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Friday, February 24, 2017

A shaman visits Francis at the Vatican and works her sorcery during a private audience

Earlier last week at the Vatican, Francis had a private audience with ‘indigenous peoples’ who were attending the United Nations’ Third Global Meeting of the Indigenous Peoples’ Forum for Investing in Rural People organized by the International Fund Agricultural Development (IFAD) in Rome, Italy.  When they were assembled for this private audience, Francis delivered a speech, then went around the room and personally greeted each attendee.  As would be expected with ‘Indigenous Peoples’, and we are using that term very loosely, they practiced a hodgepodge of pagan religions.  One encounter Francis had caught our attention.  It is shown below.

What is the heck is happening?

Who is this woman and what is she doing?  To us at Call Me Jorge… she appears to be a shaman working some sort of sorcery.  Well, we did a bit of digging around and found out that she is a member of the Amaicha del Valle settlement in Valles Calchaquíes, Tucumán, Argentina.  

A photo from the United Nations’ Third Global Meeting of the Indigenous Peoples’ Forum for Investing in Rural People organized by the International Fund Agricultural Development (IFAD) in Rome, Italy.

The two circled people, in the picture above, are from the Amaicha del Valle settlement.  The man is Dr. Eduardo Alfredo Nieva and the woman is the one who performed the incantation on Francis.  Dr. Eduardo Alfredo Nieva is the commissioner of the Amaicha del Valle settlement.  They are holding a bottle of wine because Dr. Nieva runs a community winery (Sumak Kawsay means ‘good living’ in the Quechua tongue and is precept of the Pachamama religion) which he started with the help of one of Francis’ favorite pet causes, micro-usury.  During this trip to Rome, Dr. Nieva helped secure an additional 50 million dollar loan to the people in rural Argentina.  He also gave a bottle of Sumak Kawsay to Francis when they met (see video below, It’s pagan day at the Vatican!).

As you can see, it’s the same woman.

The people of the Amaicha del Valle settlement are pagans as they believe in a multitude of gods. The four gods of primary importance are the husband and wife tandem — Pacha Kamaq (creator of the world) & Pachamama (mother earth) — and their two children — Inti (the sun) & Mama Killa (the moon).  Every year in the Amaicha del Valle settlement they hold a six day festival for Pachamama the mother earth goddess.

Dr. Nieva participating in the pagan Pachamama ritual.

Dr. Nieva has high hopes for this religious festival, “we are already preparing everything needed for the national holiday of the pachamama that will take place as every year in our central square.”   Other than photos, the only reports from the local Tucumán press has been that Francis thanked the two for the visit and the gift, then sent his greetings to the people of the Amaicha del Valle settlement.

It’s pagan day at the Vatican! 

So here we have Francis having a private audience with a United Nations’ group.  This same United Nations which pushes all sorts of anti-Catholic causes is also selling the belief in pagan deities in their children publications by equating belief in Pachamama as environmentalism.  So what do others in the Novus Ordo church think of Pachamama?

On 17 January 2015 in Chile on the occasion of the consecration of the new diocesan bishop of Arica, Bishop Moisés Atisha, after the service in the cathedral finished, all the bishops assisting including the Apostolic Nuncio and the Cardinal archbishop of Santiago poured outside into the area directly in front of the cathedral and participated in Pachamama worship.  The Pachamama shaman placed a rug on the ground and proceeded to offer coca leaves, seeds, water and fermented chicha (corn alcohol).  These items were being offered to the deities Pachamama (mother earth), Inti (the sun) and the Malkus (mountain spirits).  As can be seen from the photos below, the assembled bishops participated in this offering.  After the offering was complete the witch then placed multi-colored necklaces onto the bishops.

“What then?  Do I say, that what is offered in sacrifice to idols, is any thing?  Or, that the idol is any thing?  But the things which the heathens sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God.  And I would not that you should be made partakers with devils.  You cannot drink the chalice of the Lord, and the chalice of devils: you cannot be partakers of the table of the Lord, and of the table of devils.”— First Epistle Of Saint Paul To The Corinthians 10, 19-21 —

The witch doctor prepares his offering.

The witch begins his sorcery.

Bishop Cristian Contreras, bishop of Melipilla (Chile), participates in the rituals.

Bishop Atisha, the new bishop of Arica does as well.

Bishop Ivo Scapolo, the Apostolic Nuncio in Chile gets in on the worship.

Offering fermented chicha (corn alcohol) to the pagan gods.

Bishop Atisha gets his noahide colored necklace.
If one is interested in more photos from this event (click here).

Cardinal Ravasi participating in Pachamama ritual in 2015

Did these prelates tell Francis of their participation in the pagan Pachamama rituals and rave over them?  Or maybe Francis has a deeper connection to this pantheistic gnostic religion back to when he was Jorge Mario Bergoglio in Argentina? 

In his address to Representatives of Indigenous Peoples, (15 February 2017) at the private audience he said, “I believe that the central issue is how to reconcile the right to development, both social and cultural, with the protection of the particular characteristics of indigenous peoples and their territories.  This is especially clear when planning economic activities which may interfere with indigenous cultures and their ancestral relationship to the earth.”  Is this not a clear endorsement of non-Christian religions? 

Francis continued later, “A second aspect concerns the development of guidelines and projects which take into account indigenous identity, with particular attention to young people and women; not only considering them, but including them!”  Francis then proceeded to put his money where his mouth was by having the female shaman work her ‘magic’ on himself.

Regardless it’s obvious, when one looks at the photos below, that not only does Francis have a deep respect for the pagan Pachamama religion, he like his bishops is an enthusiastic believer in “sitting at the table of devils.”

Below are some and we stress this is only a small sampling of the photos available from the L’Osservatore Romano’s photographic service database for this pagan sorcery ritual. (To see all the photos, click here.)
(click photos to enlarge) 

The wine hand off goes down.

Nice to meet you can I work some ‘magic’ on you? 

This is amusing.

 She’s feeling a spirit.

That’s not “patty-cake, patty-cake, baker’s man” being played!

She’s communing with the spirit of Vatican II.

Francis is really getting into this sorcery thing, look at the concentration on his face!

She’s channeling another spirit into his head.

It’s crowded in that fat body.

 The possession is almost complete!

Uh oh, the spirit is trying to escape through his ears.

She’ll hold this pose for some time.

Whatever she’s doing it’s serious.

She’s using all her shaman abilities now!

 More incantations…

Final instructions to the spirit.

Waking Francis from his trance.

The spirit says thanks for the new body.

 The sorcery is complete.

Francis the rabbinical traditionalist goes onto the next pagan.

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  1. Sheepdog says:

    Francis is the False Prophet. Everyone on here must now help Bishop Gracida by publicly proclaiming and sharing his -I believe- statement which can be found in the top banner on the link. Next, they must share the Open Letter. I have done so for both and I have paid the price for it by being ostracized. But at least I am not ostracized by God. I pray for all of you.

  2. Tereze Avila says:

    What do you mean what is happening? This is long planned destruction of the church – prophesied by many. Clergy and faithful suppose to – by now – be fully aware what is coming and get prepared! Schism, destruction of the sacraments and later of Holy Mass… all is coming. We will live like first church – prosecuted and in hiding. How people gonna survive that, if they are not ready? They – like stupid virgins – will follow Francis… straight to Hell.

  3. hellenback7 says:

    They may get their women deacons, but it won’t be the Catholic Church these gals will be “presiding” over. And Francis is making that pretty clear in so many ways that In not to concerned about any of it anymore.
    Pray, Hope and don’t worry….Our Lord has got this 😉

  4. hellenback7 says:

    This is hilarious….it’s becoming impossible to believe that anyone is taking this guy seriously. 😑

  5. jorgecerra says:

    More leftist identity politics.

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