MODERATION IS MISSINGBy Hal MorrisJuly 30, 2020

It troubles me when I see hundreds of young college-aged students intermixing with BLM goons and ANTIFA radicals. Whether they be Black, White, Asian, or Hispanic, I’m still troubled and wonder how this could be.
By observation alone, one could conclude they represent educated young people of the middle and upper class. They have cellphones, headphones, and plenty of free time to protest, riot and burn buildings, and disrespect law and order. They are not moderate. They represent committed Marxists, attempting a revolution.
You watch burnings and listen to the anger, language, and venom spewed out without understanding why. I need to know the motivator that leads them to believe that this country, primarily a white male systemic racist society, needs to be overthrown. I lived in this country all my 85 years while traveling extensively abroad. I’ve worked in education and, after reviewing my career, have to conclude that my chosen profession is a significant contributor to the malaise we now experience. After extensive thinking and discussion, I now better understand the plan that unfolded.
Say hello to Saul Alinsky. Saul Alinsky was a bright young man born in Chicago, Illinois, shortly after the turn of the century and attended the University of Chicago in the 1920s. Alinsky enrolled at the University of Chicago and became influenced by a communist professor, Robert Park. He quickly internalized the concepts, converted to becoming a community organizer working with unions. 
As he aged, Alinsky deserves credit for playing a significant role in bringing the idea of an internal revolution to America. This revolution would not take the shape of an armed rebellion but would unfold slowly and patiently through the infiltration of people and ideas into government and social institutions’.
After the First World War ended in 1918, many intellectuals in the west became fascinated by Russian Communism and the Idealistic Utopian Concept promised by Marx and Engles. Even as Communism struggled in Russia, Alinsky involved himself in implementing their ideas in America. 
As the revolutionary ideas first became popular among the pseudo-intellectuals, teaching in universities and intellectual gatherings in coffee houses near universities. Slowly the plan took shape to promote the concept by infiltrating colleges, universities, and unions to spread the ideas and recruit converts to the movement.
Over the years until he died in 1977, Alinsky altered activism in America by reshaping community organizers’ vehicle, using organizing tactics similar to labor unions. In 1966 he published Reveille for Radicals that laid out the blueprint for effective organizing. His second offering, Rules for Radicals released shortly before his death in 1976, became the bible that radicals depend upon today. 
The salient part of the plan was to infiltrate the movement into higher education, public education, and governments. This approach takes time to be successful and suffered setbacks (Soviet-German Pact 1939, McCarthy hearings 50s), but patience is a virtue, and Marxists have patience and strong goal organization.
By correctly identifying education as an essential vehicle to spread the movement, the planners hit upon the viable strategy to use recruiting converts. Alinsky, young and fresh, bought into the idea that a successful internal revolution, not an armed revolt, was the solution in the long run and indicated in his writings the need for patience. Concentrating at the university level, the recruitment of College and University teachers was at the very top of priorities. They teach teachers.
Slowly colleges and universities were duped into hiring new subject assistant professors, clandestinely hiding their political affiliations. The process of altering the curriculum that reflects dissatisfaction with what exists was accelerated. Graduates, favorable to Marxist ideas, spread out from their established a foothold in higher education by the start of the Second World War. Next came the entertainment industry. The planners knew that the movie industry, especially with the emerging popularity of sound, was an essential vehicle for influencing the public as to the movement’s virtues. As later revealed in congressional investigations, screen and stage writers used their skills to change public opinion. 
After the War, the government offered all veterans a “GI Bill that financed a college education for literally millions of returning veterans, who otherwise could never have afforded a college education. Higher education enrollments soared during the 1950s, and so more students started to become exposed to the new doctrine of Communism and liberalism now defined as less threatening Socialism. Soon the “baby boomers” arrived, ready for public schools starting in the 60s and 70s. 
Public school enrolment grew beyond expectations, and liberalism increased. Many new schools were built and staffed by liberal graduates from our colleges, and the cycle continued. The plan was working. The liberal protests during the Vietnamese War and the Chicago democratic convention riots revealed to the country that a new wave of thinking and values was emerging. Student liberalism on college campuses gave students exposure to protests, draft card burning, notoriety, and free expression. Protesting against government and burning flags and draft cards became routine.
Step by step, over the years, the growing liberal movement has dramatically influenced permissive parenting. That way, today, affluent liberal college students feel entitled, expect to be pampered, want for nothing, are responsible for nothing, and act accordingly. Being schooled in the Alinsky method implies you are not moderate.
Today in cities and campuses across the college protests, have been seduced, for the first time, as vehicles for political advancement. What is worse, a radical group, ANTIFA, has used Alinsky indoctrinated students, many of whom have no jobs, little responsibilities, and unmarketable skills. They are now fronting a violent socialist revolutionary movement. An editorial in the Washington Examiner (June 23, 2020) states, “Given how much schools and colleges focus on racism in American history, it’s no surprise that the mob assumes any old statue it sees must be of somebody irredeemable.”
Their protest efforts to assist ANTIFA is in the name of free speech and right to assembly, values in the constitution they are trying to change. Students who don’t have jobs, live off student loans, receive parental support, or don’t go to class while getting paid by politicians to protest, riot and loot are having fun. 
These young, newly indoctrinated know-nothings establish “free zones” or political anarchy in cities like Portland, Milwaukee, or Seattle, where chaos reigns. They don’t march in Chicago for the families of Black killed by Blacks. Using the mobility of the internet, they step out for whoever pays them, whether it be Soros or hidden payments funneled through third parties. Slick Congressional Democrats stand silently by as the protesters carry out their desires, safe they think from being incriminated, protected by an absent press reporting the news accurately. 
The media makes them into heroes. As “peaceful protester’s,” they enjoy dressing up in combat boots, black sweaters, pants, masks, and hoods, carrying incendiary devices. When arrested, they cry and whimper. They’re not so brave when taken down as they are breaking into a local store or business. Unfortunately, after an arrest, many Democrat/Socialist elected local district attorneys bought off by radical funding from George Soros, (worth 8.3 billion)do not want to prosecute.
Democrat/Socialist Party has a blind eye to the unruly behaviors of ANTIFA and the Racists BLM hypocrites. They ardently believe it is to their advantage to keep race riots operating through the election. They want the country to suffer economically and lose more jobs and keep unemployment at record levels. AOC summarized, “whats the loss of a few jobs if we reach our goal of toppling Trump.” It matters less to the unemployed rioters; their motto is: “What Me Worry?”
The Black Lives Matter, protesters demand Whites apologize for their White privilege. What sickens me is that many White liberals get on their knees and apologize, schooled in White racist and White privilege nonsense. BLM beat the drums for abolishing or defunding police. BLM wants to defund and eliminate the very authority that protects black neighborhoods, victimized by murders of Black by Blacks, drugs, and robberies. How’s that for logic?
Black protesters break into and destroy businesses owned by struggling Black families, that provide services to predominately black neighborhoods. This madness that the traitorous Democrats/Socialists Politicians label as a myth or peaceful protest is rationalized as reasonable because they think it helps reach the goal of toppling President Trump. No longer can any Democrat/Socialists candidates for the presidency or congress attach moderate to their name. They support a revolution and are a far-left party. 
How any reasonable, informed voter can be supportive of disrespectful Congressmen Nadler or Schiff or Senator Schumer is beyond reason. The Democratic/Socialist Caucus is a disgrace. The Republican Party must stand up to the Bullies and go on the offensive. The Republican-controlled senate needs to flood the house with conservative legislation to force Democrat/Socialists to stand up and be counted. Expose the hypocrisy of their plan and platform. Show more of the TV clips that expose their duplicity and lies.
There were once two political parties, one conservative, (Republican) the other, liberal (Democrat). Each party contained moderate members and leaders who served in congress. For the good of the country, they would meet and reach compromises over differences to make good things happen. 
Since the election of Obama, a clandestine socialist, who stated to the Republicans, “elections have consequences,” the Democrat/Socialist opposition has done nothing but obstruct and severely damaged this country. Most importantly, their actions have severely damaged our creditability worldwide and reduced our allies’ confidence in trusting our decisions.
If you think you there are moderate Democrats today, you’re sadly wrong. There are no longer moderate Democrats. What we see today is either a far, far left Democrat or just a plain leftist Democrat. You’re not even a far-left Democrat because your party’s new label is the Democrat/Socialists Party. The death of moderates is not an accident. It takes years of patience and devotion to a cause of the revolution. To some degree, we let our apathy help it along. Indifference, to what is happening in our schools, contributes to the death of moderation, especially true in the Democrat/Socialist Party.
Please make no mistake what has and is happening to our educational systems is causing great harm to our country. This insidious invasion of students’ minds, from elementary to the university level, is fueling the riotous behavior and conversion of our youth to endorse Socialism and the disrespect for authority as norms. Teachers, as undergraduates, blinded by continual exposure to a thesis of the wrongs of our country, ignore the strengths we brought to the world. Instead, they instill in our young a distaste for free enterprise and believe we built our White Racist country upon the backs of slaves and poor oppressed working people. 
My most recent discussions with people in the field, reveal a willingness on the part of moderate parents, boards of education, and school administrators, to permit the ongoing prostitution of our curriculums. Elementary instruction no long emphasizes the need to view both sides of issues. Whether it is history or the environment, elementary school students hear only one view of the story. Secondary school instructors now feel free to slant current events, issues with climate, and environmental problems reinforcing a false narrative. 
Equality of positions and “two sides to every question,” at one time an essential responsibility of teaches, is no longer the norm. We accept, without question, a 1619 curriculum that emphasizes a fake one-sided story that America was the foundation of slavery. Sequential history is transforming propaganda into historical fact. Trained educators and Marxist historians, current educators, evidently agree with the new narrative. 
Stories abound of students, punished and disciplined for having conservative views, disagreeing with their teachers Ultra-liberal and their Marxist oriented views. Extreme liberal teachers shun traditional teachers with more conservative views. University departments refuse undergraduate and graduate student’s opportunities to listen to conservative speakers. What is happening to free discourse and independent thinking?
School administrators and college administrators comply with directives issued by student protesters such as ANTIFA and BLM thugs. Rather than being a source of enlightenment, with a few exceptions, our universities have become one-sided in the Marxist, far-left views. A legislative review is needed to question whether the government should use taxpayer monies to fund biased universities and colleges.
There is no excuse for funding programs that disrespect our history, slant narratives, discourage free expression, and disparage our form of government and economy. Saul Alinsky must be proud as a peacock as to the turn of events. Events he outlined in his plans for revolution. It is never too late to make right a wrong. We must use our conservative voices to end this malpractice. 
One can only imagine what Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John Kennedy Tip Oneill would say if they were alive today. The moderate, liberal party they knew is no more. Where did they go? Perhaps Alinsky took it with him and buried it. Only by getting out the conservative and moderate Republican vote can we restore sanity to this great country.
Let’s do it!

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. hellenback7 says:

    Well articulated outline of what has happened and continues to take place today.
    If there were only more people opposed to this nonsense and fewer who continue to believe “it won’t happen here” as it unfolds before their eyes.
    With so much tolerance for insane notions by the majority of the general public, it’s difficult to see how the world will survive the present crisis and return to any kind of sanity.

    It may be selfish but at 67, I’m glad I won’t be around much longer.

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