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Father Stu In Theaters
April 11, 2022
Several of us had an opportunity, thanks to Carmel Communications, to attend a pre-screening of the forthcoming film Father Stu. This is an excellent biographical drama, and we would highly recommend you see it when it opens in theaters on April 13.
Father Stu stars Mark Wahlberg as Fr. Stuart Long. In his younger years, Stu becomes a wild man, and the film follows his journey from washed-up amateur boxer to failed Hollywood actor to a holy man of God. Further, the strong focus on Confession was beautifully done, and meshed well with the plot. 
That said there are a few things to keep in mind before seeing Father Stu.The film is rated R for strong language. Yes, the language is strong but, it helps to tell this story and highlight the redemptive aspects of the plot. Also, viewers should be aware that there is one scene depicting impropriety between the male and female leads. 
However, none of these critiques should be a reason to avoid seeing the movie. 
In short, Father Stu is a deeply moving film that opens hearts and minds to the saving power of Christ. A beautiful movie, with great actors, a fantastic sound track, and a powerful story. Hopefully, you will be able to make some time to see it this Easter season.
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