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“Jesus said:

‘It is for judgment that I have come into this world, so that those without sight may see and those with sight, turn blind.’

Hearing this , some of the Pharisees who were present said to him, ‘We are not blind, surely?’

Jesus replied:

‘Blind? If you were you would not be guilty, but since you say ‘We see, your guilt remains.’

John 9:39-41

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Today marks the second birthday of The Federalist. My thanks to the hundreds of writers who have made our success possible. When we launched two years ago, I never could have imagined that just two years in, our voices would be so strong, our traffic would grow so rapidly, or that we would be able to wield the influence we have gained on the cultural and political debates in the country in such a short amount of time – that we would see our ideas echoed on the presidential debate stage, by comedians and musicians, and by so many good and smart American men and women who care deeply about the future of their country and the world.

The threats to liberty today are very different than they were when William F. Buckley started National Review sixty years ago, or even when Bill Kristol started the Weekly Standard twenty years ago. At the time, the American left had not been taken over yet by an emboldened group of secular statists that allows for no dissent from their worldview. The idea that political correctness would become an enforceable power and aim of the state seemed farfetched. But today, that is where the battle over ideas has moved. If we believe as Andrew Breitbart often said that politics is downstream from culture, then the culture is where we ought to look, and not just with a mind on condemning the dangerous trends toward speech codes and microaggressions and trigger warnings, but to find the good where it exists – and there is much good to be found.

There is also much evil, and in the context of our discussion today, there is evil that our mainstream media has been focused on ignoring. The reaction to Carly Fiorina’s statement on Planned Parenthood in the debate the other night has set off a reaction unlike anything I’ve seen before – where the media has spent the past day tying itself in knots claiming that Fiorina’s statement was false, all while talking about a series of videos they very clearly have not seen. George Stephanopoulos, take it away.   “Well, Sarah Kliff, actually, writing in Vox, watched all 12 hours and she concluded, “Either Fiorina hasn’t watched the Planned Parenthood videos or she is knowingly misrepresenting the footage, because what she says happens in the Planned Parenthood videos simply does not exist.”

Last night while sitting in the MSNBC green room I saw Chris Matthews’ entire panel, including Ron Reagan (who compared Fiorina to Brian Williams’ fantastic stories), echo this view. Joan Walsh said “She’s either a liar or she’s delusional. She remembers something that didn’t happen, but everybody who’s looked at these, the long, long tapes… No one who’s looked at these tapes has seen anything like this Chris.” I tweeted a quote, which she retweeted, unironically I assume.

Except, this video the media is pretending does not exist does in fact exist, as Mollie Hemingway notes.  I posted a very brief excerpt of the exact scene Fiorina described here to help George Stephanopoulos’s researchers, who are doubtlessly scouring the internet in search of it.  The video features an extensive interview with a former Planned Parenthood worker, relating her experiences, including the scene Fiorina describes with an aim to harvest the dying infant’s brain, as the documentarian includes footage of a different fetus, the result of a comparable intact delivery abortion, at the same point of gestation. The entire video the media is pretending does not exist is here.  I warn you it is extremely graphic. And you would know that if the media would just do the due diligence of showing it to you, showing it even once.

I do not know if Carly Fiorina will end up on the presidential ticket. She will have to withstand what is likely to be very harsh scrutiny for her record now – she has kicked the hornet’s nest of a media horde absolutely ready and willing to carry water for Planned Parenthood and the cause of unrestricted abortion. But if she does make it that far, she should not allow Hillary Clinton to dodge the question of whether she’s seen it or not.  She should bring her iPad to the debate stage podium, and offer to show Hillary Clinton how to use it, to see this thing we have seen, and know you cannot unsee.

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