Friend, I have a critical update for you regarding the message I sent the other day. 
The Democrats’ petition to impeach Justice Clarence Thomas, which already had OVER 1 MILLION SIGNATURES, is growing larger by the minute! 
The Democrats are working day in and day out to gain more signatures to impeach Justice Thomas, and  we must rally like never before to show the radical Left that we support him.SUPPORT JUSTICE CLARENCE THOMAS Clarence Thomas has done so much for our country, and we cannot let Joe Biden and his woke mafia try to remove him from our justice system. SUPPORT JUSTICE CLARENCE THOMAS Please, Friend, we need loyal patriots like you to step up TODAY and help State GOP fight against the Dems vicious attacks on our conservative justices.  
———- Forwarded message ———

Subject: Justice Clarence Thomas doesn’t deserve this
From: Andrew, State GOP HQ

Friend, have you heard the news?! It is beyond awful. 
The radical Left’s newest attack is to impeach Justice Clarence Thomas, and to make matters worse – they started a petition which already has over 1 MILLION signatures!! 
Justice Thomas has consistently served as a voice of reason on the court and has been a PIVOTAL part of our Supreme Court – without him, who knows where our country would be right now! 
We cannot let Joe Biden and his woke mafia continue to slander Clarence Thomas’ name on the warpath to destroy our justice system.
Please join State GOP HQ and rally around him by signing our card to show our support, Friend:SUPPORT JUSTICE CLARENCE THOMAS Friend, it is critical that we have all hands on deck to stand against the Democrats’ vicious attacks and to show that we show support for Justice Thomas and ALL Conservative justices. 
The radical Left wants to destroy our country’s ideals and rewrite history to align with their agenda, and we cannot let that happen. We must come together and fight for our conservative leaders.SUPPORT JUSTICE CLARENCE THOMAS 

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