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Pope John Paul II, Cdl. Sarah, Cdl. Müller & Bp. Gracida on Francis, the “Silent Apostasy” & Religious Indifferentism

After Pope Francis wrote God wills “a diversity of religions” which infers the heresy of religious indifferentism in the “Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living,” Cardinal Gerhard Müller in his “Manifesto of Faith” said:

“The Church is the universal sacrament of salvation in Jesus Christ…”

“… To keep silent about these and other truths of the Faith… [is] ‘the price of their apostasy’ (CCC 675); it is the fraud of the Antichrist.”

Cardinal Robert Sarah connected “religious indifference” and the “silent apostasy”:

“This ‘religious indifference’ and ‘silent apostasy’… [is] the major challenge the Church has to take up today.”
(LifeSiteNews, “Vatican Cardinal warns of ‘silent apostasy’; says Catholic charities must evangelize,” 2011)

Pope John Paul II said that a “vision of man” which is “apart from Christ” or a kind of indifferentism to Christ part takes of the “impression of ‘silent apostasy'”:

[A]n attempt to promote a vision of man apart from God and apart from Christ… [in] European culture gives the impression of ‘silent apostasy.'”
(Ecclesia in Europa No. 9, 2003)

Along this lines, in 319, Alexander of Alexandria in his Catholic Epistle wrote of the Arian heretic Bishop Eusebius and his collaborators:

In our diocese… adversaries of Christ, teaching men to apologize… the precursor  of Antichrist… who have become apostates.”

Apparently, at the time Eusebius was a material heretic and in Alexander’s words a material “apostate” because the Church hadn’t formally condemned Bishop Eusebius.

In this same way, John Paul II, Sarah, Müller and I think Bishop René Henry Gracida are saying there is a “silent apostasy” which implies material heresy, but not formal heresy.

In a recent YouTube video, “Pope Francis: Does God will many Religions,” Thomist Dr. Marshall Taylor and co-host scholar Timothy Gordon showed beyond doubt that the Spanish and Italian transcript of Francis’s words that God wills “a diversity of religions” can only be read as meaning God’s positive will and not permissive will.

As happened in the Beatific Vision material heresy of the Medieval Pope John XXII so Francis needs to recant or be corrected for words that can only be seen as material heresy, but not formal heresy, as Bishop Gracida, I believe, is saying and Cardinal Raymond Burke has implied in his famous Catholic World Report interview where he said “If a Pope would formally profess heresy he would cease, by that act, to be the Pope. It’s automatic.”

With the above in mind, The Wanderer on February 14, 2019 posted a article “Did Pope Francis ‘Apostatize’ In Abu Dhabi?” which wrongly claims that Francis’s words can be interpreted in a “orthodox sense” as God’s “permissive (or contingent) will.”

But even worst, the article is promoting the fake news that Bishop Gracida said things in quotes which he didn’t say, but are said in a article “Bergoglians are the party of Apostasy, and no one can deny it NOW!” which the bishop posted from the website From Rome in his blog.

Everyone who follows Bishop Gracida’s blog knows he posts articles which are of interest, but which he doesn’t necessarily agree with.

It is a disgrace and a calumny to quote Bishop Gracida saying things he didn’t say.

The Wanderer owes the bishop an apology.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. Sheepdog says:

    I have read the additional comments here. Please respond to the Wanderer. Why don’t you simply send them what you have said in the title, but address those words to them. Keep it simple and add a sentence or two to clarify the misquotes of the Wanderer. They should also apologize for inciting their readers.

  2. abyssum says:

    Thank you for your prompt clarification of the false accusation that had been leveled against me. I have been debating with myself whether or not I should reply to the accusation and if so, how.
    I am grateful for your comment on Abyssum.org.
    +Rene Henry Gracida

  3. The Editor says:

    Anyone who reads your blog, Your Excellency, can see plainly that you did not say such things, they were contained in our article which you graciously reblogged to promote discussion. If they have a beef with me, let them say so directly. Perhaps they just fear dialoguing with Catholics who read Canon Law.

  4. Sheepdog says:

    Michael Matt, the Wanderer editors, and Michael Voris of Church Militant

    PLEASE GET OVER PAST FEUDS AND HELP BISHOP GRACIDA. Stop misquoting people. Thank you.

    As for Michael Voris and Church Militant they have seen my tweets so their is no excuse for those people not getting in touch with Bishop Gracida. I tagged both Michael Voris and the main Church Militant Twitter account. Hopefully, they will contact Bishop Gracida. If not, maybe he can call up there or email them. They have good material otherwise, so why not get in touch with Bishop Gracida again like they did in years past.

    This is playing out similar to the 4th century when only few would save the Church from total ruin

  5. Dear Bishop Gracida, I so much enjoyed serving at the Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi and knowing that Corpus Christi had you, a bishop with courage and integrity.  I am not sure that the Diocese of Corpus Christi has such a bishop as this time.  Because,  Bishop Vasquez hates me, I have a feeling that he and his henchmen set me up for condemnation.  For example, I celebrated Masses in Gatesville, TX, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, some weeks ago only be accused by the Bishop, the Vicar General and the Vicar of Priests of telling the parish not to give money to the many million dollar drives of Bishop Vasquez.  What I actually said was, “Look, some of you have a very limited budget.  Before you run short of money, take care of your families and then give to the million dollar drive of Bishop Vasquez.  Within a day Bishop Vasquez, James Misko, the Vicar General and Juan Carlos Lopez the Vicar of Priests charged me with telling the people in the parish not to give money to the diocese.  Of course, I invited the Vicar General to accompany me to that parish this weekend and for him ask the people if I said, “Give nothing to the bishop.”  Because the Vicar General knew that he and the bishop and the Vicar for Priest were lying, he refused to drive with me to talk to the people of the parish.   Bishop Gracida, there once was a day when we could trust our bishops and their staffs.  No longer.  Fr. Bob Kincl

  6. Aqua says:

    Perhaps we’ve forgotten … the Dubia: unanswered still.

    After everything else, six years of it, now the Document On Human Fraternity. Context.

    A constant stream of heterodoxy; it never ends. And the only ones punished or ridiculed (quite severely) are those who object.

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