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In Death of the West, bestselling author, Patrick J Buchanan, states: “historians may one day call ‘the pill’ the suicide tablet of the West.”

In the book, Buchanan poses the obvious question:  “Where have all the children gone?”

How is it possible that in one generation so many people could stop having children that uniformly?

How is it that there could be such a dramatic attitude shift in the thinking toward having children, let alone a house full of them?

I can remember what happened after the birth of my second son, Nick. My doctor, the oldest of 14 children, asked me what form of birth control I wanted to use.

“None,” I said. “I grew up in a large family and I hope God blesses me with the same.”

She laughed out loud and said, “Really?”

She was very kind as she nervously laughed and then reassured me that, “it was okay to use something.”

I then asked her what percentage of her 7000+ patients used only Natural Family Planning.

Her reply rendered this naive 26 year old speechless:  “You are the only one,” she replied.

That was 1986.

Since the introduction of “the pill” 50 years ago, approximately 80% of women in the U.S. have used some form of oral contraceptive at some point in their lives.  This does not includes other hormonal contraception methods such as IUD, Rod, Implant, Norplant, Depro Provera shot, etc.

Every single one of these methods prescribed and encouraged by doctors has a devastating effect on a woman’s health.

Recently a young 25 year old newlywed told me this story:

She went in for her annual exam and was asked for a list of medicine she was taking.  When she responded “none” the doctor inquired again “are you taking any medicine…what about birth control?”

Again she responded “no”.

The doctor then said “I can give you a prescription for birth control while you are here today.”  The young woman stated that she was not interested and that she and her husband were using Natural Family Planning.  The doctor began laughing loudly and said “you must have 10 kids.”  The young newlywed responded that she and her husband did not have children yet but they hoped to have a big family in the future.

This clinic the young woman went to was an affiliate of a Catholic hospital.

How can this happen when there is never an instance that the Catholic Church allows the use of artificial birth control to intentionally limit family size?  Unfortunately, by the time that the Catholic Church made her pronouncement in 1968 and forbade the use of “the pill” many doctors were already prescribing it and many patients were already taking it. In just 50 years the empty promises of hormonal contraception have now literally become the cancer of our country.  Few women realize that if they take “the pill” for four years prior to their first full term pregnancy their breast cancer risk increases by 50%.

HLI America has provided the following brochure which outlines what a difference 50 years of “the pill” made:

“50 Years of the Pill – Shocking Statistics”

Most physicians are decreasing the window of time and opportunity when women are told they can and should have babies.  On the one hand, doctors are pushing birth control early in marriage to postpone having children.  On the other hand, they are telling women not to have children after age 35.  In addition, many women have been told terminating a pregnancy is the best answer.

A recent article about now famous singer Susan Boyle, the youngest of nine, reveals that her mother was urged by doctors to abort Susan.  This story mirrors that told by Andre Bocelli in a recent concert where he also reveals his mother was urged to abort him.

Many women are also told not to have any more children after two or three pregnancies.  This is an obvious scare tactic.  Doctors are highly concerned about their liability insurance and are functioning from a birth control mindset.  It is stunning that they do not review with their patients in detail the obvious dangerous side effects of hormonal birth control and abortion that they so willingly encourage.

I encourage readers to begin asking your own mother how old she was when you were born.  Thank God for all of the wise women who ignored this advice.

Since the advent of “the pill” 50 years ago the average size of Catholic Families has dropped from 5.5 to 2.1.

We all so desperately want to trust the advice of our doctors.  Unfortunately, unless you find a doctor who understands the serious dangers of hormonal contraception it is time to “just say no to your doctor”.

If this statement sounds offensive to you, please allow me to give you a clear and startling example which all doctors should be are aware of.  If you know one who is not aware of the following effect of “the pill”, simply ask him to read the pharmaceutical insert that is provided with the prescription he so willingly writes.

Studies have been done which reveal that the wall of the uterus must be 8.5mm thick in order for the fertilized egg (a baby in its tiniest and complete form) to implant there and grow to full term.  Because of the negative chemical effects of “the pill”,  if a woman or young girl has sex during ovulation and becomes pregnant, the fertilized egg will very likely be self-aborted because scientists have discovered that one of the effects of “the pill” is that it keeps the uterine wall thickness at only 6 mm.  This is what is known as the abortifacient effect of taking “the pill”.

But, you may ask, how is it possible to get pregnant when on “the pill”?  The answer is that in order to reduce the bad side effects that occurred after the introduction of “the pill” in its early days, the hormone levels were adjusted.  It decreased the breakthrough bleeding and other negative side effects.  This made women happy.  Unfortunately, at the same time, this adjustment allowed ovulation to occur.  Few women today are even aware of this. Because of this, it is estimated that in the last 50 years there have been over 250 million chemical abortions in addition to the 55 million surgical abortions.

Women are aborting their own babies and they don’t even know it.

Need we ask, “where have all the children gone?”

God Bless,
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Jenn Giroux, RN
Executive Director, HLI America

Executive Director Column
October 18, 2010


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