Gaudete Sunday: Blessed Are the Brokenhearted

December 9, 2011 by Gerard M. Nadal

There is a culture among the poorest of the poor, something I came to know almost thirty years ago working with homeless youth in Times Square, NY. There is a care and concern that many street people show for one another.

So often we think of them as “other”. “They’re not like us,” so many think with a terrible condescension.

In truth, they are the human face of Jesus, who tells us in Matthew 25 that our eternal destiny is tied to our response to the poorest and least among us.

This Sunday is Gaudete Sunday in Advent, the day we rejoice that our penitential season is half over. We do not look toward the Nativity yet, as the Church still focuses on the second coming of Jesus to judge the living and the dead. As we rejoice, we do well to contemplate the following short film, and the life-changing perspective it offers.

I’ve never seen anything like it in beauty. O Henry would have been proud.

H/T Patrick Madrid and Deacon Greg Kandra


  • @tommyfashion The world is what WE make it, including YOU! Your cheerful, positive attitude got me right where it counts.

    zenapal 46 minutes ago

  • Beautiful video. Peace


  • tommyfashion 1 hour ago

  • @tommyfashion Don’t let the world make you too cynical. There is still much goodness & love out there.

    texfam 1 hour ago

  • Magical Hobo!

    oh and touching video..

    ALTF4forLOTSofmoney 1 hour ago

  • Man… cried. Beautiful!!!! Very beautiful.

    mbe102 1 hour ago

  • Touching video

    TF3D 2 hours ago

  • Thank you. I really appreciate the power of this film. I was homeless nearly 6 years ago. Seeing a way out of that lifestyle seems impossible when you’re in it. You got it in one; it doesn’t take much to change/save someone’s life. Kindness and compassion from a homeless charity in Edinburgh, and by God’s grace, I climbed out from the pit I was in. What a beautiful and inspirational film. Thank you.

    stephmacleod 2 hours ago 2

  • @stephmacleod I allso have live for 2 years as a homeless men, and its what very hard to get out off that mess, most people dont seem to understand that geting a job is not easy when you have not adresss and no papers

    Swordline 50 minutes ago

  • Just think how much he could accomplish if he had the money from a job.

    dimbulb23 2 hours ago

  • I was heartfelt, and i’m a guy i loved this, this should be shared everywhere! It’s pure brilliant.

    tehironshows 2 hours ago

  • I am nowhere near the compasionate, sympathetic, “what can I do to help” kind of person. I don’t concern myself with other people’s problems to avoid drama. But a friend posted this on FB, and in a rare mood, I decided to watch… At first I thought “oh jeez, another “please help me” crap again.” Then I watched it in its entirety. Wow. I’m still not sure why I was crying the whole time… and I sure the heck rarely leave a comment about anything, but I just had to on this. It was that powerful.

    dmcapricious 2 hours ago 6

  • meh

    GinToYura 2 hours ago in playlist Deep videos

  • Very touching…

    BestofYTChannel 2 hours ago

  • i was watching this in another page and i must go here and thumbs up

    Great video

    maroo1233211 2 hours ago

  • Live simply, so others can simply live. This was amazing.

    Dillski09 3 hours ago

  • wow I haven’t cried for years and then I saw this

    your34mum 3 hours ago

  • LiquidDRA 4 hours ago

  • This is SO beautiful and I also want to say: typical……often it are the poor people who are the most human …..maybe that’s why they will never have much money but other values like creativity and empathy.

    marcelia3 4 hours ago

  • Wow! Such a powerful message! It pays – To “pay it forward”. How do you measure happiness?

    The man in this video has real Emotional Intelligence! I wept while watching this! Thank you for posting!

    reconnectcounselling 4 hours ago

  • I promise that I’ll watch this every morning … and I’ll never be the men I was before 🙂 I’ll always be better than I was yesterday. If only there would be more like him, if only we were at least half as good as him every day.

    MMikely 6 hours ago

  • If let go of television films like this would not be that today’s young people jumping each other’s throats.

    CiRiO777 6 hours ago

  • Beautiful film. Thanks to those who wrote, produced, and presented it. Regarding the God comments: God is Love, the kind of love that gives all, nothing held back. Man unto himself alone can never aspire to that, but with God all things are possible. If we let God, our Creator, reign in our hearts, we can then cooperate with His love, growing in our ability to give all. In the end we must all surrender to Him to experience His Love to its fullest and thereby also giving our all.

    IskalkaQuest2010 20 hours ago

  • WHY is it that the poor, help other poor? I think its because we understand what it is like to go without. I see the well off or u can call them RICH that think all the homeless are bad people, they show no mercy. WHY? Because they either forget where they came from or they never suffered a day in their lives, they can’t even give their change to someone. WE all will be judged, can u say that u have shown mercy to other or do u say I AM and NONE ELSE BESIDES ME. Remember it could be u one day.

    HotBombs99 20 hours ago

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