Traditionalistium Laetitia









January 6, 2022

  1. The joy of the traditionalists has now coalesced with the joy of the magi in a fitting climactic crescendo for the Christ Child in His cradle this Christmas. Mary says “His name is Jesus,” and at this name shepherds and kings bend their knees in reverent awe. This joy has been ever on our minds and in our hearts, as it was for our predecessors Benedict XVI and Saint John Paul II, as we all, now again unified, bow in worshipful reverence before the Babe of Bethlehem. We have continued to press on ever more in the constant search for the ecclesial unity and communion of those with Jesus those centuries ago.
  2. The previously-announced via caritatis, the sand foundation of a deficient and defective theory of universal, all-encompassing mercy, was said to point to a path to unity. This was an erroneous doctrinal detour, rather than a way to truth. It was a misbegotten path for the return of multitudes to supposed union with the Church. Numerous members of the faithful were deceived. Those publicly living in adultery rejoiced when they were told they could live on in their error and return to their ecclesial home. Those who took part in catholic community life celebrated publicly what they had been convinced was now the virtue of their voluntary engagement in fornication. Racists were led to believe they had found a place in the Church for the joyful, fruitful racism now blest and approved, thanks to what they heard as a clear proclamation of a universal, limitless pseudo-doctrine of mercy as trumping all other divine attributes. Even those who advocated for, promoted, or silently acquiesced in the murder of tens of millions of babies happily joined in Holy Communion, smiling and satisfied that they were experiencing the joy of love, rather than receiving the Body and the Blood of Christ to their condemnation.
  3. This mercy was first proclaimed without limit and without exception, as must be any true doctrinal or moral principle. It was then revealed to have limits. This was not a true principle. Not only did this supposed universal mercy not embrace all of those who love and cherish the traditional Latin Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, this mercy was exposed to be the malevolent, masquerading basis for condemning the traditionalists, shunning them, investigating them, harassing them, denying them the sacraments, persecuting them, and exiling them.
  4. Fettered by a false, excluding and divisive liturgodoxy, some declaimed, even in shrill voice, that not only must the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass be said in different languages, with the inevitable differences in meaning and significance flowing from such a babel of theological cacophony, but that those are to be condemned who would utter a word in support of a universal Mass, a Mass as the sign of not only the worldwide unity, but also of the heavenly unity of all the faithful. Inevitably, what were called “translations” were used surreptitiously, yet intentionally, in an effort to change immutable dogma, doctrine, and teaching via a new and deceptive lex credendi based on an artificial and false lex orandi.
  5. It was heard, from the man who wore papal white before and those with him in their demigod efforts to bring into being a new reality by their words alone, that the sinners said to be exonerated without repentance, without amendment of their lives, in essence were not free to choose, that what previously had been grievous sin for them was virtue,  and they were as they are, really are, because God made them that way. Implicitly it was proclaimed to them to rejoice, that God made them to commit sin.
  6. The man who wore papal white before and those who were with him said the loving all-powerful God made the adulterers, fornicators, racists, and abortionists to sin, made them as they are; but He most certainly did not make traditionalists as they are.  They said all heretofore “irregular situations” were  regular, but traditionalism was declared to be the one “irregular situation” that remained irregular, and that it could not be countenanced within the forgiving glow of an all-inclusive, diverse, accepting newly-explained mystical body. Universal mercy was not universal. Traditionalists chose freely and wickedly to sin.  This was grievous sin and the gates of hell which were closed to all other sinners were flung wide open for these who dared to begin the Mass with the words, “In nomine Patris . . .” Instead of multiple levels of suffering and horror in hell, there was only one level and it was populated solely by those who loved and cherished the traditional Latin Mass. No such person was made this way by God. No such person was to be shepherded or treated with pastoral care. No such sinner was to be incorporated into the life of the church community. No such sinner was to rejoice in a joyful, fruitful sin. These sheep were to be summarily turned out alone into the wilderness.
  1. Following my valid election, the world’s bishops were invited to comment on this state of affairs. They were also invited to assess the centuries-old sign of unity for all the world, the traditional Latin Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. As they have agreed in the past when presented with such a question, the bishops have now assured us, each of them after invoking the light of the Holy Spirit and having been inspired by that same Spirit, that the path to this sign of worldwide unity is present in the representation of the doctrinal matter we discuss herein. This ecclesial episcopal agreement is always refreshing and reinvigorating to the Church. It comes as no surprise, that we, enlightened by the same Spirit, now express our concordance with what they, the shepherds of the faithful, have previously and independently come to know, to believe, to convey to us, and to fearlessly assert. My fellow bishops, the world’s spiritual shepherds, in their episcopal love, care, and unity, have found the way for all to participate together in the ecclesial communities around the world.
  2. We must and we will help, shepherd, and pastorally care for  those persecuted in the past who loved and cherished the traditional Latin Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. I offer and Jesus’s Church declares and offers them a sincere, complete, unconditional, and profound apology for all that has been done to them.
  1. A pastoral approach towards spreading this ages-old sign of unity will further our Church’s responsibility for helping the faithful understand the pedagogy of grace in everyone’s life, grace invigorated and enlivened within the Latin Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. This unity will show the faithful that everyone can reach the fullness of God’s plan for them, something which is always possible. My fellow shepherds have urged me to insure that those who love and cherish the Latin Holy Sacrifice of the Mass are in future fully integrated into Catholic parishes, dioceses, and communities in the wide variety of ways possible, while avoiding any occasion of judgment so that all the faithful worldwide will know they are engaged in and experiencing a joyful, fruitful, unified ecclesial experience.
  2. We urge all bishops to have a Latin Holy Sacrifice of the Mass said in every parish at least once each Sunday between the hours of 9am and 12 noon, local time. We urge that this be a solemn high mass as a pastor may choose, and on the Church’s high holy days and days of obligation. The loving reverence of that first Christmas before the Christ Child asleep in the manger, not the effusive self-adulation of a solipsistic theatrical performance, will again be evident in parishes and communities worldwide.
  3. We urge all bishops to again incorporate the learning of Latin into their seminary curriculums; to encourage parish-level and diocesan-level education of all the lay faithful in the Latin language; and to nourish in all the faithful a full understanding of the Mass of the Ages.
  4. All forms of denigration; investigation – overt and surreptitious, clerical and lay; harassment; exclusion; sacramental denial; and persecution, up until recently practiced and engaged in by some clergy and laity against those who love and cherish the traditional Latin Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, are to be abandoned, abolished, and anathematized, totally, without exception, and entirely.

God bless us, everyone.

Thomas Christian I, Servant of the Servants of God

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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