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Police Sergeant retires over vax mandate, finds God and sanity in Latin Mass.   


We’ve all followed the tragic injustice suffered by first responders who in the space of just a few months, went from “frontline heroes” to “frontline outcasts.”

In this week’s Remnant Underground, I sit down with a NYPD sergeant who experienced this injustice personally. His name is Sergeant James Hipple, he’s a police officer, and recently he became a Latin Mass-going traditional Catholic.

My discussion with him goes well beyond the midterm elections and takes a hard look at our nation’s war on God, which is the root cause of the massive escalation of violence in our cities, the breakup of the family, and the destabilization of America in general.

  • Defund the police
  • The exploitation of race
  • The promotion of abortion
  • The obscenity of forced vaccination
  • The attack on law and order

 – it’s all a “God thing,” which is why this Catholic cop is speaking out. And although he’d left the Church for many years, it was the Latin Mass that brought him back at the very height of the Covid insanity.

Pope Francis made it impossible for Catholic police officers to get a religious exemption from taking the vaccines. So, this third-generation cop retired early rather than take the vaccine.

In all walks of life, people are waking up to the crisis in Rome. For Sergeant Hipple, the gloves are off. His war is our war: Unite the clans beneath the banner of Christ the King!

Please watch and share this video and, rather than getting down over what just happened to our nation, let’s stand up and take our country back…. by bringing God back. There’s no other way.

In Christo Rege,
Michael J. Matt

NYPD COP: On Vaccines, Violence & Victims of the New Normal

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