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When Hillary Clinton and Obama committed campaign infractions, they only paid fines. Arresting President Trump is clearly an attack against him as the front runner of the Republican Party. 

But this is bigger than President Trump. The government gangsters are coming after America-First patriots, just like you. 

Their message is clear. If they can detain President Trump, they can do it to any one of us.

But I’m not going to wait for them to come after us. I’m taking the fight to them! My goal is to raise $38,000 in the next 48 hours to fund the legal battles for America-First patriots. Will you join me? 
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Donate Any Amount >>>My name is Kash Patel, and I founded the Kash Foundation. We work with litigation grants for specific cases and help fund all the legal work, compile documentation about declassified docs, fight to get important docs declassified, and shed light on Deep State corruption. Now, we’re expanding our mission to help patriots and whistler blowers battle the Deep State in the courts.

I led the Russiagate investigation for the House Committee. When I started my investigation, I hadn’t even met President Trump. 

But during my investigation, I uncovered that the FBI was actively trying to sabotage President Trump. And I exposed Russiagate as a hoax.

President Trump put his faith in me and made me his DOD chief of staff. He knew I was someone he could trust to get things done. 

As the former head of counterterrorism and former senior aide to President Trump, I will do everything in my power to help out.

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I launched the Kash Foundation to offer legal help to America First defendants. We are helping several Jan 6th defendant families, veterans, and other whistleblowers that are exposing the weaponization of the government.

When the radical left framed President Trump for colluding with Russia, almost everyone turned their backs on him. But this is no time to turn our backs on President Trump and the other America First patriots under attack by the government gangsters.

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My investigation discovered evidence that showed government gangsters in the FBI did it on purpose to get rid of President Trump. Now, more corrupt officials are going after President Trump again! 
The indictment of President Trump is nothing short of election interference like they did with Russiagate. 
I’m on a mission to root all of them out of our federal government. You can help me expose them to the American people.

Please help me raise $38,000 in the next 48 hours to fund the legal battles of whistleblowers, veterans, and January 6th detainees in court. 

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Thank you,
Kash Patel

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