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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Is Bp. Schneider a “Flying Monkey” or another Type of Enabler?

Is Bishop Athanasius Schneider an enabler of Francis?

If he is then what type of enabler might he be?

The literature on narcissist enablers claims there are types of enablers:

“Narcissism does not exist in a vacuum. It can’t. Therefore, there are enablers… who support the narcissist… people the narcissist recruits to their side. These people are usually called ‘flying monkeys,’ but there are other types of enablers, too.”

“These are the people who might not agree with or defend the narcissist, but who enable the narcissist… who says things like, ‘She’s [he’s] your mother [pope]’… ‘How can you abandon your husband [pope]’… ‘I give in to your sister [pope] to keep the peace.'”

“… If one spouse hits the other, and the assaulted spouse does not leave the relationship or call the police, they’ve taught the batterer that this behavior is acceptable because there have been no consequences.”
(Pairedlife.com, “The Narcissist’s Enablers,” June 17, 2019)

Bishop Schneider appears to be the second type of enabler as are all Francis traditionalists.

Schneider and all Francis traditionalists don’t agree with Francis on pachamama idolatry, diversity of religions, Communion for adulterers and the betrayal of the Chinese underground Church, but he and they enable Francis to keep doing these blasphemies against God and battering faithful Catholics.

Moreover, Schneider the Enabler and all the Francis traditionalists will never stop defending Francis’s “papal right” to keep committing blasphemies against God and battering faithful Catholics black and blue such as in China because “he’s our pope” and “we must keep the peace and not have schism” despite the blasphemies and batterings.

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  1. Sheepdog says:

    I have directly spoken with Bishop Schneider, on several occasions, directly, to help Bishop Gracida. He has not done so as of yet.

  2. One cannot be autonomous and in communion, simultaneously, due to The Unity Of The Holy Ghost. Being in communion is not a matter of degree; if you are not with Christ, you are against Christ.(See Catholic Canon 750) The Good Bishop is simply mistaken.

  3. Although, until Pope Benedict is moved to a safe location and the Faithful are able to inquire directly, as to his intention in regards to the resignation, we cannot determine if his resignation was due to error, intentionally or by mistake, this does not change the fact that Jorge Bergoglio’s heresy was external and made public and notorious, when as a cardinal, he stated in his book, “On Heaven and Earth”, in regards to same-sex sexual relationships, and thus same-sex sexual acts, prior to his election as pope, on page 117, demonstrating that he does not hold, keep, or teach The Catholic Faith, and he continues to act accordingly:
    “If there is a union of a private nature, there is neither a third party, nor is society affected. Now, if the union is given the category of marriage, there could be children affected. Every person needs a male father and a female mother that can help shape their identity.”- Jorge Bergoglio, denying The Sanctity of the marital act within The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, and the fact that God, The Most Holy And Undivided Blessed Trinity, Through The Unity Of The Holy Ghost, Is The Author Of Love, Of Life, And Of Marriage, while denying sin done in private is sin, ipso facto separating himself from Christ, and His One, Holy, Catholic, And Apostolic Church, outside of which, there is no Salvation, due to The Unity Of The Holy Ghost. See Catholic Canon 750, which applies to all Baptized Catholics, including Bishops, Cardinals, and Popes.

    To deny the fact that “It Is not possible to have Sacramental Communion without Ecclesial Communion”, Due To The Unity Of The Holy Ghost, is both anti Filioque, and anti Papacy.
    A validly elected Pope, must first and foremost be in communion with Christ, and His One, Holy, Catholic, And Apostolic Church, thus it is not possible for the election of a heretic to the Papacy to be valid, in any way, shape, or form.

  4. Mary D says:

    When I read Bishop Schneider’s essay on PF, I thought that I had not understood it; that must be a mistake , I said to myself. Thank you for confirming my belief that Bishop Schneider ‘s words were defending PF’s papacy. Sometimes when I read , I think I am going insane because there is so much insanity in the Church. Thank you for clearing my mind; but I am truly sad that Bsp.Schneider is such an enabler…pray for him!

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