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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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1 Response to BLACK ON BLACK

  1. Wonderful article. Boycott NFL for many reasons.They don’t want football players to wear cropped jerseys, look at how they went after Ezekiel Elliot! They fussed and people threw a Tantrum and a meltdown like a baby when Tim Tebow Kneeled in Prayer. What I want to know is, why can’t the good few in the NFL be respected? Why Can’t the rest of the cowardly NFL Players and those who buy into, and clearly support this leftist nonsense go into the inner cities in full football gear and kneel there? Go and actually help the Communities and make a difference, don’t do it on the field. Respect the Flag. Respect the people. The fact is Democrats like Barrack Hussein Obama and Eric Holder broke the law. They don’t care, it is all a smokescreen and for show on the Field. They resorted to hurting the black community. Anyone who encourages Black people to break the law or who treats them like anything less than our Brother’s and Sisters is someone who is being very disrespectful of all of God’s Children. At that moment, it is the progressive Left and these ideas are tools that Satan uses to mislead people. He uses them to push this and keep people divided. NO FOOTBALL FOR ME THIS YEAR!! NONE!!! Not until they get it right. As for the Halftime show, boycott that too. No attention for whatever Political Correct Nonsense is pushed. Respect everyone at all times is very different from being “politically correct at all times”. And the left nonsense that is hurting the black community is because they truly hate the black community. They don’t want them to have a chance which is wrong. They want to incite violence. Our Brothers and sisters in the Black Community deserve better than what the Democrats and liberals push.

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