March 25, 2023

Special EditionThe Existential Seed Corn Crisis: Reproductive “Freedom;” Gender Insanity; Manipulation of Student Brain Chemistry; And Complete Loss of Rational Social Mores. There’s No Hiding It Anymore.   Ti(c)k-To(c)k; Time Is Running Out  Pogo Was A Genius: “The Enemy Is Us  

By: Pem Schaeffer pemster4062@yahoo.com 

March 19, 2023   

“We have now sunk to a depth at which the restatement of the obvious  is the first duty of intelligent men.” “Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.”  – Orwell  52 years ago, 10 hours after a horrendous Southern California earthquake shook and rolled the new house we had bought less than two years before, my wife gave birth to our first child, a beautiful baby girl.  A few weeks later, this proud father had an epiphany.   I was sitting on a central open half-stairway of our Tri-Level home, our wondrous and precious new daughter on my lap. It suddenly dawned on me I was holding a miracle in my hands.  A blessing from God, given to us to nurture, protect, raise, teach, and love.  She was and is the very essence of earthly human life.  We sure have come a long way since those days that here, “in the November of my years,” I think of as impossibly innocent.  This is why I am writing this offering — in response to a recent news item here in Maine:  https://www.themainewire.com/2023/03/maine-education-chief-academic-learning-takes-backseat-to-social-emotional-gender-and-race/  The brazen clarity of the Maine State Commissioner of Education in front of Legislators makes it all too clear that there is no hiding the truth anymore, or disguising the facts.  She is more focused on new-speak and manipulating brain chemistry than on educating children.  This is like a cult leader finding new ways to get kids to drink the Kool-Aid, figuratively speaking.  Her Instagram-like glamour headshot evokes the thought of a serpent in the tree of education, disguised as a beguiling “Educator,” now Commissioner of the Maine Department of Education.  Can you imagine what the Chinese will think of this as they develop their strategic assessment of the Outlook for America?  The subject of government schools has been big in the national news for some years now, ranging from direct effects on elections (Glen Youngkin, after Terry McAuliffe “accidentally” told the truth about his ideology) to the weaponization of federal DOJ powers to control public objections at local school board meetings.  Bald-faced lying and word-mincing on the part of school officials are all too common to hide the realities from the public.  Commissioner Makin’s public testimony relayed in the linked article pierces right through the veils of obfuscation spoken, broadcast, and published everywhere.  “Seed Corn” may seem a bit in-artful to some as a way to describe our offspring….our progeny….but at the most basic level that’s exactly what they are.  We hear lots of uproar from the tender souls of our society about not wanting to consume foods that derive from “GMO” sources, which stands for Genetically Modified Organisms.  One could make a case, as I see it, that all the intellectual and bodily manipulations and mutilations being inflicted upon our children these days are akin to the dreaded “GMO”science and far more dangerous to the future of humankind.  And it’s being done by those we entrust with the care of our youngsters and at our expense!  With our tacit approval, unless we do something to stop it!  We are, after a fashion, willing accessories to the abuse taking place right before our eyes.  As Pogo said, “We have met the enemy, and it is us!”  I feel compelled to comment on a few of the widely prevalent ways in which the “existential threat to our seed corn” is now manifestly routine and ordinary in our society, ideology, and emerging moral fabric.  Before I do so, a reminder of a related reality.  We are often advised to “follow the money” when it comes to understanding various social and political pathologies.  Howie Carr, a favorite radio talk show host of mine, often repeats that there is a typical path that activists follow.  It begins with activism, which becomes a cause, which then becomes a racket, to which I add shakedowns of various forms.    Black Lives Matter is a perfect example.  They leveraged the shakedown angle at the highest levels, using systemic racism as the hammer.  The founders raised untold millions in building public empathy, only to enrich themselves in various ways before collapsing from their greed and corruption.  Still, they did lasting and serious damage, demanding the dismantling of “systemically oppressive” Police.  They convinced many of their marks to buy into that, and the damage done is lasting, and may never be reversed.  Ask yourself if the same thing isn’t happening with a thriving Consulting Industrial Complex, pushing DEI, CRT, 1619 Theory, Gender Ideology, and other bright and shiny new arrows in the Critical Social Justice quiver.  How much is new revenue stream potential driving the ground swell of Heath Care Sector support for Gender Manipulation Theory?  How much can they spend on lobbying to drive related policy evolution?  And elect sympathetic politicians?  This, in particular, is disgusting at the most basic level.  Selling drugs is one thing.  Selling body mutilation and related life-altering therapies is beyond all rational and moral justification.  Now on to subject area-specific comments:  Reproductive Rights & Freedom:  These are callous, political euphemisms for the purposeful taking of a life in the womb, right up to the moment of birth.  They are damnable abuse of common, decent use of language intended to disguise an underlying reality.  Abortion is, in fact, the polar opposite of reproduction, terminating the process itself before it completes.  It is many things but is anything but reproductive.  Furthermore, the concepts of freedom and rights, properly understood, come with attendant responsibilities. With very few exceptions, both parties to the conception have easy access to modern-day birth control, often at no cost, simply for the asking.  As well, widespread organizations are willing to help women take an unwanted pregnancy to term, and then assist in the process of putting the infant up for adoption.  There has always been a high demand for adoptable infants with willing, loving potential parents ready to take on those obligations. Abortion is in the purest sense destruction of our “seed corn”to eliminate various forms of inconvenience.  The mental health of the mother, if she had to raise the child, is a false rationale, given the ready and waiting adoptive parents.  Abortion advocates demand that we “keep our hands off their bodies;” imagine, if you will, a baby in the womb holding up a similar sign, asking that abortive hands be kept off their bodies.  Advocates also demand that pro-lifers do not impose “their own religious beliefs” upon them, yet both non-secular and secular abortion rights supporters have elevated abortion to holy sacrament status in their catechism.  They want to see this dystopian act only in the context of demands for government subsidies and protections, not in the larger perspective of human decency and spirituality.  Or the transcendence of life itself.  Gender Insanity:   Various purveyors of distorted gender conceptualization claim that “Doctors may have made a mistake when they assigned your gender at birth.”  Give me a break!  Gender is not “assigned.”  That term applies to home rooms, homework assignments, chores, and other arbitrary factors that must be administered. Gender is determined at birth.  Anyone who has seen a newborn in their “birthday suit,” is well aware of the gender of the infant, and knows full well that no one involved in the delivery process made a mistake in this regard.  Yet the more zealous of the mind-benders argue that infants only months old can sense that they are “in the wrong body.”  Use of this foolishness as a predicate for stimulating gender questioning and/or transition in young minds as young as kindergarten, especially on the part of so-called educators in government schools, should be considered criminal abuse of common sense, rational thought, scientific reality, and the individual rights of students and their parents or guardians.  Being secretive about it only magnifies the violative nature of the abuse, most often perpetrated by adults who are acting well above their expertise and “pay grade.”  They are selling toxic Kool-Aid to gain membership in an ideological cult capturing minds everywhere, to get with the latest “fashion trends” in education.  Why bother with tattoos, piercings, garish hair colors, and cuts when you can up your “look at me” quotient with gender experimentation, and be a hit on social media? Guiding unknowing child targets to puberty blockers, hormone therapy, lifestyle inversion, and eventual bodily mutilation in the hands of medical “professionals” goes well beyond the worries of GMO food products.  Amputation of various gender-specific body parts in pursuit of a new identity is near Frankensteinian in concept.  It is clearly beyond the acceptable bounds of government schools founded to ensure an educated, civilized population, and is an egregious dereliction of fiduciary obligations and “in loco parentis” public trust.  The grotesque nature of this entire pursuit should not escape us. And let’s not forget the current faves of the Woke School Boards and School Administrators.  That would be Drag Queen Story Hours and LGBTQ Soft Porn Picture Books for elementary-aged kids.  I can only imagine how much more balanced and successful I’d have grown up if I had those experiences instead of recesses in “grammar school.” Come to think of it, why did they call them that? Here in particular is where the “follow the money” side of the advocacy – cause- racket continuum comes into play, as the Health Care Sector rapidly evolves to latch onto a major new revenue stream potential.  At the same time, government agencies and other public entities, such as colleges and universities, are jumping on the bandwagon to offer psychological and surgical modifications of vulnerable teenagers and older specimens in the human seed-corn chain.  Witness this: https://www.themainewire.com/2023/03/pentagon-actively-working-to-find-doctors-who-will-provide-hormones-puberty-blockers-for-us-military-kids-abroad/   It should not escape us that this fad, now a cult, is also gaining religious stature in the Church of Woke Perversions.  Martyrs and saints to serve as examples for the unchurched are zealously sought wherever they can be found.  Fame and the status of an “influencer” are there for the taking if wanted.  Manipulation of Student Brain Chemistry:  The linked article and testimony of Education Commissioner Makin exemplify the distortion of government school charges and responsibilities from educating citizens in the necessary skills and knowledge to lead a responsible, rewarding, productive, and happy life as an adult in our society.  I remember well the classroom environment in my elementary school days, and the transition to more mature atmospheres and pursuits in junior high, followed by the adult stature granted to us in high school.  The college added to the progression by granting independence, while also placing the burden of learning on us as students.  We would sink or swim on our own, as was the expectation at the time for adult life across the spectrum of life pursuits.  All of this has changed to degrees barely recognizable to this octogenarian, and our students and society overall are clearly worse off as a result.  Better we should nurture young minds and souls to accept the teachings of the social media cosmos, and seek fame and fortune as “influencers.” Here comes Makin, brazenly articulating the real agenda of modern education theory.  Skills and knowledge once thought necessary for capable, responsible, self-reliant, and happy adult membership in adult society have been lowered to second-class status, or worse.  Instead, the primary objective of government schools, funded by taxpayers, is to manipulate student brain chemistry and to use government force via policy and funding to accomplish it.  She uses pedagogy psychobabble to argue for her intentions, no doubt glazing over many eyes that witnessed the testimony, and those of us reading about it post-facto. She preaches this in a clear attempt to condition young brains to readily accept the mantras and ideological precepts of modern-day pedagogy.  Your math is culturally flexible; mine is hopelessly oppressive.  Your English is identity-affirming; mine is racist.  Your history is enlightened and sensitive; mine is hopelessly fascist. We can’t have students questioning what we teach, let alone listening to their parents when they challenge what their kids hear in school.  Instead, we will dope their intellects using social forces to bend them in the right direction, where they will readily accept the commandments of Woke Theology. This is nothing less than an intentional and purposeful alteration of growing seed corn to accept approved Woke conceptualizations and reject all persons and ideas that challenge them.  The fact that Makin could make such statements in a public legislative setting would seem to evidence a cold and nearly hypnotic disdain for conventional human understanding and a belief that she could not be held to any account for such bizarre pronouncements regarding the charter of her high office. What more do we have to hear before alarms go off in every school and parents everywhere immediately seek alternative education settings?  Except of course, for those who drink the Kool-Aid Makin carries with her everywhere she goes.  Those parents who act on this will, of course, leave the remaining students and parents in increasingly “pure” indoctrination factories.  Collapse of Societal Moral Fabric:  This pathology reduces in simple terms to normalizing deviancy in every way imaginable; consider recasting pedophiles as “minor addicted persons,” in an attempt to increase sympathies and tolerance for their inhumane conduct, which can scar a child for life. Behaviors considered objectionable become the opposite: worthy of praise, emulation, and encouragement. Pursuing “alternative”lifestyles, dangerous bodily mutilations, and consumption of assorted drugs, intentionally or not, is increasingly adding to the death count among the young; sometimes intentionally, sometimes accidental.    Homelessness is widespread.  Yet various advocating individuals and organizations see these as worthy of societal undergirding and funding in various ways.  Revenue streams anyone? DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, for the unwoke reading this) eliminates the common-sense principles that guide the processes by which the most qualified become Doctors, Professors, Executives, Pilots, and government leaders – elected or not.  In fact, in the limit, Commissioner Makin would not qualify for her current office.  Instead, we get situations like Joe Biden’s Cabinet and prominent public staff, who collectively embarrass him, his administration, and America overall.  Add to that the contribution to Chinese and other threat assessments of our strengths and weaknesses, and you have a disaster with immeasurable consequences.  CRT (Critical Race Theory) inverts the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr. insisting that we be judged by the color of our skin rather than our character and personal behaviors.  Whites are genetically irredeemable racists, and non-whites are eternal victims.  The fact that we can allow such social understanding to take hold throughout our society further encourages enemy views that we have lost our minds, our principles, and our way overall. We are at this point doing all we can to encourage the criminal lifestyle, both through demonization and reduction in funding of Police Forces, and the widespread softening of consequences for criminal behavior.  What did they expect would happen when you could walk in and shoplift up to $900 worth of products off the shelves without fear of any consequences?  And repeat the same thing day after day as “new age entrepreneurship,” one supposes.  Again: will the world outside see us as becoming stronger and more civil, or weaker and in the throes of anarchy?  Unable to tend to the business of daily national life let alone worry about threats from elsewhere. “Higher Education,” in the person of faculty they employ with virtually no accountability, is behind much of the “enlightened” social thought describing the pathologies described above.  As Thomas Sowell has written: “Someone once defined a social problem as a situation in which the real world differs from the theories of intellectuals. To the intelligentsia, it follows, as the night follows the day, that it is the real world that is wrong and which needs to change.  Having imagined a world in which each individual has the same probability of success as anyone else, intellectuals have been shocked and outraged that the real world is nowhere close to that ideal. Vast amounts of time and resources have been devoted to trying to figure out what is stopping this ideal from being realized — as if there was ever any reason to expect it to be.” And this: “The most fundamental fact about the ideas of the political left is that they do not work. Therefore we should not be surprised to find the left concentrated in institutions where ideas do not have to work to survive.” And,  if you will indulge me,  one more: “Historians of the future will have a hard time figuring out how so many organized groups of strident jackasses succeeded in leading us around by the nose and morally intimidating the majority into silence.”   End Note:  For those of you who can abide the notion of reading further on the subjects above, I offer the following: https://www.themainewire.com/2023/03/maine-wire-schools-education-survey-poll-dei-gender-mills-makin/ https://www.themainewire.com/2023/02/maine-lgbt-gender-ideology-transgender-lgbt-doe-education-schools/ Under the heading of Never Say Now We’ve Seen It Allhttps://www.themainewire.com/2023/02/state-website-tells-public-employees-how-to-decolonize-our-dreams-use-neopronouns-and-understand-privilege/ (please contact me if you can explain the meaning of “Decolonize Your Dreams”pemster4062@yahoo.com  If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools.PlatoTo be added to my distribution list, please click: SUBSCRIBE
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