Guardian Angel

January 7, 2021

“Now is the time that will tell the tale of men 

And where they stood and how they conducted their affairs in the face of evil

That was so insidious that it walked alongside righteous men,

And slipped into the doors that they held open. 

While men try to fortify by aligning with this group or adopting the criteria of that organization to thereby exhibit a show of force,

They ignore the angels who wield the power of heaven and who surround them.

But now is the time that determines where each man will be found when the smoke of a burning world clears,

For the outcome of the battle is not uncertain, and victory is not up for grabs.

But in the end, when angels speak of the valiant who did not waver,

What names shall be mentioned? 

And will they be listed as a member of an earthly regiment,

Or will they be listed as in the company of God? 

For now is the time that will tell the tale of men,

And few will be listed who stood firm.”

– S

About abyssum

I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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2 Responses to oooo

  1. Kate R. says:

    That’s wonderful. We watch mere mortals fall like dominoes with the slightest push. It is appalling, but then, what isn’t appalling in these times. Millions of Americans are dumb-struck, what must I, as a middle-aged woman, do to help my nation and president, other than pray. It is shocking, watching Communism take America by the throat. What can be done. Please God, help us.

  2. eulalorreta says:

    I pray daily for the strength that God will provide me so as not to waiver when evil is in path. I beg my guardian angel to bolster me and let me know he is right beside me.

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