abyssumApr 1Latin Mass is NO MORESlow clap everybody.  Great move Michael.  Now you’ve upset another group of people in Corpus Christi with the last Latin Mass on Easter Sunday. Way to go.Everyone knows that the only hot ticket in town is the Latin Mass community at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.  Like all the other Latin Mass communities around the country, the place is packed with young families with kids everywhere.Every other parish in town is old, dead, insipid, ridiculous, childless, and falling apart.You could have simply ignored the Argentinian dictator in Rome and let these people have Mass the way they prefer.  What, is someone from Rome going to check on what is going on?  Really?Speaking of the Argentinian dictator, look at these recent pictures from Rome.The official narrative is that Jorgito is feeling much better and that he is recovering from his recent hospital stay. Really? An objective look at these pictures will tell you that Jorgito (that’s what he has his close associates call him) does not have much time left. Look how big he has gotten. You see, folks, that’s not just pasta. God always forgives.  Man, sometimes forgives.  Nature never forgives. You treat people as a dictator would. You spend ten years causing worldwide confusion.  You advance the Gay agenda, and there you go – you can’t even move. Here’s a lesson for you Michael.  The body rebels.  The psyche rebels.  You screw with God, and this is what you get. Jimmy Martin and his friends are all welcome in the Church, but these people who like Latin and Gregorian chant are all thrown under the bus. Slow clap Jorgito, Michael, and everybody else.  Slow clap. Because now these people will leave.  Some will go into schism, others will stop going to church all together, and you destroy another parish.  Slow clap guys.  Well done.  And you wonder why no one gives you any money?  What spin is Katia going to give on this one?  Yawn, yawn, and more yawn. Share this:TwitterFacebook

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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