Oh, yeah.  Tyqueisha and Scheherazade in da hood are mos’ def’ gonna be wantin’ in on dis.

And why not, right?  I mean, what is the surest guarantee a male can have that Tyqueisha is NOT going to get pregnant, and is financially independent – even someone he could hustle and mooch off of himself, and is therefore an absolute guaranteed “free ride”?

How about Tyqueisha being five or six months pregnant?  With twenty grand in human foie gras just waiting to get a tiny bit cuter before harvest and replanting?  Hell, Tyqueisha could double-crop.  Two per year harvested at 23 weeks.  That leaves a six week window to resume cycling again and conceive the next human being for harvest and sale.  Hell, maybe Jon Corzine could work with the CME to set up futures on human body part commodities.

Oh, yeah.  Tyqueisha is going to be popular.

This is Stem Expresses’ catalog.  [VIEW THE CATALOG HERE:   The baby human foie gras section begins on page 52.  Screen capture this while you can.

UPDATE:  Their website is back up.  They are proudly displaying their full price list.  Here is the fetal liver stem cell page.  $24,250 for a vial of 5 million CELLS:

A Quick Pessimistic Note on the Selling of the Baby Parts

So people think that this expose’ of the Dr. Mengele-wannabe discussing the proper method for crushing a baby’s skull in order to preserve those high-dollar organs whilst noshing on her salad and Syrah is going to yield positive effects with regards to this satanic evil, let me just burst your bubble right now.

This civilization is SO. FAR. GONE. that this will cause an explosion in later-term abortions, as psychopathic, demonically oppressed American women, especially in the rap/hip-hop, honey-boo-boo trailer trash contingent and militant Marxist-feminist upper middle classes will now be looking to cash in on their abortions.

Oh, and NOTHING is going to happen to anyone involved in the extant parts trade even though these are felonies.  Because NO. RULE. OF. LAW.

As you sit there reading this right now, there are females from sea to shining sea screwing to get pregnant with the plan of carrying the baby to six or seven months, and then presenting themselves at Planned Parenthood – looking for a cut of the action on the body parts for a five-figure payday.  Because now they know.

You know I’m right.


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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. Unfortunately, you are probably right. I wondered why this Nucatola woman didn’t get suspicious of all the questions and the wining and dining going on, to get her to talk. This medical progressives group may have done a good thing in exposing this horror, but harvesting preborn baby body parts for sale the Devil’s work. At least more people now understand why we pro lifers have been so determined all these years to stop this sacrilege and sacrificing of human life. This is the true horror story of human trafficking.

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