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President Obama received 54% of the Catholic vote in 2008. And that is the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. If you were to go around telling people that you were a police officer, it wouldn’t be long before you’d be in big trouble. Its a crime to impersonate a law enforcement officer. But anyone can call themselves a “Catholic.”

There are currently two “catholic” churches in America. There are those Catholics who accept all the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. And then there is this other catholic church, the “Opposition-to-Rome-Roman-Catholic-Church.” I will call them “catholics’ with a lower case “c.”
Catholics exist side by side with catholics: in the pews, in the rectories, in the chanceries, in the universities, sadly even sometimes in the Curia.

Modernism was pretty much a clerical academic affair until “Humane Vitae.” With the promulgation of this Encyclical came the great divide. A devil’s bargain was struck between modernist theologians and libertine members of the laity. This is the bargain: “You let us [the laity] have complete moral license in sexual matters and in exchange we will look the other way and allow you [clergy who have lost your faith] to do whatever you want with Catholic doctrine, morality and liturgical practice.” “You let us dissent on ‘Humane Vitae’ and we will allow you to dissent on anything else.” Here is where that 54% of Catholic who voted for Obama come from. Here and nowhere else.

But just so you don’t think this is all about an over-sexed laity, remember that this bargain also contained the right of the clergy to dissent on matters of chastity and priestly and religious celibacy.

From this little devil’s bargain came the largest mass rejection of Catholic faith in history. While modernism was a heresy of the heretical Catholic intelligentsia, neo-modernism is a mass movement; a rejection of the teaching authority of the Roman Catholic Church; a questioning and repudiation of every single doctrine of the Church.

This age isn’t about controversies over high theological doctrines, even though every single high theological doctrine has been viciously attacked. No, this age is about libido. “You give us contraceptives, abortion and divorce and any kind of sexual activity we can imagine and we will be silent as you strip our churches bare, as you rape and ravage every single dogmatic and moral teaching of the Roman Catholic Church. Give us sexual freedom and you can catechize our children into Marxist socialism for all we care.”

And it was all supposed to be quite innocent. We liberalize. They liberalize. Nobody gets hurt, right? But what about all those millions of aborted children? What about all those broken homes caused by divorce? What about the children who have had to reach spiritual maturity under parents that were not spiritually mature themselves? And what has the death of the American family done to the society? And what of those murdered babies? What of those millions of murdered children? The trouble with a devil’s bargain is that no one really ever wins but the devil. This is why the issue of contraception and abortion is so big for the Obama administration. If people see contraception and abortion for what they really are, the whole diabolical system will come crashing down upon itself. Adolf Hitler revolutionized the Weimar Republic with his National Socialism. Everything sounded so good and beautiful to the German people. There was just that one little nagging problem: what are those camps outside the city? What is that fine ash that rains down continually? What is that awful smell, like burning flesh. Watching “catholic” Nancy Pelosi ridicule Catholic Bishops I thought I recognized something in her smile: that little smile of Dr. Goebbels. That little smile of Himmler. . . .


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