Book Review: The Catholic Red Pill: a Guide for Men, by James DePrisco

Posted: 20 Jan 2020 03:34 PM PST

Just read this recently.  Going in I was a bit skeptical if it would achieve what it claimed in its Amazon description.  A comprehensive guide for men, specifically trads, on how to be a man, and better orient your life to being a husband and father.  That is a tall order coming from one Catholic layman.   But I already knew the author in question, Mr. James Deprisco, a fellow Okie Trad, as a successful husband, father, and professional, a devoted and orthodox Catholic, and a well read, highly intelligent, and intellectually honest man.

The book is called The Catholic Red Pill: a Guide for Men, available on Amazon for a fair $14.00.

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This is a must read, men.  If you can’t afford it right now, I will lend you my copy; otherwise it’s the cost of a meal. 

Its premise is true:  every one of us men reading this right now have been made to a large degree effeminate by contemporary culture, and need to reclaim our dignity as men, to reclaim authentic masculinity.  This is the key to our happiness, the health of our marriages and family life, and vital to the restoration of Christian culture.

There is no book on the market that is mapping this out, specifically for the Trad Catholic Male.   And if you believe the analysis of many trad priests such as Fr. Ripperger, then this book will ring true for you.

But it does more than that.   The thing is a masterpiece, and I only say that because that was my conclusion after I read it with a considerable amount of reserve.  It gets down to the hard core problems in modern men, and gives timeless solutions, but in a very structured, practical, and at times humorous way. 

I literally laughed out loud several times the raw way truths and facts are presented.  There were a few sentences and even paragraphs here and there where I did raise an eyebrow, but when I re-read them I found nothing objectively unorthodox, impious, or worldly in what DePrisco wrote.

Truth be told, after a few chapters I felt like I was being run over by a Semi-Truck by the argument made and the facts as laid out, flattened to the ground, the truth of my own certain degree of effeminacy exposed for the raw fact that it is.   

DePrisco’s point is that all men today, young and old, have allowed themselves to be stripped of their masculinity, and are somewhat blameworthy for neglectfully allowing our masculinity to decline.  But the book is as hope-promoting and empowering as it is pragmatic and realist.

That said, I am not sure the trad or conservative Catholic publishers would touch this.  It tactfully uses profanity in places, and some harsh admonitions to man up.   It borrows some terminology and concepts from the Alt Right and Manosphere, themselves a very mixed bag as the author discusses.   Yet as I’ve wrote here before, there is still much Truth online coming from those circles, about the decline of Christian, Western civilization due to Marxism, and a cultural crisis among males.

This instead is more of a book to be promoted via the Catholic Blogosphere, Canon212, the Trad Forums, and FB Trad Groups.  Perhaps trad priests like Fr. Ripperger or Fr. Relyea could get behind this.  In my opinion, they should.  There is no other book doing what this book does.

The Catholic Red Pill:  a Guide for Men, by James DePrisco.  If anything I write on this blog has resonated with you as true, and you are a man, or you are a woman with a husband, boyfriend, or sons, consider making this small investment.

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