350 Action Responds to Georgia Runoff Results

The results from Georgia’s Senate runoff election show that Senator Raphael Warnock has won reelection, beating GOP challenger Herschel Walker. While Democrats had already secured control of the Senate, Warnock’s reelection marks a crucial win for climate champions, as it marks an outright senate majority with 51 Democratic senators rather than a 50-50 split with Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris casting tie-breaking votes.   

350 Action, the electoral wing of, worked in the lead up to the Georgia run-offs to engage our base to get out the vote efforts on behalf of key climate champions across the US, including Raphael Warnock.

May Boeve, 350 Action executive director made the following statement:

“Raphael Warnock’s win is yet another testament to people power, and to the grassroots community-led efforts that got out the vote in every way possible. Georgia voters showed up in record numbers for this runoff election and ultimately chose to vote for reason and progress. Warnock has a clear track record of supporting renewable energy and climate policy, while Walker is a climate change-denier who wants us to remain dependent on fossil fuels.”

“The crucial senate majority secured by Warnock’s win will help key legislators implement real solutions and ensure that climate legislation like the Inflation Reduction Act protects our communities from further devastating climate impacts. Warnock’s win also better protects climate champions’ ability to block new fossil fuel projects like Senator Manchin’s ‘Dirty Deal,’ which he continues to push.”

“With this final senate race now decided, the midterm results send a clear and decisive message: we can and must move forward the important work of advocating for more bold climate action. While a divided Congress poses some legislative challenges, voters have proven that climate is a priority for them, and we have a clear opportunity to organize for our people and the climate.”


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