I have been posting on this blog for several years now about the growing scandal of the organ transplantation industry removing vital human organs from patients while they are still alive thereby killing the patients.  The medical industry can get away with this legal killing because the medical industry with the help of the legal profession persuaded most of the states of the United States to change the legal definition of death from natural death by the cessation of the activity of the complexus of heart, lungs and brain to just brain death.  Since by law now the definition of death is not even the total cessation of all brain activity, but only certain areas of the brain, it sometimes happens that the neurosurgeon will declare a person brain dead while in reality the patient’s heart and lungs may still be functioning.  Perhaps some part of the brain is functioning undetected by the neurosurgeon’s monitor and the patient is still alive.  That is usually ok with the doctors performing the organ removal from the patient because only organs taken from a body that is still alive can be transplanted.

The organ transplantation industry has grown in the United States to more than a billion dollars a year industry.  A lot of hospitals and individuals have a lot at stake in keeping it growing.

The latest of a long series of horror stories comes from Germany.  Believe me, it can and almost certainly does happen here in the United States.

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Organ donor found not quite brain dead

File photo: DPA

Organ donor found not quite brain dead

Published: 12 Jan 2015 08:44 GMT+01:00

Doctors at a hospital in the Bremen/Bremerhaven area had already made an incision in the man’s stomach when they realized that he was not brain dead according to medical regulations, the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported on Monday. The surgery was stopped when the problem was discovered.

An insider told the newspaper that “it is quite possible that the man’s brain was so damaged that he would not have been able to return to a normal life, but as long as he was not properly diagnosed as brain dead, nobody knows.”

A commission of the German Medical Association will begin to review the incident on Monday to determine what happened at the hospital, as well as to discuss the general topic of the ambiguities in diagnosing brain death.

Axel Rumia, Director of the German Foundation for Organ Transplants, which reviews the accuracy of brain death diagnoses before organ donation, said that “for the foundation and for me personally, this is of particular concern” that the diagnosis of brain death be “performed with knowledge of medical science.”

The commission must also investigate how doctors handled the discovery. According to documents, the reason the surgery was halted was recorded as being cardiovascular failure.

Investigators must now find out whether the patient’s heart stopped by chance, or because doctors readjusted his oxygen levels when they realized he may not be brain dead.

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