a federal judge in DC, on Feb. 19, 2014 for sentencing after pleading guilty to a charge of failing to register.”

Prosecutors asked for 30 months in prison plus five years probation, but Jackson sentenced him to 12 months with credit for time served.

The prosecutors who condemned Weekes in harsh terms were correct because he offended again.

The Post added that “Weekes landed on law enforcement’s radar again in June 2015 – when he would have been in prison had prosecutors gotten their way . . . Weekes allegedly plied his sister-in-law with liquor while she was babysitting for his wife. He then allegedly started touching her, trying three separate times to pull her leggings down . . . Weekes ‘was able to digitally penetrate her vagina with his fingers and then tried to perform oral sex on her.’ In response, the sister-in-law punched Weekes in the head, stopping the alleged attack. ‘She noticed that the defendant had his penis exposed and was trying to insert it,’ the report continues, ‘but was unable to get close.’”

This is the creep that Jackson gave a light sentence, and he isn’t the only one.

Child sex offenders have an astronomically high recidivism rate, so if there’s any class of criminals that deserve a sterner hand from judges, it is them.

For whatever reason, Judge Jackson saw fit to go easier on them, and at least in this instance, another victim had to pay the price.

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