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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. It ought to wake us up–to what? To change our contraceptive culture would mean that women would have to accept the cross. It is so much lighter than the burden women bear under secularism! But we don’t want to anyway, we don’t want to be merely women again. No one cares about our triumphs. Anyone listening might respond with a hearty round of, ‘Yes, we must recognize women!’ Then they’ll go back to their schnaps. Because to ‘recognize women’ and womanhood means to do what Christ asked, his revolutionary way of thinking, putting the last first and so forth. That means a radical change of heart, not the least of which is giving somebody a seat, looking around to see if a woman with a baby carriage needs a door opened.

    I have mentioned this in the past, to get a second response,’ Oh, for Pete’s sake, that stuff!’ Well, I mean to follow it with other stuff, ways to make our world safe for women and babies, ways that would help us relax and reproduce in our absolutely terrifying world, economic stuff as well as emotional stuff as well as spiritual stuff. But Jesus was just as reductionist. ‘Make the least first.’ I guess they sneered when he said it.

    Please, if you care about muslims taking over the world with children alone, just go help some Catholic woman somewhere today. When we preach against the contraceptive mentality, when we look at the enormous job of reversing the liberal social engineering against womanhood, we have to realize what we’re saying.

    I do know people who, reading this, will declare, ‘it’s the teaching of our Church, just do it, I don’t care how you do it.’ I have heard them say it. But that’s a heck of a way to care for a flock! Help us! Attack the beast that’s devouring us! Here’s its name: liberalism. That covers all fronts. Republicans by the way are liberals, so could you start with a third party? The new mass is liturgical liberalism, so could you ditch it, please? Could you launch an attack against divorce, like, yesterday? We kind of forget about that, and it keeps us from having babies, even secular research shows.

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