A nervous Fr. Rocky, CEO of Relevant Radio, the largest Catholic Radio Network, twice clumsily tried to hide from his listeners terribly evil behavior by bishops, cardinals, and Pope Francis, in the process treating his listeners like children.  Patrick Madrid invited him to come clean, but he refused, instead he sang an old beer jingle and launched into how the Rosary will clean up Vatican financial misdeeds, which he said are just run of the mill products of human nature.

Along the way, Fr. Rocky talks about the possibility that concern about nuclear arms out weighs abortion [33:22] and declares Cd. Pell a saint, equal to Thomas More.  Fr. Rocky came on the radio to discuss his voter guide, in which he concludes in the guide by saying that racism is equal to abortion (p. 99, ).  Below are the transcript and time marks where you can listen to the recording ( ) from the Patrick Madrid show from Tuesday, 10/6, hour 3.

Beginning at 30:18, Fr. Rocky introduces and reads a passage from the famous letter from Cd. Ratzinger to Cd. McCarrick and Abp. Gregory in 2004 about how those who publicly support abortion should be denied communion. This is the letter that McCarrick and Gregory hid and lied about when McCarrick ostensibly relayed to the rest of the bishops what it said.

At the 35:49 mark in the recording Fr. Rocky refuses Patrick Madrid’s invitation to discuss the backstory of the letter. Here’s a transcript of the dialogue:

PATRICK MADRID:  Now there’s also a backstory to that letter, Father, also.  Do you want to talk about that?

FR. ROCKY:  [Quickly, loudly and nervously interrupting Patrick.]  No, I think that will distract people.


FR. ROCKY:  But I know the backstory.  What I do know, and I see it with my own eyes, that the 54-day Rosary novena for the needs of the Church and the nation are having an effect because as we see there’s some very positive steps that are going on in the Vatican right now to get to financial transparency, and that means people are getting fired because they are getting exposed for using Church funds in an illicit way.

And that’s going to happen just because of human nature if you don’t have checks and balances in the system. So we take for granted in corporate America, especially if you’re trading stock in publically-traded corporations.  Now, everything’s open for inspection, right, so you can’t hide things and say it’s mine, because it’s not mine, right?  So this is one of the things we’re praying for, and I’m very hopeful that we can, and this is what Cd. Pell has said, “This is why the cardinals elected Pope Francis to clean up the financial scandals in the Vatican.”

[At this point, Patrick tries to warn Fr. Rocky that he should stop trying to fool the audience because the day before Patrick spent the entire first hour of the show very candidly talking about how Cd. Becciu bribed witnesses to imprison Cd. Pell for life to prevent Becciu’s great financial crimes from coming to light, and how Becciu was a close confidant of the Pope, etc., etc..]

PATRICK:  Yeah, as you’re describing that I’m thinking about the show yesterday, Father.  I don’t know if you heard it.

FR. ROCKY:  [Quickly, loudly and nervously interrupting Patrick.]  No, but I heard it was great. I heard it from your friend Bp. Wall, he texted me.

PATRICK:  Oh, that’s

FR. ROCKY:  [Again interrupting Patrick.]  He said, “Patrick hit it out of the park.”

PATRICK:  Awesome, well, I’m doubly blessed then that he said so, but if you ever get a chance to hear it, I spent a great deal of time going through the trials and travails of Cd. Pell and how his vindication

FR. ROCKY:  [Again interrupting.]  The guy’s got to be a saint. This is like Thomas More but live.

PATRICK:  Yeah, and he got out of the tower, unlike Thomas More. You know he gave his head. 

Father, you said something earlier.  If you have time?

FR. ROCKY:  Yes, I have to the top of the hour, if you got the interest.

PATRICK:  I’ve got the interest.

[At this point, Fr. Rocky repeatedly sings a beer jingle.] 

FR. ROCKY:  [Singing]  If you have the time, we have the beer.

PATRICK:  What is that? I know it’s a commercial.  What, is it beer?

FR. ROCKY:  It’s Millers.

PATRICK:  That’s right. 

FR. ROCKY:  [Singing]  If you’ve got the time, we’ve got the beer, beer after beer

PATRICK:  I have a feeling we’re going to break into song and dance at this point.

FR. ROCKY:  Chuckles

[At this point, Patrick tries to save Fr. Rocky once again by eating up time asking him an easy question on Confession. Then, Fr. Rocky spends more time promoting his voter guide.]

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