Remember: We err, if we are to err at all, on the side of life. Always.

Update on Carolyn Jones

Posted: 17 Jun 2019 03:51 PM PD

THere’s an update on Carolyn Jones, a victim of Texas’ 10-day Rule in the Texas Advance Directives Act (“TADA”), who was literally rescued from the jaws of death by Texas Right to Life. I covered that saga here many times. It came during our efforts to repeal that part of the law which, as you know, the Usual Suspects opposed time and time and time again.
I am happy to share with you that Texas Right to Life reports that Mrs. Jones has been “moved to a long-term nursing facility where she will be allowed to heal without a countdown placed on her life – thanks to YOU!” (Emphasis by TxRTL.) 

I am so happy about this. Add this to the things we can learn from how this case was handled by TxRTL, mishandled by the others, and what it showed us about who supported what in the legislature and in the real world. 

Let me just re-post here what I said there as the key take-aways:
So what are we to conclude; what have we learned here?That the doctor(s) who went to the medical ethics committed at MH were wrong that Mrs. Jones was futile or someone who should not be treated? Yes. That the medical ethics committee was also wrong in rubber stamping that decision? Yes. That this procedure does not yield infallible results? Absolutely. That maybe there’s a bit of an outcome based decision- making process? That’s fair. That once they make a decision, that even when it appears that they are wrong, we can’t count on them to reverse course and do the right thing even when a life hangs in the balance?

I think the facts here speak for themselves. That maybe there should be a longer timeframe so that mistakes like this are not made with more Texans? No doubt about it. That maybe if there was some due rocess in the law, a check and balance, that hospitals might be more careful and mistakes would not happen? Of course, that’s why we have due process in the law when it comes to criminals. It should be here for the ill and disabled as well. 

That is even more true today. 

But SB 2089 still died – even in the wake of Mrs. Jones’ case – as egregious an example of the usage of TADA as we’ve seen in the public. It was opposed by the Usual Suspects even after the Jones case came to light –  which just added to the shamefulness of their positions. (By the way, did
you see any of them fundraising for Mrs. Jones? Yeah, me either. As I often say, by their fruits, you will know them. All of them.)

There was also no real (or even faux) commitment to life in the House of Representatives in Texas by the leadership including especially Speaker Bonnen, who thinks that working on real pro-life legislation with real pro- life groups was a waste of his time. I guess he was just being polite when he hugged a child with Downs syndrome (who testified in favor of SB 1033, no less!) and acted like he gave a care about unborn children with disabili-ties who would have been saved by SB 1033. Remember that. Bonnen reminds me very much of one of my favorite scenes from the classic movie, The Hunt for Red October:

But Bonnen has not been smart. He forgot about the last part of that – he  hasn’t kept his options open. Not with the grassroots. And not with organi- zations like Texas Right to Life. Among others. 

I’m honestly not sure how much commitment there was by those who are not in leadership positions but voted for this leadership. How many of them pushed behind the scenes for this legislation to get to the floor? I  don’t know, but I can’t imagine many. From what I’ve been reading, too many of them were running scared – afraid of the “Blue Wave” they foresee in the next election. They’re not being smart either. As I tweeted recently:
When the Blue Wave comes, it won’t be entirely (if much at all) because voters shifted left. It will be, in a great number of cases, because the Repub-licans – including many of the so-called conservatives –  alienated their base who will stay home rather than vote Democrat/pro-abortion or for the lack-luster incumbent. It’s Lucy and the Football. A good many of us will say, “No thanks” when it comes to voting for incumbents that lost their spines once elected, if they possessed them before. What is needed is robust pri- maries in 2020 and new leadership in 2021. But Bonnen is already threat- ening people who primary others. Nice guy, huh? That seems a lot like Chicago politics to me. 

God help them all. They will have blood on their hands from the death of SB 2089 as well as SB 1033 – lives at both ends of the pro-life spectrum will continue to be taken needlessly because of wolves in sheep’s clothing in political offices and who head and lobby for organizations that lie about what they represent.

So, as we continue to process what happened and deal with the aftermath – yes, TADA is still being used by hospitals – let’s at least rejoice that one intended victim was saved. Not by the Texas Catholic Conference of  Bishops. Not by Texas Alliance for Life. Not by Texans for Life Coalition. Not by the Texas Medical Association. Not by the Texas Hospital Associa- tion. Not by any of the Usual Suspects. 

She was saved by Texas Right to Life and its tremendous number of sup- porters who rose to the occasion with gifts of prayer and money and social networking to get the word out.

Remember: We err, if we are to err at all, on the side of life. Always. TADA errs – certainly – on the side of death by passive involuntary euthana-sia. It must be stopped. Efforts are still under way. Please pray for them. Pray for those families in its crosshairs. Pray for those working to end it. Please pray for those who are lost on this issue. And, please consider adding TxRTL to those organizations to which you regularly give. They are most worthy and deserving. 

Thanks for reading! 

Kassi Marks

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