Dear Friends of iVoterGuide,

As the dust settles from Super Tuesday—and with many more elections on the horizon—I want to give you some hope.  Not pie-in-the-sky hope, but real, concrete, foundational hope that Christians and conservatives can really change American government at a time of national peril.

Just consider:  Reason for Hope #1In the most expensive U.S. Senate race in American history, Beto O’Rourke spent almost $80 million! Senator Ted Cruz, his opponent, spent significantly less—but still a stunning $45 million.Beto spent $19.50 per voter. Cruz spent $10.65 per voter. The stakes were high. If a prominent Texas conservative like Cruz—a champion of Christian and conservative values—had lost a U.S. Senate seat to a self-described extreme progressive, it could have started a national unraveling of the Christian cause in the federal government. 

At best, it would have been a gut punch.But the election was decided by a group of Christians and conservative researchers and financial supporters. Their deep-dive research was used by 228,077 voters—a number that was more than Ted Cruz’s razor-thin margin of victory.And iVoterGuide’s cutting-edge research and communications team spent only 14 CENTS, MERE PENNIES, per voter reached—compared with Beto’s nearly $20 per voter and Cruz’s nearly $11 per voter! 

Christians defeated Beto’s and Cruz’s voter turnout in terms of efficiency and return on investment.  That means Christians—through good research and communication—can inform like-minded voters and make a difference in America.  That’s reason for great hope. 

Reason for Hope #2But the hope also comes from the fact that the iVoterGuide difference was replicated in the equally critical U.S. Senate race in Florida—like Texas, a huge and strategic state—where conservative Rick Scott narrowly won.It was replicated again in the Florida governor’s race, where conservative champion Ron DeSantis narrowly won over a radically progressive opponent.

And it was replicated over and over across the nation in 2018 and 2019—in six U.S. House races and 35 state legislative races.The voters who decided the outcomes were iVoterGuide voters. These voters were reached and educated about the candidates for only 14 PENNIES per voter . . . compared with the campaigns spending over $10 per voter.

Do you see why you can have hope for American government?Informed iVoterGuide voters made the difference—all across the country—and they were mobilized in an economical way that can keep expanding.  

Reason for Hope #3How does this happen?iVoterGuide’s staff of about 20 plus hundreds of trained volunteers do a “deep dive” on thousands of candidates for federal elections in all 50 states. You may know this, but it bears repeating, because we all need hope: iVoterGuide is a revolutionary new way for those with traditional, Judeo-Christian values to research candidates—from the national level to the state legislative level—and discover exactly who actually shares your values.

From issues like immigration and healthcare to family values, religious liberty, and fiscal responsibility, iVoterGuide gathers all available information on every candidate running—and presents the results so that you can compare candidates’ political philosophies.What does this mean for you? Christian and conservative voters will always be equipped with the trusted research they need to make an informed decision at the ballot box.  

Hope for 2020Now there is even more hope for 2020. In this election year, iVoterGuide is expanding to give 2.2 million Christian and conservative voters in-depth research on over 8,000 candidates and impact 3,500 races. And iVoterGuide covers all federal elections in all 50 states.And iVoterGuide covers state races in 16 of the most critical states to America’s future.
We are focusing our supporters’ resources there first to make the most difference.

Finally, iVoterGuide is already informing voters in primaries. Primary elections are where most of the elections for the officials who will govern our lives happen—but primaries are where voter turnout drops to an average of only 20 percent of registered voters! So iVoterGuide voters can make a huge difference in their states and communities in the primaries. 

These primaries are often unnoticed. But not by us. Inform friends to give America hope!Please take three actions to help turn the tide and save our government:1) Pray.  Americans are already voting.2) Inform your friends!  Forward this email to as many as you can think of!3) Visit our website now to see Super Tuesday results and what all the “buzz” is about regarding iVoterGuide.

Thank you!  And go forward in 2020 with hope. For our future,

DebbieDebbie Wuthnow
President, iVoterGuide

P.S. iVoterGuide is a free service to voters and to America but the cost to produce such a resource is considerable.  If you want to make a financial donation to our efforts at this time, just use this link.Give Now to Help Inform More Conservative Voters

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