Dear Excellency,

There are many things in this letter you might already know and agree with, so for some this will be like preaching to the choir. For others it could bring new explanations hoped for. And for others it will provide a confirmation for some things already suspected. For others it could challenge decades of faulty indoctrination, practice and world view. And for still for others there might be something useful not yet
considered for the salvation of souls. It’s a bit lengthy so I installed headings so that
it can be read nonlinearly and at different times if desired.


We could do well to reflect upon the critical juncture we now face at this significant moment in history, significant for many reasons but in particular for those that began with the recent Lent of 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic that accompanied it – simultaneously – worldwide. And also because of what this seeming coincidence might mean, the ominous implications it could uncover for the Church, it’s future, and that of the world. We’ll try to address these and answer what – if any – practical and effective solutions exist for both going forward. So let’s break it down…

To begin, we should recognize that not only has Lent historically been a period of 40 days, but so also has the very meaning of the word, “quarantine” (literally “period of forty days,” origin: 1600–10; < Italian “quarantina”). And that also historically, the health of nations and that of the Church have depended upon the faithful practices of both. Namely, upon their “best practices”:

Best Practice

“A method or technique that has been generally accepted as superior to any alternatives because it produces results that are superior to those achieved by other means.”page1image1351168


Quarantine Errors

With the last global pandemic taking place over a century ago (1918 Spanish flu – 500m infected), it could be said that many quarantine best practices have fallen by the wayside to the point of being discounted, forgotten or in some cases even held in contempt. A review of recent history might be useful.

• By January 2020 China reported an “out of control” “outbreak” in Wuhan – a potential epidemic – notifying major global and national health organizations. Person to person transmission was confirmed and major health organizations recommended little else but hand washing, let alone precautions to protect the society to which a traveler would return.

• China locked down 36 million people in Hubei province which included Wuhan, while building a Mega-sized hospital. This went mostly unnoticed by the political, medical and mainstream media communities who preferred to critisize and speculate upon China’s political policies and words, all the while failing to look at their desperate actions in the face of a crises. From these they might’ve deduced the potential severity of the epidemic at hand, and it’s implications for the rest of the world.

• Positive test results were reported from 19 countries
(symptomatic and asymptomatic) and it became clear the genie was out of the bottle. Despite this and all of the above, a major global health organization, “The World Health Organization” (WHO) of “The United Nations” (UN), still advocated continued trade, travel and advised against travel bans though the qualifications for identifying the Covid19 Coronavirus as an “official pandemic” – even by their own standards – was already met.

• By February some countries implemented travel restrictions to specific cities or regions. But this neither took into account adjacent cities or regions, nor all pandemic ridden countries.

• After the first week of March an official “pandemic” was finally proclaimed by the UN’s WHO on March 11, 2020. This was over a month after the criteria for declaring a pandemic was already met by their own criteria. Accordingly, there were just over 115,000 coronavirus cases in 110 countries and 4000 casualties.



Quarantine Error Consequences

As a result of neglecting quarantine best practices the current coronavirus pandemic has multiplied at an exponential rate worldwide. Within the course of several months there are now over 12 million cases of the coronavirus in 188 countries and regions, claiming over half a million lives. Billions have lost their savings, jobs and businesses, and global economies have nose-dived. And by the time you read this those numbers will be much higher.

Quarantine Best Practices

In summary, despite what was at first a highly probable epidemic and then an unequivocal worldwide pandemic, major global and national health organizations failed to immediately recommend the timely implementation of quarantine best
practices. Therefore it might be productive to remind ourselves of which quarantine best practices had proven universally effective in the past so we can apply them to our current times to better prevent and treat pandemic illness from here on in.

Quarantine best practices have included the use of physical distancing, disinfectants, masks, gloves, screening, quarantine facilities at travel hubs, self isolation and the strategic use of lockdowns. At the outbreak stage the use of non-privacy invading point of origin testing and associated contact tracing is most practical to prevent it from spreading to the community. After the contagion is community-wide however, the use of testing and contact tracing the general public is primarily ineffective.

Most importantly, quarantine best practices include much needed “travel bans” which are orders of magnitude more effective than just “travel restrictions.” This is especially the case at the crucial outbreak stage of a pandemic where the goal should be to prevent inbound infections.

A Word About One World Government

The coronavirus failures in implementation are also structural in nature and to overlook them would be irresponsible.

Not only did the UN and it’s “WHO” – at the very least – negligently handle the global pandemic that’s infected over 12 million, taken the lives of over half a million and permanently injured countless more; but also destroyed the economies, businesses,



livelihoods, savings and the sustenance of billions of people worldwide, all in one fell swoop. And their negligence could’ve been far worse, it could’ve wiped out humanity. Fortunately it did not, this time. So for those of us fortunate to still be around, we should be grateful for the luxury to evaluate them now – and any proposed “one world government” scheme.

In one sentence: By their utter failure to recommend proper quarantine best practices regarding the Covid19 coronavirus from the outset, the UN and it’s WHO have thoroughly demonstrated they’re completely unqualified to handle any significant responsibility or have any authority over the national security, common good or lives of the citizens of any city, state, country or continent.

And while the UN/WHO insists that “no one” (especially themselves) could have seen the Covid19 coronavirus coming, speculation abounds as to why they didn’t proclaim it as an “official pandemic” well after it qualified as one – even by their own standards – a month earlier. One popular explanation called the “conflict of interest theory,” proposes that if the UN/WHO proclaimed – what was then obvious, that the coronavirus was a pandemic at the crucial outbreak stage – then they’d have immediately contradicted the justification for their own existence by reaffirming that nations are best served by exercising their own autonomous, sovereign powers to protect and regulate themselves.

If countries utilize their own sovereignty to regulate their own medical science, border controls, screening, contact tracing, protective gear and other preventative and proactive quarantine best practices according to their independent needs effectively, then it’s another nail in the coffin of the UN/WHO and any “one world government’s” justification to rule and control nations.

What’s more, any future governing role for the UN/WHO becomes superseded by each country’s own experts and experience, further developed, better positioned and suited to advise themselves on their unique requirements more than any outsider, and can make the timely adjustments required according to their distinct and shifting degrees of necessity.

This runs counter to the UN/WHO’s slogans of “solidarity,” “unity” and “feelings of identity” used to justify their power and control over nations, which becomes exposed as the impractical “one size fits all” model it is. All this is at the expense of the common good and conveniently empowers a select few and their invisible donors to in effect, run the world.



If the “conflict of interest theory” is accurate, then the UN/WHO have immediately disqualified themselves by putting their own survival above the very nations they claim to protect and want to dominate, and thereupon exposed themselves as ruthless, tyrannical frauds in the name of peace, health and prosperity. And if the “conflict of interest theory” is inaccurate, then at the very least the UN/WHO and “one world government” model have proven themselves persistentlly as the one size fits all, non- self correcting, impractical, ineffective, lethal danger to life on earth that it is.

Catholic Errors

With the last full operation of the Traditional Catholic Church taking place over half a century ago (since the 1962 Second Vatican Council, also known as Vatican II), it could also be said that many Catholic best practices have fallen by the wayside to the point of being discounted, forgotten, or in some cases even held in contempt. A review of history might be useful:

• In 1962 the authors of Vatican II proclaimed that in the name of ecumenism, Catholicism had to be modernized. They insisted upon the removal of over a millennium of Catholic practices deemed as out-dated theological obsticals, in order to convert primarily heretical Protestants to the true Christian Church, The Catholic Church. This in turn, hid and distorted underlying fundamental Catholic theology that distinguished it from it’s heretical offshoots. Moreover, it hid and distorted key Catholic theology and practices that provided it’s own Catholic members with Graces for Salvation. Consequently in the name of building a bridge to bring heretical Protestants over to Catholicism, Vatican II built a bridge that brought Catholics over to heretical Protestantism.

• The marginalization of Catholic Authenticity: The Catholic Church teaches infallibly, “extra ecclesiam nulla salus,” or, “outside the Church there is no salvation.” This dogma is backed by 2 doctrinal councils, 14 popes and 11 saints which include the most prominent Doctors of the Church. This didn’t go over well amongst the Protestant advisors to Vatican II, and as a result is not well known amongst today’s Catholics. Consequently, religious equivalency is now a common belief among Catholics today, and unfortunately more so amongst former Catholics.

• The marginalization of The Church’s Commandments: Among the manifold casualties of Vatican II was the familiarity of the faithful with the Commandments of the Catholic



Church, which include the 10 Commandments. But because of Vatican II, many Catholics don’t know the difference between the Catholic, Protestant or even secular interpretations of the Commandments. Unlike Catholicism for example, many Protestant sects interpret them to allow for abortion, premarital sex, homosexuality and contraception. Unfortunately this has now carried over into mainstream Catholic practice and led many to sin and to adopt a philosophy of moral relativism.

Another casualty of Vatican II was a category of sin upon which both our immediate and long term futures depend: “Sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance.” They are:

A. Murder (includes abortion, euthanasia, unjust wars)
B. Homosexuality (includes LBGTQ lifestyles)
C. Oppression of widows and orphans (includes larger civil liberty violations and unjust sanctions upon the innocent citizens of other nations)
D. Defrauding wage earners of their rightful due

We need to ask ourselves if the Church since Vatican II – and therefore the world since Vatican II – has either become more opposing or more enabling of these. Unfortunately the evidence is overwhelmingly condemning, and accounts for the manifold predicaments we’re all now in spiritually and materially; and so on an individual, familial, societal, national and global basis – and it’s only set to get worse unless corrective measures are taken.

What’s more, some prelates in the Church are willing participants in these sins as with surge of Church abuse scandals since Vatican II. Compounded with sins of homosexuality were sins of oppression upon the victims who were essentially orphans – at least situationally – and victims to Catholic prelates no less. And what of the Vatican’s abuses of “Peter’s Pence,” the money intended for orphans, widows and those in need only to be misused by self-aggrandizing, corrupt prelates? And worse – yes there’s worse – what of the current unofficial Church-wide policy of non-condemnation against the heinous sin of abortion – the murder of the unborn? And worst of all, what of all those now in hell as a result?

These sins are now enabled and committed by the very same people – Church prelates – who were entrusted to disable and terminate them. Consequently, the sins crying for vengeance are now not only upon the world but also directly upon the post Vatican II Catholic Church. And they are piling up fast.



• The marginalization of the Christ in the Sacraments: Under the direction of 6 Protestant ministers, the Catholic Mass itself was “modernized” by effectively dismantling the sacrifice of Christ that focused upon God, to become a celebratory meal focused upon the laity. Many tabernacles containing the Sacramental presence of Christ were physically removed from the center of churches to side chapels, and replaced with a chair for the priest – a man – to sit in God’s place. A Protestant table replaced the alter, from which the priest now faced the people to principally serve a meal. The laity – like Protestants who don’t believe in the real presence – are discouraged from kneeling before Christ’s Sacramental presence during Holy Communion and – also like Protestants – are encouraged to receive Holy Communion in the hand. This was once a privilege that only priests had – and with using only 2 fingers of each hand.

• The marginalization of the Blessed Virgin Mary: God had already made it clear by example, dogma, doctrine, theology and the writings of the Saints; that He not only comes to us through Mary, but wants us to come to Him by her. The Blessed Virgin Mary is not just the Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, Queen of the Angels, Mediatrix of All Graces and more, but she is also the one who will crush the head of the devil. It is for these reasons and more that we should honor her accordingly, and give her our filial devotion. God wants it so, irregardless of what Protestants want. In many Churches for example, her statues have been removed, her rosary neither propagated nor prayed, nor her first Saturday devotions carried out.

• The marginalization of authentic scripture: Not well known amongst Christians, Protestants had already removed many books from the Bible in order to not contradict themselves and expose their heresies. But in order to not expose the errors of Vatican II, scripture in many Catholic Bibles was altered to more easily coincide with the heresies of the Protestants. For example, Protestants neither believe in Mary’s Immaculate Conception nor her power over the devil, nor hold her in any great
esteem. Therefore, “Hail, full of Grace” was changed to, “Hail, highly favored daughter” (Saint Luke 1:28) or something similar. Yet it was through Mary’s Immaculate Conception that she was born in God’s Grace, sinless – even without original sin – which combined with her sublime surrender to God’s will, had the requisite Grace to be the Mother of God. Like Eve she was born sinless, but unlike Eve she remained sinless. And that credit goes to her. Mary thus gave the human race a second chance through her subsequent ‘yes’ to God in place of Eve’s ‘no.’ And at the very least we owe her an immense debt of gratitude, honor and devotion.



Similar scriptural alterations were also made regarding Mary’s foreshadowed role as the second Eve in Genesis as the “woman”, “…she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel” was changed to “he shall strike your head, and you shall strike his heel” or to the more confusing “it shall bruise thy head and thou shalt bruise his heel” etc. (Genesis 3:15).

Another example is Saint Paul’s “The greatest is charity” was changed to “the greatest is love” (1 Corinthians 13:13). From that point “Love” could easily be spun to mean romantic love, sexual love or fraternal love etc.. And spun it was. But the example of Christ Who gave His life for us confirms it’s that particular selfless form of love known as, “charity” (Saint John 15:13, 2 Saint John 1:6). Also “Angels” were demoted to “messengers” and the “Gospel of Saint John” became “The Gospel of John” (Protestants don’t recognize Catholic Saints).

• The marginalization of conversion (Saint Matthew 28:19): One of the many consequences of Vatican II was a new found, disproportionate fixation upon the corporal works of mercy:

– Feed the hungry
– Give drink to the thirsty – Clothe the naked
– Shelter the homeless
– Visit the sick
– Visit the imprisoned
– Give alms to the poor
– Bury the dead

However admirable, none of these directives alone give credit to their supernatural source: Christ. And none of them alone incur merit, longevity or true success without Him and a Catholic in sanctifying Grace through which to do them. That’s because God put service to Him first and foremost, not service to man (Saint Matthew 7:21-23).

As a result, corporeal works of mercy meant to provide a vehicle for the supernatural, eternal salvation for another’s spiritual needs, were eclipsed by exclusive focus upon the natural, temporary relief for another’s material needs. And this became the norm since 1962. Thus Vatican II advanced the aggrandizement of humanitarianism for the sake of a brotherhood of man, at the expense of Catholicism for the sake of God and His children. This man-centered inversion of reality and of God’s priorities was warned about by many popes (St. Pope Pius X, Pascendi Dominici Gregis, 1907; Pope Leo



XIII, Humanum Genus, 1884, etc.)

What could’ve kept the eyes of the faithful on the true Faith? The inclusion and rightful prioritization upon the spiritual works over the corporeal ones:

– Admonish sinners
– Instruct the uninformed
– Counsel the doubtful
– Comfort the sorrowful
– Be patient with those in error
– Forgive offenses
– Pray for the living and the dead

To admonish, instruct, counsel, comfort and pray in such contexts employs – in some manner – the true Faith, Catholicism, and the opportunity for repentance or conversion. Unfortunately, today some of these are not just considered politically incorrect, but almost civil rights violations. Again we need to ask ourselves, how did we get to this point? Would political correctness have become this dysfunctionally warped here in 2020, if the Church wasn’t resigned to “not offend the Protestants” for the last 58 years, and had been more outspoken and observant of the spiritual works of mercy? Today censorship of Christianity is a daily occurrence, standard amongst most of western mainstream and social media.

And yet that’s not even the real problem. The real problem is people going to hell, the demolition of the Church from within, and life on earth on the verge of destruction, courtesy of Vatican II.

• The marginalization of the family: Vatican II promulgated that the foundation of civilization was the community, and not the family. But for over a millennium the Catholic Church taught that it was the family – not “the community” that was the foundation for society, as it was considered a type of micro-society, from which civilization was built. Extended families became nuclear families, nuclear families became remarried or single parent families, those became same sex couple families, and those became transgender families, and those became single parent transgender families, etc.

• The advancement of the Modernism heresy: The poisonous fruits of Vatican II should be apparent by now (Matthew 7:15). In the name of ecumenism the smoke of satan did indeed enter the Catholic Church (Pope Paul VI, June 29 1972). Unfortunately for



many, this has only become clear with 20/20 hindsight, here in – yes – 2020. Let us take a moment to rub our eyes to see: The Catholic Church was mislead into consecutively conforming to the trends and beliefs of heretical Protestants, who themselves
were consecutively conforming to the trends and beliefs of the world. Therefore the fruits of Vatican II are the heresy of Modernism.

Modernism: “A movement toward modifying traditional beliefs in accordance with modern ideas, especially in the Roman Catholic Church”(Wikipedia).

Modernism: “It is an attempt to transform the Kingdom of God into the Kingdom of Man, to substitute for the Church consecrated to the worship of God, a Church dedicated to the cult of Humanity. This is the most dreadful, the most terrible of heresies” (Marcel de Corte, 1965). (For more on Modernism see St. Pope Pius X, Pascendi Dominici Gregis, 1907)

The problem with changing Catholicism to fit the fashion and trends of the day, is that absolute truths don’t change. That’s why they’re called “absolute” and “infallible.” The expression “written in stone” originally referred to the 10 Commandments – written by God himself – into stone tablets to denote their permanence. And like them, Church dogma and doctrine are not open to revision, being that they declare infallibly the absolute truths which God has revealed.

Yet amongst the plethora of Vatican II’s misguiding deceptions
and calculated ambiguity, the most important truth to recognize is this: VATICAN II WAS NOT A DOCTRINAL COUNCIL. IT WAS A NON-BINDING, PASTORAL COUNCIL AND THEREFORE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE OBSERVED. Just because it “mentions” previous doctrinal councils or saints here or there, changes nothing. They were cleverly intermingled within it’s text and provide the illusion of validated legitimacy, when in fact Vatican II was never authoritative, and to say otherwise is a lie.

Catholic Error Consequences

As a result of neglecting Catholic best practices, a pandemic of sin has infected the Mystical Body of Christ, the Catholic Church since Vatican II. And this spiritual illness has multiplied at an exponential rate worldwide. Relatively recent statistics (Official Catholic Directory) reveal that within the course of several decades (since 1962) there has been a global:

– 10 –


13% decrease in infant baptisms
28% decrease in religious sisters
31% decrease in Sunday Mass attendance 33% decrease in priests
48% decrease in ordinations
55% decrease in graduate level seminarians 60% decrease in marrying in the Church

And if we take relatively recent US statistics (Pew Research), we find even more alarming numbers that could indicate a much larger global average:

9% of U.S. Catholics are remarried (without annulment)
25% of U.S. Catholics are divorced
28% of raised Catholics have left the Church
36% of U.S. Catholics are uncertain of God’s existence
38% of U.S. Catholics support raising children by a single parent 39% of of U.S. Catholics support homosexual behavior

43% of U.S. Catholics support raising children by a homosexual couple 43% of U.S. Catholics don’t consider abortion a sin
46% U.S. of Catholics support gay marriage
48% of Catholics support raising children by unmarried parents

61% of U.S. Catholics support unmarried cohabitation
62% of U.S. Catholics support remarriages (without annulment)
69% of U.S. Catholics do not believe in transubstantiation
76% of U.S. Catholics support birth control
79% of U.S. Catholics don’t rely on the Catholic Church’s teaching for moral guidance

Many of those numbers were from 5-6 years ago, and by the time you read this those numbers will be much higher. More significant but not listed here, are the untold numbers of people who are now in hell as a direct or indirect result of Vatican II.

Catholic Best Practices

Therefore it might be productive to briefly remind ourselves of what Catholic best practices had proven universally effective in the past, so we can apply them to our current times, in order to better prevent and treat the pandemic spiritual illness of sin that’s infected the Mystical Body of Christ, the Catholic Church…

– 11 –


• To recognize fundamental priorities by application of the Catholic Faith: To recognize that God is all that matters and anything else that matters should be according to His prioritization, not ours. Correspondingly, we need to consult the dogmas, doctrine, theology and tradition of the Catholic Church before 1962 – most of which are infallibly declared – to clarify what God’s priorities are and what their correct application is. For the faithful this could begin with studying the pre-1962 Baltimore Catechism and The Catechism of The Council of Trent.

Prelates and priests should be proficient in the Catholic Faith according to the traditions of the apostles, the holy fathers and doctors of the Church. Of these doctors particular study should be given to Saint Thomas Aquinas, and of the holy fathers Pope Saint Pius the X and Pope Leo the XIII. They should also be well versed in the eight holy universal councils and in the 255 dogmas of the Catholic Church. Prelates and priests should also expose to those under their care, the shortcomings of the Christian heretical sects so that the faithful be better rooted in the true Faith.

• To identify the threat of evil and defend against it, and mitigate the process of degeneration: The faithful need to know the Catholic version of the Commandments as a first point of reference to identify sin; and that the flesh, devil and the world are the sources of the threats to keeping those Commandments, maintaining the spiritual health of the soul and the Mystical Body of Christ, The Church. The faithful need to know the Catholic teaching on the virtues and vices. Due to a fallen, disordered and weak human nature, the more we set our own priorities in conforming to the flesh, the devil and the world, the easier we fall into vice and spiritual blindness, unable to recognize and thus conform to God’s priorities. This increasingly puts ourselves at odds with God Himself as we fall into greater darkness and thus greater errors, which can then get further exasperated by the breaking of His Commandments – the mortal sins deserving of eternal damnation.

Consequently we then go from receiving God’s Mercy to receiving God’s justice, we go from everything to nothing. Likewise we go from implementing the Divine order of Christ and His Church throughout the world according to Christ’s priorities, to implementing – intentionally or not – the twisted, anti-Divine disorder of the anti-christ and his anti-church throughout the world, according to the devil’s priorities. And the more that this persists, the worse everything gets. And all of this has happened at an accelerated rate since 1962 – and it’s still happening – right now. And so here we are in 2020.

– 12 –


It’s been said that the greatest trick of the devil is to have people believe he doesn’t exist. The laws, dogma, doctrine, tradition and theology of the Catholic Church (pre 1962) referred to above, help us recognize truth from falsehood and good from evil. This makes any “invisible enemy” more visible, and can then be more easily reckoned with at the greatest distance.

A failed exemplar of this took place when the Vatican officially approved of the Harry Potter series in the 2000’s whereupon millions of children and adults then readily introduced witchcraft into their lives, their homes and neighborhoods. Likewise, evil began a new assault upon their souls, their family’s and that of their neighbor’s. Harry Potter then went on to become a global phenomenon selling upward of half a billion volumes not to mention the $7.7+ billion in movie sales. Evil was then able to launch a new assault upon families, neighborhoods, cities, states, countries and upon the Church and world. Do you seriously think the pre-Vatican II, pre-1962 Catholic Church would have given It’s approval for Harry Potter?

• To maintain a state of Grace by living a Sacramental life: Daily Mass should be a real objective, and confession immediately upon the commission of a mortal sin. Abstaining from even a deliberate venial sin is imperative, and if it happens to confess it as well. The Sacrament of Penance should be available at least once daily before a daily Mass, and if necessary available by appointment. A take home printout that details the process for a good examination of conscience should be available outside the confessional and online. Online parish websites should have Mass and confession schedules and also emergency numbers front and center on their homepage.

• Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary: Includes reciting her daily Rosary, fulfilling her Fatima requests including the Five First Saturday devotion (which I will enumerate upon further below), the personal consecration – and also that of one’s family – to her Immaculate Heart, honoring her seven dolors, the daily angelus and honoring her on her feast days. It also encompasses reading the writings of the Saints about her, including those of Saint Louis de Montfort and Saint Alphonsus de Liguori.

• Reinforcement of the Sacramental life: With daily prayer, penance, Catholic spiritual reading and Catholic meditation. Central to these are the daily Rosary, abstaining from meat on at least Fridays, spiritual reading from a Catholic Bible (Douay Rhiems) or the Saints (by the Saints themselves or biographical accounts such as Butler’s), and meditating on the 4 last things: Death, judgement, heaven, hell. Note – reading

Saint Alphonsus de Liguori will usually accomplish both spiritual reading and meditation on the 4 last things, simultaneously.

– 13 –


• Additional spiritual exercises beneficial to the faithful include the the First Friday devotion to Our Lord, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, the Stations of the
Cross, additional fasts and abstinence’s, corporal and spiritual works of mercy (which include sharing the Catholic Faith), devotion to the seven dolors (sorrows) of Mary, being a good example and offering up one’s sufferings in union with Christ’s for the salvation of souls and intentions of Our Blessed Mother, including the expiation of our sins.

• The use of sacramentals to augment Divine protection: Such as the brown scapular, Saint Benedict and Miraculous medals and Crucifix. So also is having ones dwelling blessed by a Catholic priest and consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary, and to use holy water in the home and where and when needed.

The Quarantine/Lent Connection

The above best practices are just a sample, and had been accumulated and honed by the Catholic Church for 1,962 years and were easily doubled down upon during Lent. It has been said that if the member’s of the Catholic Church won’t voluntarily do proper penance, God will impose it upon it them, involuntarily. And so again I say, here we are in 2020 and those chickens have come home to roost.

Because of the massive neglect of Catholic best practices since 1962, the Mystical Body of Christ has suffered from a pandemic of sin and consequently the world has suffered as a result. Providentially the reality of this has circled back upon the Church in the midst of this pandemic during the 40 days of Lent and viral quarantine of 2020, to not only remind the Church of it’s culpability for it, but also the need for It to practice real penance according to what penance use to be – and what it’s still supposed to be; and all according to what the Church used to be – and what it’s still supposed to be.

We are thus reminded that the Mystical Body of Christ – the Church – is sick with sin, and that our Lenten practices require us to go far beyond just giving up just chocolate – for example – and that the Church needs to return to the foundational best practices it formed for over a millennia to return to health and consequently, the world with it. IT WILL REQUIRE AMONG OTHER THINGS, AN ONGOING VOLUNTARY PENANCE, AN ONGOING PERSONAL LENT.

– 14 –


If nothing changes for the better and soon, then both the Church and the world will suffer in direct proportion to their culpability. The current global pandemic has put us all on notice. What will you do? What will you change, what will you improve? What contribution can you make toward dialing back the inevitable chastisements that could otherwise follow? We all need to begin reflection and rectification, immediately.

Otherwise God’s justice could continue to accelerate in severity until His message is received loud and clear, and far worse penances could be imposed upon an already uncooperative and impenitent Church and world. We must recognize this pandemic as a shot off the bow – a warning – and repent, do penance and make amends accordingly.

Challenges and Powerful Remedies

1.Q. What if our past sins make our current offerings less effective for the Church and the world, because we still need to do so much undone penance for ourselves?

1.A. A comprehensive examination of conscience (even going back to the beginning of one’s life) followed by a thorough general confession and the completion of the prescribed penance is a good start. It sometimes happens we dismiss our sins and attachments as not sins or dangerous attachments because of extenuating circumstances, or because they caused another to sin or suffer remotely, or because it was not what we did but that which we didn’t do – that offended God. All must be examined and confessed as well. Every parish should have handouts outside the confessional listing the Commandments of the Church with detailed explanations including the criteria for different sins, and with it a guide for a thorough examination of conscience and how to make a good confession.

We can further expedite the removal of temporal punishment still due us by prayer, penance and almsgiving. The greatest of these three being the sacrifice of the Mass then followed by the rosary. Moreover, the completion of indulgences reduces the temporal punishment still due us, and the primacy of these belongs to obtaining a “plenary” indulgence, and we should strive to do so frequently (once daily is maximum), because we never really know if we are fully predisposed to receive it. The greater we minimize the temporal punishment due us because of our sins, the greater the quality and quantity of our spiritual output for the Church and the world, all by the Grace of God, through Our Blessed Mother.

– 15 –


2.Q. Doesn’t Russia need to be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the pope and bishops for there to be true peace for the Church and the world? Is this not what Our Lady of Fatima said? And if so, how can this happen with so many prelates predisposed against it, and so few for it?

2.A. Yes, and the pope should consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary ASAP, with or without the cooperation of the bishops. He can do so by stipulating that those bishops that refuse to do so are “ipso facto” no longer bishops, then he is guaranteed a united cadre of bishops to fulfill the requirement.

At this point it’s of paramount importance for us to dispel a false argument that’s “plagued” the Church and world for a century. I believe it was concocted by the enemies of God, His Church and mankind, to dismiss God’s command to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The false argument was this: That all things Fatima are categorically a “private revelation,” therefore all of it should be considered neither obligatory to believe in, nor to adhere to. This tragically was and still is, a lie.

Why? Because the particular request for the pope – in union with the bishops of the world – to consecrate Russia was uniquely backed by an act of Divine testimony, by the miracle of the sun on October 13, 1917. This takes the request out of the exclusive category of private revelation and elevates it to the realm of proven Divine and supernatural origin, making it absolutely certain that God has revealed and imposed that obligation upon the pope and the bishops, which then must be obeyed.

Was it not our Lord Who said, “Though you will not believe Me, believe the works” (Saint John 10:38)? The miracle of the sun on October 13, 1917 was an act of Divine testimony and a fulfillment of biblical prophecy (Revelation 12:1), authenticating the message of Fatima to consecrate Russia to The Immaculate Heart of Mary as of Divine and supernatural origin, which obedience thereupon is commanded. That’s why a previous pope – John Paul II – taught that the message of Fatima “imposes a commitment on the Church.” That commitment is to consecrate specifically Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Not to consecrate Eurasia, not the world, not the solar system, not the Milky Way, not the universe, but to solely and specifically to consecrate Russia – by name – to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

3.Q. How can Catholic best practices be effective at turning things around this late in the game – including obtaining more graces toward the consecration of Russia – with so few practicing and/or devout Catholics with which to implement them?

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3.A. Through the multiplyer of the communion of Saints. Not just the storehouse from which indulgences are provided, but by the communion of saints – via The Mystical Body of Christ, The Catholic Church – a means exists to multiply Graces, and most abundantly so through Our Blessed Mother’s intercession. This is even made more effective if we have made the Saint Louis de Montfort consecration to her. And the efficacy of our Rosaries are likewise multiplied by joining Saint Louis de Montfort’s Confraternity of the Rosary which incidentally, qualifies our Rosary for a plenary indulgence – under the usual conditions.

Moreover, the faithful may follow the example of Our Lord and carry the cross for those who – for whatever reason – cannot. So after making the Five First Saturday devotions requested at Fatima for ourselves, we can (and should in these critical times) continue to make them for others – i.e. for those who cannot – in the spirit of carrying our brother’s and sister’s crosses, offering them up to Our Lord through Our Lady to distribute as she sees fit. This could dramatically help accelerate the attainment of the graces necessary toward Russia’s consecration.

Furthermore, we can do the same with our Rosary. After praying the Rosary – as requested at Fatima – we can completely offer a second one to another. While we’re used to praying for our own intentions (which might include another’s intentions), this differs because it’s effectively praying another person’s Rosary for them. We then ask Our Lady to give all of the merits of it to the one proposed, or to the one she proposes. This could provide the recipient the added benefits of the Rosary – those usually reserved to the one praying it – which include among others, protection from heresy. This could be efficacious when done for a prelate of good will for example, but who’s nevertheless weak and drifting toward heresy.

In the meantime, the faithful can endeavor to fulfill the other requests of Our Lady of Fatima which not only include the daily Rosary and the Five First Saturday devotion, but also devotion to The Immaculate Heart of Mary, wearing the brown
scapular, praying the seven Fatima prayers and dressing modestly.

Yours in Jesus through Mary
Sent on 13th of July, 2020
103rd Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima The 3rd Apparition

– Anthony Bronson

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