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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. navajosierra says:

    On my own, I found some of the information analyzed on this link, and I agree with the author, when he points out that SOLT must have missed this stuff. I believe that SOLT’s premature press release, while seeming to be damaging to Father Corapi at the moment, will ultimately be embarassing to SOLT at the very least, and at worst, extremely damaging to not only SOLT, but the church as well. It was obvious from the beginning that SOLT did not do a forensic analysis on any of the technology involved, therefore their “evidence” is not firm. If they would have done any research on the individuals involved, (the rosary was on ebay way before the July 5 press release was written), red flags would have been waving all over the place! It is hard to believe that incompetence by itself is the main flaw in this seriously flawed investigation, and not, instead, some of the darker psychological motivations, chief of which is envy. The investigation would be comic, even pathetic, if the resulting SOLT press release had not created such a toxic wave of emotion! Really CYA written all over it! And, EWTN — I have completely lost respect for them.

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