St. Nathaniel

January 31, 2023

“The simplicity of truth fills a man with awe,

For man knows within his soul when he encounters truth.

For truth is an integral part of who he is,

As he has been formed by the One who is Truth,

And His touch has left fingerprints upon each and every life.

Therefore, there is no one, 

Regardless of the depravity of his surroundings,

Whose soul has not the capacity to recognize truth.

Indeed, sometimes a mind has not the capacity to recognize truth,

But always, always the soul can identify it,

For the soul has its origin in the Source of all Truth. 

Therefore, when the unblemished soul encounters truth,

The soul recognizes it as an old friend,

And shakes its hand and exclaims, “Why, there you are!”

Shepherds, who have strayed from truth within the Church which is His bride,

And which He has given unto man,

Have no excuse for their departure,

And, indeed, will be held responsible for all souls led astray.

And yet, the lay people themselves are not held blameless,

For those who seek the face of God find Him,

And those who fail to recognize truth are those

Who have spent so little time with the One who is Truth

That, encountering Him, they exclaim: 

“You have a familiar face, but I have forgotten your name.”

Therefore, men should not neglect to spend much time with the One who is Truth,

Because, as you have been told, Truth has a face,

And all men should have spent enough time in His presence

That, when encountering truth, they immediately exclaim:  “Why, there You are!”

Also hesitate not to embrace those who,

Having seen those who in the Church strike against truth,

And chisel out a piece here and a piece there,

Leaving the One who is Truth wounded again,

Then wrapped their arms around Truth,

And from Truth they refused to depart.

For truly, those who have so wounded His Church have wounded Him,

And will give an accounting of their part in the scourging of Christ,

And those who have stepped aside from Rome,

Rather than apply one scourge upon the Son of God,

Will be moved to the head of the table in the coming days.

And think not in that day that you shall say,

“Forgive me, I did not know Truth,”

And be held blameless.

For He will answer, “Then why did you not spend more time with Me,

So that you failed not to recognize My face?”

For indeed truth has a face, and you will not fail to recognize Truth,

If you have spent so much time with Him

That His face is more familiar to you than your own.

Then, when encountering Truth, you will exclaim:  “Why, there you are!”


About abyssum

I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. Mary D says:

    Jesus I trust in You! May we never stray from Truth!

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