Dear Bishop Gracida  , thank you for your message and very many thanks for having published my text . My great alarm is this . Bergoglio’s action in declaring himself Bishop of Rome only,  as we both recognize ,  is absolutely self authenticated . It  has no warrant in Sacred Scripture or in Tradition . It is indeed hostile to both . Our recognition of his perfidy , however , appears to place us in a very small minority . In so far as the Internet shows a response to his action it is uncomprehending . What he has done seems to be regarded as par for the papal course . This is exactly what he wants , a world view of his role that supposes him to be the despotic ruler of the Catholic Church , turning it this way and moulding it in that rather as those sultans who once ruled the Ottoman Empire once conducted them selves . It was said , for example of Murad 1V [  early s. XV11 ]  that he liked to amuse himself by using his arquebus on unfortunate passers by to his palace . Bergoglio will not do that but he is in my view likely to behave in a similar fashion with whatever displeases him in Church teaching and discipline .I am most grateful that you published my text for this reason above all . I hope it will cause alarm among those of faith and goodwill who read it . They should be alarmed and praying the God will raise up another Athanasius among his Bishops , or better still , several of the kind .

        I mention that at the beginning of his pseudo- pontificate Bergoglio began presenting himself as Bishop of Rome rather than as Peter’s successor . I watched a Vatican film made soon after his election simply because I had not heard of him as Cardinal Bergoglio and I wished to learn something of him . He presided at a First Holy Communion in one of the suburban Roman Churches . He made it very plain that he was present as Bishop of Rome . Alarm bells began a faint ringing  – deafening with the passage of time  –as I was well aware that he was obliged by his office to be Peter for 24 hours a day . I could not then understand what he and his hoped to gain from this manoeuvre since papal power is in Petrinity , not the Bishopric of Rome . This posturing lasted for some months and then was dropped . I supposed that the Petrine lessons had been learnt , but now I believe I misjudged matters . The Petrine Office does not suit Bergoglio at all . It ties him to  Christ’s  Word and with or without Signor Scalfari I hold that Bergoglio does not believe in Christ’s divinity , or holds the totally absurd view that Christ was not divine during his earthly sojourn . In fact I suppose that his whole grasp of the concept of divinity is less well founded than that of a well instructed child preparing for First Holy  Communion . I fear that what he truly intends is not a Catholic Church created in Christ’s image and likeness , but in his own . You published recently material from Anne Barnhardt’s column which included Bergolio’s nonsense to this effect , I cannot remember verbatim . Something like: I do not believe that you exist but I trust in you i.e. He is addressing God .  [ One asks how it is possible to trust a non existent being .]That is to say God is for him not a sublime reality but a transient hope , rather like mood music and this transient hope will find its substance , not in God himself but in a variety of humanistic activities concerning eco systems , climate change , material poverty  , persecuted minorities [ not Christians , however ] etc ., etc.with Bergoglio’s heart warmed by the adoring multitude .

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. jorgecerra says:

    Bergoglio believes in power, and he is developing his own church metastasizing the Catholic Church.

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    Thanks for sharing

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