I had an unusual experience today.  In retrospect I find it very interesting and perhaps you will also after reading this.

I had a doctor’s appointment in Corpus Christi today at 1:00 PM and so I skipped lunch because I did not want to see a doctor immediately after eating a meal; it is not good for the digestion of food one has just eaten.

After the appointment with the doctor I went to Sam’s Club to do some shopping and then I went to have lunch at the Hibachi Grill which has the best buffet in Corpus Christi.  Naturally I ate too much since I had not eaten anything since 6:00 AM and the food was good.

Finally I started to drive home to Sinton at 4:00 PM in a steady rain.  The traffic was heavy on I-37 and  since I was beginning to get very sleepy with a full stomach and because driving in heavy traffic at 75 mph with macular degeneration was not a very wise thing to do, I looked for a place where I could exit the Interstate and take a short nap in my car.

At that moment I spotted the highway sign informing drivers that the next exit was the one to take for the State of Texas Veteran’s Cemetery.  It was opened just a few years ago and is quite beautiful.

I exited the Interstate and pulled into the Veteran’s Cemetery.  The only parking space was in front of the mausoleum.  So I parked there, push the seat back all the way and fell into a very deep sleep.

In my sleep I heard the sound of Taps being played on a bugle.  Since subconsciously I knew that I was in a cemetery and the playing of Taps always accompanies the burial of a veteran, in my unconscious state I figured that I had died and Taps was being played as I was being buried in the State Cemetery.  All my predecessor bishops are buried in the crypt of the Cathedral and so I wondered in my dream if Francis had denied me that privilege because of my posts on Abyssum.

Before I had a chance to explore that thought any further in my dream, my brain told me “You fool, they are playing Taps because it is 6:00 PM and they are closing the cemetery for the night.”

Not wishing to spend the night in the cemetery I woke up, turned on the ignition and made a hasty exit through the one gate that was still open.

I am confident that in the future whenever I hear a bugle playing Taps it will bring back memories of my nap in the Veterans’ Cemetery.

About abyssum

I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. 125gardener says:

    For the highway traffic and the Dr. appt. anxiety, the beauty of a Veteran cemetery was a great was a great and convenient antidote.

  2. Sheepdog094 says:

    I make a bold claim. Bishop Gracida will live past 100. Also, a new Holy Pope will honor him. No joke, this will happen. Maybe not the Red Hat, but maybe something else. And eventually, that sad day will come when you are indeed no longer here. Hopefully, I will able to be in the crowd at the Vatican in the future when you are declared a Saint and you can help us from above. We can say we spoke with a Saint. If Francis and crew can declare people Saints, IE Kasper the Friendly ” Kardinal” then it is ok in my book if I project that you be a declared Saint one day. Bergoglio and Kasper are heretics.

    For those that read this, please know that we are not conspiring to elect a Holy Pope and usurp. We are not Sedevacantists or break offs like the SSPX-MC, SSPV etc. We can only declare that Francis has gone astray. We have our preferences for new Pope, but we will see if the Cardinals listen to the Holy Spirit this time.

    Humble Popes who go into crowds and Peripheries, and go to meet the People are good, but it doesn’t come at the cost of dismantling the Church.

    No Violence only Peace!!!!!

  3. Mary Deliduka says:

    “Bishop Gracida is one of those people you want to live forever.” Yes…!.Yes…!.Yes!…I agree…so glad you are still here!! We are all truly blessed by your presence. God love you, dear Bishop!

  4. 3names1God says:

    Dear Bishop. This was great. I think Eccles needs to read this even though he is not a Texan. Thank the Lord he woke you up with the playing of taps. God bless, in His mercy, all our Veterans. !

  5. gellerman55 says:

    Oh my stars, you had me going there for a minute. Need to just sit still and let my blood pressure go back down. Golly…

  6. Sheepdog094 says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. Although humorous. And Please don’t leave. We need you here. Wonderful that your driving and out and about. Watch out for those crazy drivers. They are reckless everywhere!!!!

  7. Oh Bishop, you are too funny! And don’t visualize your death…Father Phillips said just the other day, at Our Lady of Atonement, after saying Mass, “Bishop Gracida is one of those people you want to live forever.” Yes…!.

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