The Mystery Of Autism

January 10, 2019 by sd

When it comes to the mystery of autism, we don’t pretend, here, to be experts of any kind, on any level. There are many causes for it, it seems.

Or are there?

Is there some singular factor or event that has caused such an apparent upsurge in it?

Such is the instability of science that there is even argument (as there is about everything else) about whether there really has been quite so dramatic an increase or whether it is now simply being diagnosed under that nomenclature (in the same way that so many suddenly now are diagnosed with high blood pressure, which once was defined as over 140 — now is over 130 — and atrial fibrillation, once known more simply as irregular heartbeat).

Once again, we rely on what the eyes see, what the ears hear, and in our modern time, in this time when we swim in a chemical soup, when we bathe in all kinds of electrical radiation (when our bodies are probed with CAT-scans, when we breathe and imbibe and digest synthetics), what we see and hear are too many young with autism and “attention-deficit syndrome.”

Is it one in 36 now, as one graph claims (with autism) or one in 45 (as the Centers for Disease Control calculates)?

Is it mainly environmental, or genetic (it can run in families)?

Caused by viruses during pregnancy?

Whichever, there is a lot of it — basically, just about one case for every two classrooms.

“We know that there is not one autism but many subtypes, most influenced by a combination of genetic and environmental factors,” says a site dedicated to the disorder. “Because autism is a spectrum disorder, each person with autism has a distinct set of strengths and challenges. The ways in which people with autism learn, think and problem-solve can range from highly skilled to severely challenged.”

Adds WebMD: “People with autism have trouble with communication. They have trouble understanding what other people think and feel. This makes it hard for them to express themselves, either with words or through gestures, facial expressions, and touch.”

A possibly dirty little secret: vaccinations. Up until a few years ago, mercury — a toxic metal that can beyond question impair the brain — was used in certain vaccinations as an adjutant, enhancing the vaccine’s effects. There is little question that vaccines save and have saved many lives. There is also little question that medical science is not entirely certain of the side effects. As a society, we are grossly over-medicated (choosing to cover over illnesses with medicines instead of getting to the root cause, such as poor diet, stress, or obesity).

And if vaccines are like most synthetic medications (note those pharmaceutical commercials all over television), side effects there are, some potentially damaging.

But let’s stay here on autism: The CDC maintains that “no links have been found between any vaccine ingredients and autism. One vaccine ingredient that has been studied specifically is thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative used to prevent contamination of multidose vials of vaccines. Research shows that thimerosal does not cause [autism].”

“U.S. public health officials and physicians have been combating misconceptions about vaccine safety for over twenty years,” says an organization called Public Health. “They’ve had mixed success. Despite the fact that numerous studies have found no evidence to support the notion that vaccines cause autism and other chronic illnesses, a growing number of parents are refusing to vaccinate their children.

“Researchers now link falling immunization rates to recent resurgences of vaccine-preventable diseases. In 2010, California saw 9,120 cases of whooping cough, more than any year since the whooping cough vaccine was introduced in the 1940s. Ten infants too young to be vaccinated died of whooping cough during the outbreak. The CDC warns that events like these will become more frequent and harder to control if vaccination rates continue to fall.

Others disagree — quite vociferously. Many vaccines given very young children — babies — had what to the layman’s eyes certainly seemed to have too many concoctions in it. No one knows what the effect of many synthetics might be , especially when they are combined with each other (a process called “synergism”).

Some years back we heard from a mom in Florida named Stefanie Stark who fought an incredible battle to free her son from the “disease” — and apparently, with the help of a spiritual approach, as well as a natural one, was able to.

“I wrote a couple of years ago to say that our middle son, Andrew, had fallen ill with vaccine-induced autism. I also wrote, during that time, of a bird-flu pandemic in the works,” she had said.

“I believe that Our Lord is asking me to share the follow-up story with you.

“It has become so clear to me, through hindsight and the Holy Spirit, why this had to happen to Andrew.

“My son, like all of the children with vaccine-induced autism, are little messengers of God. They are angels on a mission to teach us that we must turn back to God and to a more natural way of living that is in accordance with God’s creation, as opposed to a chemical/synthetic world such as the one we are creating through science and medicine.

“When Andrew was about four weeks old, I went to lay down and, as soon as my head touched the pillow, I had a vision – not a dream, but a vision. It was so real. I saw my baby lying in his crib. And kneeling beside the crib, praying, was a male angel dressed in a brown robe with a gold-colored rope for a sash, the kind the Franciscans wear.

“And I heard Our Lady’s voice say, “Spend every moment you can with him.”

“Then the vision ended. I sat bolt upright in the bed and thought that I was being prepared for my child to die. I got on my knees and begged God not to take him. But I remembered, also, the promise I had made in Adoration [of giving and trusting my children to Jesus, at His request], and asked that Our Lord would give me the strength to bear whatever His Will would be for Andrew’s life.

“Weeks later, I told my mother and sister about the vision. I was still so shaken by it.

“When I took my son for his 12-month-old check-up, I asked the pediatrician which vaccine he was to receive. I was told it was the MMR (Measles-Mumps-Rubella). I told the doctor that I had read an article just the week before (I think on Spirit Daily), that said the MMR, along with twelve other vaccines, was cultured on the cell lines of aborted fetuses.

“I explained to the pediatrician that, as a pro-life Catholic, I would object to and refuse that particular vaccine based on my moral and religious beliefs.

“The doctor became furious at this claim and said it was ‘a lie made up by extremists on the right who have an agenda to push.’ He stormed out of the office and returned with the package insert. He unrolled it in front of me like a scroll and said, “Here. Look at this and tell me where it says aborted fetuses were used!”

“I was shocked by his reaction, but I also had nothing more to go on than the one article, and I couldn’t even remember the source. I felt silly and unsure, so I went along and allowed Andrew to be immunized with the MMR. I later found out that, indeed, the vaccine is created using cell lines from aborted fetuses.

“The week before my son was diagnosed with autism, I went for a walk on the beach. I stopped to pick up a bird feather. Again I heard a voice. This time it said, ‘Hope is a prayer with wings.’

“Later that day, I was at the bookstore.

“As I walked past rows of books toward the checkout, I spotted one whose title read “H.O.P.E.” It was a book about digestive health and how to heal the gut. I bought it on a hunch. Later, it became invaluable in understanding and healing my child’s “leaky gut syndrome,” another aspect of autism.

“The day Andrew was first diagnosed with autism, he had just turned two. I was reeling from shock and disbelief and confusion.

“What had happened to my precious, healthy child?

“How could this be?

“I remembered, again, that I had committed my children to the care and protection of Our Lord.

“That night, I read Andrew a bedtime story and tried not to break down in tears until I had put him to bed.

“Quietly, he got up from my lap and walked over to the Holy Water font in his room. He dipped his tiny fingers in and then came over to me and made the Sign of the Cross on my forehead! He had never done that before.

“I knew at that moment that Jesus was right there with me and, just as in the poem “Footprints,” He was going to carry me and my family through this. I kept thinking, “You have to persevere in hope. Do not give up hope for even one instant.”

“I have witnessed the special connection that children with autism have to Jesus and Our Blessed Mother. When Andrew was two and a half and completely nonverbal, he took my agnostic sister, who struggles with infertility, by the hand and led her into the Shrine of Our Lady of Le Leche, that bears a statue of Our Lady holding the infant Jesus (in St. Augustine, Florida). Andrew motioned for her to kneel down. Then, without words, he invited her to clasp her hands and bow her head in prayer. It was a beautiful scene to watch!

“At three years old, Andrew had so few words, but such incredible comprehension, that the speech pathologist recommended he get a handheld computer device to speak for him. Our insurance company agreed to pay for the device.

“Around the same time, we met a biomedical doctor who was willing to run the blood tests that my husband and I had been asking for.

“The tests came back showing conclusively that Andrew had been infected with measles and rubella. The tests also showed that our son’s immune system was barely functional – because his little body, by that time, had been fighting these viruses for nearly two years, which led to an auto-immune disorder.

“We began using vitamin supplements and B-12 shots to get his immune system functioning again. We also switched to a gluten-and-casein free diet and went organic as much as possible. We used homeopathy to detox his body from the viruses and heavy metals and to heal the damage that had been done.

“Within weeks of detoxing Andrew from the damage his vaccines had caused, he began speaking and behaving more normally. When I called her to say that we would not need the speaking device after all, the lady at the insurance company said that she had never heard of a patient recovering to the point of not needing a speaking device, especially in only a few months time!

“More important than all of the physical remedies: I not only prayed for my son but over my son.

“I asked for the intercession of so many saints, especially Our Blessed Mother.

“I asked, for example, St. John Chrysostom, saint with the golden voice, to pray for Andrew’s voice to be restored.

“I stood on the Scripture in Mark where Jesus healed the deaf and mute man when He said, ‘Ephatha!,’ that is, ‘Be opened!’

“I claimed the Scriptures for my child. I anointed his forehead with Holy Water and blessed oil daily as I prayed over him.

“And perhaps most powerful of all, I praised God and thanked Him every day for Andrew’s healing long before he was actually healed.

“I also prayed every day that I would be given the grace to hope beyond hope and never lose faith that my child would be healed.

“Indeed, Andrew has been healed of autism! All praise and glory be to God! He goes to school with normally developing children, and people are shocked when I tell them that he has recovered from autism.

“He is now a normal, active four-year-old.

“When he was finally able to speak (which he now does in full sentences), Andrew said, “Mommy, Jesus is the Bible.” I said, “Yes, much of the Bible is about Jesus.” To which he replied, “No. Jesus is the Bible, Mommy.”

“I encountered another autistic boy at the doctor’s office one day. He looked to be 12 or 13 but had the social skills and speech of a five-year-old. I asked him if he liked to swim. He said yes. I asked if he liked to swim in the pool or the ocean. And he replied, ‘Ma’am, I don’t have an ocean, but I have a river, and His Name is Jesus.’

“These kids are so close to Our Lord!

“I believe that God allowed this to happen to Andrew. I have met literally hundreds of parents with the same or a similar story to Andrew’s, and they have found renewed hope that their child can recover.

“This experience has also opened my eyes to the many ways our children are being harmed through vaccines. The swine flu vaccine is perhaps scariest of all. The adjuvant, squalene, has not only been proven to cause severe neurological damage and auto-immune disorders, but also paralysis and death. Squalene can cause a person to become allergic to cholesterol, something your body needs to survive!

“I am also very troubled by the fact that Baxter International, (the same company that accidentally sent avian-flu tainted flu shots to 18 countries), applied for a patent to make an H1N1 vaccine in August 2008, even though swine flu did not appear in the population until April 2009. (For the patent, go to: Click on publication number search on the right for patent applications. Enter: 20090060950).

“I know the vaccine issue is just one of many sins against God and His creation. Our bodies are His temple, Scripture says. The Bible also says that “we perish for lack of knowledge.”

[Books on healing]

[Feedback: “Prayer is always needed, however, the graph and title for this page: seems to indicate that there is a rise in actual developmental disorders in the general population. This may be true, but this graph doesn’t show it, and it certainly wouldn’t be that dramatic.“The reason for the increase is because of diagnostic definitions and screening. Autism as defined in the 1970s is probably constant in diagnoses through the decades since.The graph would have to be normalized to show the different uses of the word and the diagnostic rigor. To say Autism rates have increased as the graph shows is equivocation, ie, the definition changed through the decades.“In particular, autism used to require severe intellectual and language disables (ie, mental retardation). Then, for the Autistic definitions without those were only applied in severe circumstances (ie, when an individual had gone through several stages that required more medical attention). Now, it is more widely known and a person can be diagnosed without any major crises or apparent disability.“So, the rates of Autism Spectrum Disorder, as it is now defined, have only changed because of definition changes and increased awareness. The actual rates of people with what we would call “Classical Autism” probably have not changed at all. The big jumps in diagnoses were not a continuous curve as presented, but will show spikes and leveling off as the diagnostic criteria changed and younger people were diagnosed with the new definitions.“Prayer is perhaps more needed for the reality that many people view people with Autism as life unworthy of life (especially those who are intellectually disabled) and there may be selective abortions. I know this is the case for other disorders, but I do not know the specifics for Autism.Pax,J. F. O’NeillShareTweet

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  2. Kate R. says:

    If you could magically wave a wand and all parents today would be God-fearing Christians, living by that standard and raising their children to be caring, productive, responsible adults? The rates of autism and ADD and many other maladies children suffer would drop like a rock. I worked with an agency that served infants to toddlers and in many cases the families had significant issues, and so did the children.

  3. Kate R. says:

    Anecdotally we all sense the increase in numbers of children born with autism. When I was in elementary school in the 1960’s, the only children with developmental disabilities we saw had Down Syndrome, and they were fairly separated from children without disabilities. There were just not at all the numbers of children with disabilities that we see today. Something changed. Since no direct cause has been identified, it may turn out to be vaccines are part of that cause, even though we are told that theory has been discredited. Who knows. We’re talking about big money here, and we know how that works. Lives are secondary.
    Graphs can be manipulated and are in fact manipulated all the time for man-made climate change, to show whatever is desired, just change your “from” and “to” dates and voila, you can “prove” any theory you want. But as I said, anyone can see the rates of children with autism has increased. There are too many to deny it. As for ADD, boys are punished today for being boys, active and different from girls. People want boys to act like girls, and that won’t happen without a cost. Boys need to be boys, but today boys are not wanted, girls are. Even boys who act just like girls. It’s the feminization of boys while they turn girls into athletic brutes. And today’s children have very high rates of anxiety and depression, because in many cases their lives are a mess, often thanks to parents who have absolutely no idea what the are doing and are far more concerned with their own continuing adolescence than they are for their children.
    And yes, I work with children and young adults. Today, their lives are very hard, even the ones who have no financial hardship. It is just plain hard to be a kid today.

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