Multifariam multisque modis olim Deus loquens patribus in prophetis : novissime , diebus istis locutus est nobis in Filio ,

         quemi constituit haeredem universorum , per quem fecit et saecula :

As may be seen what the Father has revealed through the Patriarchs and Prophets is partial . What he has spoken through the Son he has spoken in the Son , who , as the Writer continues , sustains [portans ] all things by the word of his power .That is the Son himself is the Divine Message,his Word is ONE WORD . No part of it can ever be changed , his sentences are , as it were , the syllables of that Word . Further by his Person , his Life on earth and his Syllables , as we learn from Saint John he reveals the Father to us whom none has ever seen :-

           Deum nemo vidit unquam . Unigenitus Filius  [ NA 28 has Theos ] qui est in sinu Patris  , ipse enarravit .[ 1: 18 ]

It is not possible to change by ignoring , or by any other measure , the employment of eisegesis , for example , rather than exegesis according to the norms of the Church , any word of Christ in Sacred Scripture . To do so is not only most grievous offence against the Son but also against the Father , and the Holy Spirit who proceeds from both . So much for Amoris Laetitia , and the rest of the impious nonsense . It stands on human authority alone . One who is indeed Peter could never have perpetrated such blasphemies for Peter is strictly bound to strengthen the brethren in the Faith. [ Luke 22: 32 ] and to feed Christ’s lambs and sheep . [ John 21 : 15-17 ] [  And we must note in passing , the lambs and sheep are Christ’s , never Peter’s . Peter  has not the least right to provide any spiritual food for Christ’s flock but that which the Good Shepherd himself  ordains .] These  Commissions to Peter could not seem  more solemn but even beyond them is indeed  yet more gravity for Peter to consider . Christ fulfils his work as the Good Shepherd unto the last day of  each of his sheep ; and unto the Last Day itself for he alone is the Gate of the Eternal Sheepfold .[ ibid. 10 : 7 ] What answer can possibly be given to him  for having betrayed the Word of Eternal Life  , that is for having betrayed him , Christ the Word Incarnate , by spurning  his message ; and   for the sake of merely human judgement ?By that judgement are we not led once more not to the Blissful Sheepfold, but rather to the tawdry wretchedness where the Tree of Life is not ours for the price of Faith and Obedience but is for ever guarded against us by  Cherubim and Fiery Sword  ? When the stakes are set thus high even schism is an acceptable price . One must say , indeed yet more . The price is in fact demanded by Bergoglio the intruder for in the realm of action as of belief there is an utterly immoveable rock , the First and Greatest Commandment; and in the Deuteronominian form endorsed by Christ  to repel Satan :-‘’ Dominum Deum tuum adorabis , et illi soli servies’’. [ Matht. 4  ; 10 , cf Deut. 6 :13 ]How can Christ’s Church serve the man responsible for overriding Christ’s commands in Amoris laetitia  ,  for giving his approval to the Document on Human Fraternity  and at the same time claim to serve the Living God —  there is no other — who is one in Trinity and Trinity in unity , his Name revealed to Moses [ Ex. 3: 14]   unutterably holy ?       ’’ –illi isoli servies .’’ will stand , as will Christ who as the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity never changes , and who as Man moved from the sinless goodness of his birth to the perfection of accepting the total injustice of his immolation on Calvary , so that he , the author of our Faith and, on Calvary , its Fulfilment , [Hebr.12 : 2 ]might enter into the  eternal life  he thereby won for us . Obedience to superiors NEVER justly impugns obedience To God . To-morrow , or  at any time in the future, Bergoglio may be dead . What then of the consciences that have kowtowed to him knowing what is divine law  and its  irrefragable truth ?

     PS Would you please scrutinize canon 335 [CIC 1983] especially –aut prorsus impedita ?

       I forgot the final protocol !!  Please accept my prayers and kind regards , Maire .

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