George Soros Will Have A Huge Victory If Karen Bass Wins

( The effort to recall Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón failed this week after county officials rejected nearly 200,000 petition signatures.

The petition needed 566,857 signatures to get the recall on the November ballot. And while the petition secured over 715,833, enough of the signatures were rejected for the petition to fail.

Funny how that happens.

LA County officials rejected ballots for reasons like signature mismatches or wrong addresses.

Ironically, during the 2020 presidential election, LA County rejected less than 1 percent of mail-in ballots. In this recall petition, LA County rejected almost 30 percent of the signatures.

County officials refused to permit observers to watch the signature verification process, arguing that a recall petition drive is not the same as an election, therefore they didn’t need to have observers.

Those involved in the effort to recall Gascón were hopeful of success after the recall effort against San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin led to his removal by voters.

Like Boudin, Gascón is one of the pro-criminal prosecutors supported by billionaire Leftist George Soros. His financial backing was pivotal to getting leading Democrats, including LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, to support Gascón over incumbent Democrat District Attorney Jackie Lacey in 2020.

Los Angeles mayoral candidate Democrat Congresswoman Karen Bass also supported Gascón in 2020. Despite widespread public opposition to Gascón’s policies, Bass has not withdrawn her support for him.

Her opponent in the race, Democrat Rick Caruso, had initially supported Gascón but ultimately endorsed the recall effort against him.

The only LA County elected official who has consistently opposed Gascón’s “progressive reform” agenda has been Democrat Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

But with Villanueva facing a difficult reelection race and the recall effort off the table, a Karen Bass victory in the mayor’s race would ensure George Soros’ scheme to push “criminal justice reform” in Los Angeles will likely go unchallenged.

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