The Sorrow of St. Nathaniel

I was in adoration, and St. Nathaniel came.  He looked a bit disheveled and smelled of the sea.  It drifted through the chapel.  And it made me homesick for the ocean.  The ocean is the place where I hear most clearly.  I told him that I wish I could go to where he had spent time fishing, and walk with him there and talk to him.  I asked him if that could happen, and he said, “If God wills.”  He has a cute, lop-sided grin, but tonight his smile was strained, and there was sorrow in his eyes.  As a mother, I wanted to just put my arms around him . His eyes are immensely kind, and I could tell he wished to give me consolation, but he had a message for a world that has transgressed the laws of the Lord, and that was what he had to deliver.  This is what he said:

“Words that have been spoken and long ago gathered fall back on the earth like burning rain,

For Rachel has cried for her children and has been inconsolable for they were not.

But now Rachel cries and is consoled, 

As more and more of her children are sacrificed on the altar of the world.

And those that holy men were warned not to offend are offended on a daily basis,

And the chains that hold the millstones to the offenders’ necks are cut away and cast into the sea

While the offenders remain unmoved.

And the banner of the Church is substituted for a banner of unrepentant hearts.

Oh who will save you now, you generation of transgressors?  

For you have turned from the hand of mercy offered to you,

And have reached instead for the one who sheds scales and who has no hand to offer.

The words that have been spoken now pour forth upon the world as a burning rain.

Did you not believe the warnings that you were given?

For Rachel’s cries have reached to heaven, 

And the sound of the cutting of the chains holding the millstones

Has grated on the ears of the angels.

Oh you arise from your beds and go forth, 

Impervious to the calamity that hovers over your heads.

Oh what fools men are when full of their own pride

For they will be brought low, even to the ground.

I stood by the water when a storm was coming, and our Lord spoke to me as He wept for His people.

His sorrow was great, but His mercy long-suffering.

But men have exhausted His mercy and have brought upon themselves justice,

And so it comes to pass.

The words that have been spoken fall upon the earth as a burning rain,

And few will there be who are left untouched.”


About abyssum

I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. efehmer says:


    Where do these messages come from? I see them from time to time, but not sure if you’ve mentioned it before.

    May God bless you! I am praying for you a successful surgery this month!

    God love you, Erica

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