So we have finally arrived at the final stage of the 2020 election process. Interestingly enough, during the first night of the Democratic / Socialist national convention nary, a word was uttered by the illustrious gathering of speakers about the ANTIFA and BLM goons running amok in our Democratic/Socialist run cities and states.

DEMOCRATIC / SOCIALIST DECAYBy: Hal MorrisAugust 18, 2020

So we have finally arrived at the final stage of the 2020 election process. 
Interestingly enough, during the first night of the Democratic / Socialist national convention nary, a word was uttered by the illustrious gathering of speakers about the ANTIFA and BLM goons running amok in our Democratic/Socialist run cities and states. Is it forgotten or deliberately omitted from the party line? I dare say that it’ll be the same for the rest of the convention and campaign.
Perhaps this omission resulted because of the embarrassment of the Democratic/Socialist Party and their supporters, who are funneling money into the Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization. BLM’s leadership, is controlled by avowed Marxist revolutionaries who direct instigate and carry out the mayhem. The three top co-leaders Garza, Cullers, and Tometi, of a long time Communist terrorist, (Chesimard, alias, Assata Shakur) living in Cuba. Susan Rosenberg, a convicted murderer, sentenced to 58 years in prison, but pardoned by President Clinton after serving 15 years, is the vice-chair and on the board of directors of Thousand Currents, BLM’s financial arm. (Jerry Dunleavy, ‘Who Is Black Lives Matter, National Review, 7/28/2020.)
The present BLM leadership team also includes a consultant, Angela Davis, a long time activist in the Communist party, nominated twice by the Communist Party, with Gus Hall as a candidate for vice president in 1980 and 1984. She received an acquittal of murder and abetting the attempted prison escape of her lover George Jackson. 
Here we are in 2020, and unless one is blind or willing to look in another direction, staring you in the face is a Communist, terrorist influence, and orientation of the leadership of the BLM movement. 
Bob Woodson, noted civil rights activist, spoke to Tucker Carlson on TV Monday night, stating, “Black lives Matter, that advertised itself as the champion of social justice for Blacks has really become a parasite…It has migrated from social justice to attack the nuclear family.” (Bob Woodson, Tucker Carlson Show, Fox News, 8/17/20.) According to Angelica Stabile of FoxNews, he went on to state, “race grievance vigilantes are destroying this nation. It was the family and our Christian faith that enabled us to survive slavery.” (Angelica Stabile, Fox News, 8/18/20.)
So the question remains as to why the Democrat/Socialist Party and its candidates have not spoken out to condemn the violence and destruction. Gerry Nadler, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, says the riots and violence are a myth. Other party spokespeople are addressing the virtual convention asking us to visualize the country without police and prisons. Candidates Biden and Harris have already endorsed the defunding of police. 
The Democratic/Socialist Party is now lead by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Beto O’Rourk, Kamala Harris, and the loveable, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, (AOC). Speaker of the House Pelosi and Senate Minority leader Schumer are figureheads and had little if any role in writing the Party platform. Politicians and media personnel are covertly expressing legitimate questions and concerns about Joe Biden’s mental competency for the Presidency. But, who cares, not the party? After forty years of running to get the nomination, Biden is, at best, front-man for Bernie Sanders’s wing of the party. Bernie being much too controversial to get the appointment.
Moderation has left the Democratic/Socialist party. It probably never will emerge again. The party would like to move closer to extreme Socialism. Now we have a political party schooled in the Alinsky mold, that will do whatever it can to obtain its goals. Violence, looting, and burning cities are quite acceptable if it can defeat the Republican Party and Donald Trump. If the movement is successful, it will move this country toward a quicker Cuban or Venezuelan style of Communism, than one can imagine.
New polls show that over 80 percent of Black Americans are against the abolishment or defunding of police. Lawlessness is rampant in significant urban areas. Rather than demanding more police presence in these areas, BLM moves ahead to its next phase of community indoctrination. 
Efforts to solidly infuse “Structural Racism” into our American culture, is underway through a massive re-education of the public. Students in many public schools now read as part of their curriculum Black literature aligned with Structural Racism. Liberal teachers teach only one point of view in English or History classes. American history now has adopted the 1619 curriculum, which exploits America as a racist, White Privilege country.
Highlighting White privilege and portraying the country’s heritage as racist, is the cornerstone of Structural Racism. Designed to infuse guilt into the minds of complacent Whites and have them apologize to Blacks is preached. Re-distribution of the wealth of this country they say has been denied to Blacks by White racists. Pay reparations to today’s Blacks for the past sins of slavery in this country. 
Violence in Portland, Seattle, Los Angles, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Atlanta, Washington, Philadelphia, Baltimore, all states and cities governed where Democrat/Socialists prevail. No wonder there is silence. Or is it a myth as Gerry Nadler would like the country to believe? Is this the image we want to view our cities and countryside? Heaven forbid!
Commenting on Structural Racism, the new BLM theme, Gerard Baker wrote an Op-Ed article in today’s WSJ that stated, “In this unusual summer of love, our new rulers–those tolerant folk who now control the physically decaying streets of major cities alongside the intellectually common rooms and newsrooms of many universities and media companies–have instructed Americans to work on developing race awareness.” Baker states,…” ascribing inequality to discrimination and oppression, rather than a complex array of factors (of which discrimination is surely one), the activists will do nothing to further their ideal of equality.” ( Gerard Baker, Op ED, WSJ, 8/18/20.) 
The introduction of race wars into Presidential elections by Democrats /Socialists isn’t a new strategy. Republican candidates for President, Regan, Bushs, McLain, Romney, and Trump, were no exception to being cited as racists by Democratic/Socialists. What is different today is the conspiracy of the media to support this racist dialogue covertly. 
Even more disgusting is the plot of blackmail violence and deceit. The encouragement of racial divides to gain votes regardless of the lasting damage it does to this country is unforgivable.
So as the DNC convention Zoom’s it way into oblivion, we as conservatives must roll up our sleeves and increase efforts to get out our voters. We must combat the mega-donors like Soros and Bloomberg, spending millions of dollars on senate and congressional campaigns to defeat Republicans, moderates, and conservative candidates. 
To accomplish this, supporters need to assist in raising funds for both congressional and senate campaigns. To combat the lack of press and fair media coverage, we can write letters, articles, use social media, and vocally speak out and resist the threats against Trump. 
In combating, Structural Racism, we need to aggressively point out that not all White people were slaveholders or supporters. It was primarily White abolitionists that ended slavery and fought a Civil War to end slavery. As we matured, we took enormous steps to eliminate Jim Crow laws and segregation in schools and businesses. 
Today we are an enlightened country still moving forward in addressing the problems of our poor Black families living in poor urban neighborhoods. Even though some complain, progress has been slow but steady. In their zeal to defeat Trump, the complainers are complicit in the move towards the instability of race wars. Their movements encourage racial divides and cause a backlash that endangers the progress we have made.
Whatever we do, we cannot lose hope or desire to protect our free enterprise economy, individual rights, and the legitimacy of American values. We are in a fight for the soul of America. If we lose this fight, America we know and love will vanish.

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