#Pelosigate & “THE PLOT THICKENS: The David DePape Websites Have Multiple Issues – Shocking Connections”

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Evidence Shows David DePape Could Never Fit Through the Hole in Broken Window in the Rear of Pelosi Home #Pelosigate

By Joe Hoft
Published October 31, 2022 at 9:50am

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New evidence shows that there is no way that David DePape could have broken into the Pelosi house through the door in the back.

David DePape was identified by the police at the Pelosi home on early Friday morning at around 2:30 am.  The police claim that he broke into the house. []

THE PLOT THICKENS: The David DePape Websites Have Multiple Issues – Shocking Connections:

The Mainstream media is trying to claim that David DePape is a conservative who broke into the Pelosi home in San Francisco in an attempt to assault the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.  Nothing could be further from the truth. 

As you now know, David DePape was found with Paul Pelosi early Friday morning at the Pelosi home by police in San Francisco.  The mainstream media immediately tried to cover for the Pelosi family.  They then attempted to align the man found with Paul Pelosi as a conservative.  But it was all a lie…

… The site was shut down on Saturday.  The other site listed, is no longer active as well.  It too was shut down on Saturday.  The only activity reported on the Wayback Machine on this site was on Friday and Saturday as well.

Now we know more about the sites. The website shows attributed to David DePape but at an Alabama address.

The website is registered via the same company DomainsByProxy that is listed on the website at 1822 Shasta Street which is the address listed on FrenlyFrens website.

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One of the accounts mandated that you become a member but this functionality was not working on Friday morning per one of our sources.

It is unreasonable to believe that David DePape, who lived on the streets, was able to put together a website that mandates users create an account before they could enter his site.  

So who created these websites?  More shocking connections coming.


#pelosigate – Twitter Search / Twitter


Jack Posobiec 



Actual interview of neighbors from Paul Pelosi’s attacker doesn’t line up with the mainstream media narrative at all


Andrew Wortman 


Nick Depape was not Paul Pelosi’s lover They were not in ‘just their underwear’ or ‘having sex’ when police arrived The right spreads vile conspiracy theories to distract from the fact that it incited a MAGA terrorist to try to assassinate the Speaker of the House #PelosiGate

Dinesh D’Souza


EXCLUSIVE: Two Far-Right Websites Attributed to David DePape to Smear Conservatives Were FABRICATED – They Were Created Friday and Deleted Saturday




Happens all the time, a guy in his tightie whities shows up, brings a hammer and runs into another guy with a hammer sporting his tightie whities. Clearly, your average MAGA attack. #Pelosigate

tRUMP Virus!



#PelosiGate is not real. tRump heading to prison is real!

Catturd ™


Funny how the actual 911 call stated Paul Pelosi said the attacker was named “David” and he was a “friend” – and now the police have suddenly changed the story to say they didn’t know each other. The actual 911 call doesn’t lie and can’t spin. How did Paul know his name?

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Pamela Hensley


If Paul Pelosi called the cops when his attacker let him use the bathroom, why didn’t he lock himself in there until the cops came? []

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