RHow does a person bring a narcissist to their knees?

Asher Arendale

Asher Arendale,

Sep 1, 2018

Narcissists need people. Period. The worst punishment for them, far greater than being belittled and embarrassed in front of a whole lot of people or publicly or on TV (and they hate that like no one else) is for a narcissist to be locked in solitary confinement and given enough food for a year with 0% human contact and no cameras monitoring them. If you think they are miserable, you should see them in that condition. Without human beings to feed off of— through abuse or/and admiration— a narcissist will physically die or kill themselves. Without people to serve them or to use and abuse or to get recognition and some kind of admiration from, a narcissist is scientifically unable to survive. Like a parasite without food, their food won’t be that year’s worth you leave them with but rather the abuse and admiration of human beings. Just like their brain pattern is different from a normal person’s, so their psyche works different, making their needs for life not isolated to air, food, and water but to other things as well.

That said, if your plan is to bring a narcissist to their knees, then you don’t understand the issue at all. The fact is that everyone is narcissistic to a degree and that narcissists win because the narcissism in others aid and abet them. (Hello.) Narcissists aren’t great at fooling people; they’re great at appealing to the narcissistic traits in others. In short, fighting a narcissist is the same as fighting the whole planet. 9 out of 10 times, you will lose. It’s better to find out how narcissists function, how everyone else functions, and (this can’t be overstated) how you function. If you make compromises and ignore red flags and then get into some kind of relationship with a narcissist, the narcissist isn’t the only one at fault when things go south. Facts and fiction are not the same. What you want things and people to be and what they are not the same. You must choose to go with your objective side rather than your subjective side so you can make wise decisions and avoid narcissists rather than falling into their traps because of your own compromises, narcissism, or denial.

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