by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The news broke nearly 21 hours  ago, but no Catholic news outlet in the English speaking world — to my knowledge — has picked up the story. There is universal studious silence.

Compare this to the totally discounted fabricated and alleged interview of Massimo Franco of the Italian Daily, La Stampa, which made claims that were entirely debunked days later by all the leading Vaticanista: Socci, Tosatti, Cionci etc.. That story, when first published, was reprinted immediately by ALL leading “Catholic” news outlets in the USA and the United Kingdom.

What is the difference?

The Massimo Franco story claimed that Bergoglio is the pope and that Benedict accepts that.

But the story which broke yesterday, quotes Pope Benedict XVI naming an Ambassador, in a nact which is strictly papal and monarchical and proves that Benedict considers himself the sole reigning pontiff.

Now ask yourselves if the “Catholic” media who ignored yesterday’s story are credible, impartial, honest or even in communion with the Church, of if they are rather bought and paid, narrative control, totally in league with Bergoglio’s gay, marxist, globalist, heretical apostate agenda.

By the way, for all you traddies out there, the story which broke yesterday is much more important than a nearly anonymous letter posted on the doors to St. Peter’s Basilica. So what’s with your silence about the former and your foaming at the mouth about the latter?

Here you have it. Take note. This is information suppression, disinformation promotion and narrative control. And it all has a satanic and globalist objective.

Also, to not put too fine a point upon it: if you refuse to recognize that Pope Benedict XVI did this because you refuse to recognize him as the Roman Pontiff, then you need to candidly admit that you are a SCHISMATIC formal and pertinacious, and in virtue of canon 1364, are excommunicated ipso facto for schism. Also in accord with the papa bull,  “Unam Sanctam” of Pope Boniface VIII, you cannot at all be saved, but shall be condemned to the eternal fires of Hell, with unbelievers and heretics of all kinds.

So maybe it is time you cut off all funding to these “Catholic” sites and talking heads who simple ignore the true facts as they come forth?

For myself, I for 6 years thought Bergoglio was the pope, and would have rejoiced to have a clear fact as this to snatch me from the errors I was in. To not have this sentiment is bizarre, and incomprehensible to me, if you are honestly in public disparaging and disapproving of what Bergoglio is doing daily, AND disapproving of it in your heart, why would you be silent in the last 21+ hours about this irrefutable evidencde that Benedict XVI never intended to resign, is the Pope, and is not ashamed to act as such?

Let us keep praying for Pope Benedict XVI. I believe the strong defense of his rights that we have seen in the Italian press in the last 2 weeks has encouraged him to speak out. With stronger moral and spiritual support, I believe his restoration to the Throne of Peter will be soon.

Now it is for us to militate with him! God wills it! Deus Vult!

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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