Gird Your Loins…

by charliej373

lonesome valley

By Charlie Johnston


[  Emphasis and {commentary} in red type by Abyssum  ] 

When those who are appointed guardians of the law sacrifice the law to their own personal preferences, there is no law and justice is stricken. All that remains is the will to power. Persisted in long enough, society degenerates into factions that wage constant war on each other for transient advantage. Once such a descent begins, it rarely ends until a tyrant rises to rein in the roving bands of rival warlords who finally populate the cultural landscape.

The Supreme Court’s decision {striking down HB2 passed by the Texas Legislature} invalidating Texas’ efforts to regulate abortion clinics and demand minimal standards of surgical accountability that are demanded of ALL other medical facilities was entirely un-tethered either to existing law or the Constitution. The left-wing block of justices are not justices at all; merely clerks who decide first – going for the most progressive decision possible – and reason later; torturing the plain language of the Constitution and the law to justify their assault on its plain language. Meanwhile, {‘Catholic’} Anthony Kennedy relishes playing the chief philosopher king, rewriting law at his pleasure and imposing his imperial will on the folksies, the Constitution be damned. They made a similar decision earlier this week continuing discrimination…er, affirmative action…on college campuses.

Last week Federal Judge Richard Posner wrote a brief piece revealing just how ignorant, practically illiterate, modern elites have become. He recommended law schools cease spending so much time on the Constitution, for it was over 200 years old and made largely irrelevant by technological advances. The Constitution is primarily a statement of principles of how a free people may govern themselves while maintaining sufficient stability to avoid sliding into chaos and protecting the rights of all against transiently hostile majorities. Statements of principle are ageless. It is the means of accomplishing those timeless ends that can change over time. A commitment to free speech remains unchanged whether the speech is actually accomplished with a wood printing press or over the Ethernet. The right to self-defense obtains whether it is accomplished with a knife, a musket, or a Glock. The right of the people to peacefully assemble obtains whether it is at a town square, a football stadium, or a virtual convention on the Internet. Contrary to the babblings of these “great” thinkers, the American founders did, indeed, give us a “living Constitution,” but not in the way the modern sophists think. The founders embedded the power of the people to amend the foundational document. But amendment is slow and arduous, requiring deep and careful thought, then persuasive argument. These are qualities that have largely atrophied in progressives intellectual arteries, so they simply choose to use what power they have now to change the law at their own whims and dare anyone to do something about it.

A man who is notably physically strong can use it to try to impose his will by force on others or to lend his strength to the good of his neighbors in community. Actual intellect can be similarly used or abused. An intelligent man can use his gifts to accurately assess problems, find solutions to those problems, and work with his fellows to institute those solutions. But an intelligent man can also indulge in fantatsies – including that he is wiser than his fellows and should dominate them – then use his intellect to convince himself through clever sophistical arguments that his fantasies are true, despite the objective evidence before him and the wreckage he leaves behind him.

Right now, federal officials all imagine themselves to be the great and powerful Oz. They issue decrees un-tethered to law, reality or the Constitution and have armed officers { read my recent post that revealed that federal bureaucrats now have more guns than the United States Marines}  willing to enforce those edicts on an unwilling people. Universities act as an incubation chamber for such deluded and abusive personalities while the media acts as their cheerleading squad. Yet even as they thunder and rant, the eyes of the ordinary people they bully steal ever more frequently to that peculiar curtain.

In Europe, Germany and France announced this week that, in answer to Brexit, they intend to strip the countries that remain of their armies, any control at all over their economies and rule even more arbitrarily and capriciously than they have before. This was designed to persuade other countries from leaving. It was unintentionally high (or perhaps low) comedy – and we will surely see more of it as panicked elites see the folksies spurning them. Like I said the other day, the only tactics elites are familiar with are bully-boy moves or condescending sneers.

In my country – and in much of the western world – we no longer live under a Constitutional Republic. After a long, slow-motion, internal coup, we are ruled by an alien occupying force. Neither you nor I owe that force any loyalty. But we do owe a debt of loyalty to our fellow neighbors and our countrymen. I call on you to be very deliberate. Do not veer to the right, failing to act out of fear, neither veer to the left, acting out of anger, but seek to walk in a plain path. Civil dissent and disobedience is the order of the day, but know that the flailing elites will strike wildly in their frantic effort to maintain control. Let those who, like me, are alone and have no young children that elites can strike at, take the lead in boldly dissenting from our overseers and living disobedience. Take care to protect those who do have children they must protect.

I am working on a three-part series on the basic principles of restoring a semblance of a Godly and Constitutional order during the emergency circumstances of the Storm. It barely skims the surface, but it will give you a fundamental idea of justice in extremis. In the meantime, I call you to gird your loins. These are things to consider:

–          Go to Mass regularly. Not just on Sundays, but two or three Daily Masses each week. Spend time in Adoration and Prayer. Spend more time praying that you will be just, steadfast and true, than you do for the downfall of your opponents. In fact, pray for their conversion, that they will learn to live and let live. If you are Protestant or Jewish, please set some extra prayer services or study meetings so you may stay recollected as to what the Lord calls us to. We are full and equal partners in the work before us. Let us live it.

–          Choose a few devotions and live them well. I personally love the Rosary, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, the Flame of Love Devotion and the Prayer of Miraculous Trust.

–          Pray before meals – especially when in a public place. You do not have to do it ostentatiously. In fact, you should not. I am in Las Vegas as I write this. It has pleased me to make the sign of the cross, make a brief prayer, and then live hearty, laughing fellowship with my friends in the public places I have been. It is quiet witness to Whose servant I am. Act neither as a cowering victim nor with bitter anger, but with the cheery confidence  of the magnanimous victor Christ calls you to be – and that you will be so long as you stay connected through prayer and action with Him who is Lord of all.

–          Mount public displays of faith; Eucharistic and Marian Processions foremost among them. Make common cause with your brothers in the faith of the One God of the Bible. This gives witness to your faith and your determination to stay true to God, to live fellowship with those who are different than you, but respect your conscience, without engaging in inflammatory and unnecessary confrontation. Use the Processions link at the top bar of this website to see where various Processions and Public Prayer events are being held – and to notify us of the ones that you mount.

–          Live your ordinary life and work with extraordinary grace and sensitivity. Care first for those souls that God has already put in your care; your children, your family, your friends and fellow workers. Let people know we are Christians by our love for each other – and of all people of good will.

I know all too well the revolutionary pressures that the sustained depredations an out-of-touch elite bring to bear, even if the ignorant “google intellectuals” who seek to rule us do not. This old, sad story almost always erupts into violence. But it does not have to. Be deliberate and measured, even as you defy illegal orders from the occupying force that pretends to govern. Endure those things that don’t touch on conscience, reject with courage and grace those things that do. But do not submit to a satanic order.

I have told you that God, Himself, is going to intervene in the midst of this Storm to restore things. I have told you true. But when He intervenes, it will be, in part, to help prepare us all for an even greater challenge.

For now, let your love of your neighbor define you. Do not cooperate with evil, no matter how it screams and threatens. Remember, we are not to blow up the building in frustrated rage, but rather to pull back the curtain and reveal the little frauds who are pulling the levers, then oust them. Bonus points for every one of them we can lead to conversion.

We are called to restore, not to destroy. Even as we are under assault by those who are passing away, act with the magnanimity and justice of the Christian victors you are called – and guaranteed – to be. There are many outrages yet to come. Don’t let your frustration cause you to provoke them.

Wait on the Lord. Be of good courage and He shall strengthen thine heart. Wait, I say, on the Lord.

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. Sometimes when our whole family gets together ( 7 children, 23 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren), we sing our Grace before meals. We sing even in restaurants…like Olive Garden, Red Lobster, etc. Most people who hear us are happy..and smiling..some even applaud!
    Here are the words we sing; to the tune of Edelweiss.
    Bless our friends
    Bless our food..
    Come, O Lord, and sit with us.
    May our talk glow with Peace,
    Bring Your Love to surround us!

    Friendship and Peace! May it bloom and grow..
    Bloom and grow forever!
    Bless our friends, bless our food..
    Bless our dear Land forever!

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