Democrats Using Trump Hatred to Seduce the Educated and Affluent into Supporting Class SuicideBy Steve McCannAmerican ThinkerJuly 15, 2020
In the 2018 midterm elections the Democrats reclaimed the House of Representatives, ushering in Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. This transfer of control eventuated not only in the de facto takeover of the House by the radical arm of the Party, but the callous disregard of any potential long-term damage to the nation as Pelosi and company left no stone unturned to either impeach Donald Trump or irrevocably marginalize his presidency, as well as malign those that voted for him.   One myopic and narcissistic voter demographic group was primarily responsible for this outcome in 2018 and they are poised to permanently empower the Marxist/socialists in the 2020 election.
In the 2018 election college graduates accounted for 43% of all voters as surveyed in exit polls. Overall 56% voted Democrat and 42% Republican. White college graduates, who accounted for nearly 80% of the college vote, voted 52% Democrat versus 47% Republican. While 53% of white male college graduates voted Republican, 60% of their white female counterparts voted for the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi. This was a large enough margin to flip numerous suburban House seats into the Democrat column. By comparison, in 2016 only 51% of white female college graduates voted for Hillary Clinton.
These same exit polls reveal that the primary motivation of the anti-Trump college educated vote, in particular the female vote, was not policy oriented but the belief that Donald Trump was not honest or trustworthy, that he was lacking any ethics and devoid of the right temperament to be president. 
These social elites had fully embraced the incessant drumbeat of the faux Russian collusion and never-ending and often fabricated character assassination. In their insulated world where they isolate themselves socially, live pretentiously and are concerned with appearances and being part of the in-crowd (which is irreversibly anti-Trump), bothering to inform themselves or speak out about the Democratic Party agenda could potentially cause them to lose their status.  
This same stratagem is being repeated again in 2020. The Democrats are once more pulling out all the stops to the hoodwink this voting bloc by having them again focus on the shiny object in the distance instead of their nominee, Joe Biden, and their Marxist/socialist agenda drafted by Bernie Sanders and his merry band of revolutionaries.  
The shiny object: Donald Trump’s supposed incompetence, lack of character, civility and sophistication as well as his ill-mannered reliance on social media. To further cement this portrait the constant repetition of any fabrication, fake news or fallacious accusation is permissible, and necessary, in order to rid the nation of the worst reprobate in American history.
Meanwhile as the mainstream media is successfully manipulating potential voters to be single-mindedly focused on Trump, the party hierarchy is feverishly formulating the execution of their plans for:
 The abolishment of the suburbs.  Which would be accomplished by forcing an end to single-family zoning and housing as well as the indiscriminate building of low-income housing wherever the federal government chooses. Thus, the federal takeover, transformation and urbanization of the suburbs.
The abolition of cash bail nationwide. As part of their plans to further hamstring and defund the police as well as dramatically reduce the prison population, the Democrats want to eliminate cash bail and immediately release back onto the streets all accused of a crime. A program that has been a disaster in New York and other Democrat run cities.
A determination to achieve carbon free electricity generation nationwide within 15 years by installing 500 million solar panels ($2 Trillion) and underwriting community solar energy systems throughout the country ($2 Trillion). As well as the rejoining and abiding by the unattainable and exorbitantly expensive objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement, regardless of the potentially catastrophic economic and social disruption to the nation. 
The Democrats are committed to granting citizenship for 11 – 22 million illegal immigrants, expanding sanctuary centers, dramatically limiting the ability of ICE to deport criminal aliens and increasing legal immigration.
Biden and the Democrats are all in on nationwide voting by mail and not just in 2020 but permanently. 
The Democrats are planning on implementing the largest increase in personal and corporate taxes in history as well as a new carbon tax on all Americans. 
Because of Biden’s incestuous relationship with China, the Chinese will no longer be hindered in what will certainly be a triumphant crusade for global hegemony. They will also return to being the unquestioned supplier of choice to a penitent United States.  More important than these radical policy issues, is the reality that once the Democrat party establishment allied themselves with the Marxists masquerading as “Democratic Socialists” and became willing apologists for their twin militant arms Antifa and Black Lives Matter, they lost all leverage. 
The Party, if it wins in 2020, will be incapable of thwarting the inevitable extreme ultimatums and policy demands of the radical left as the party leaders will cower and surrender in the face of any threat of orchestrated violence and aggression.
The irony in the litany of proposals and policy pronouncements by Biden and the Democrats is that virtually each and every one will have an extraordinarily disparate impact on the college educated, suburban dwelling, upper middle-class voting bloc. Additionally, if the Democrats gain control of the White House and Congress, it is not just the fundamental transformation of the country that is the ultimate objective of the Marxists/socialists, but the absolute marginalization of this same faction because of their current influence, wealth and lifestyle.
This nation’s foremost living economist and philosopher, Thomas Sowell, recently opined that if Biden and the radical left win the 2020 election that event could well be the point of no return for the United States. The ultimate decision as to the future of the country will, in all likelihood, be in the hands of the self-absorbed college educated, suburban dwelling voters come November 3, 2020.
Some unsolicited advice for these voters and the American citizenry from someone who has been there.  I can attest that when a nation goes past the point of no return there is but one road back and it is strewn with corpses and cities in unfathomable ruin.

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  1. Adrian Johnson says:

    That was the plan of Gramsci to infiltrate Marxism via the universities into American culture–yet few graduates know who he was. His plan succeeded brilliantly, especially in the zeitgeist of American Church. Yet there is still a residue of Godliness in America, which got Trump elected, and refuses to be gulled by woke white noise from the USCCB.

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