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SOME THINGS TO PONDER…PART IIIby E. P. UNUMMarch 22, 2021  This is Part III of my series Some Things to Ponder. This one a sobering look at current events and a look back at some facts. I may be wrong, but I believe the best thing that could ever happen for the Mexican Drug Cartels was a Democrat presidential victory back in November. Indeed, in many respects, this is their “rainy dream” (to put it nicely). Joe Biden is like manna from heaven for the Mexican Drug Cartels. Before El Jefe Grande, Presidente Biden decided to unilaterally do away with all things Trump and open up our southern border, discarding what worked to control illegal immigration under President Trump. Experts estimated the money made on drug trafficking by the Mexican Drug Cartels at around “$500 billion a year.” That’s half a trillion dollars a year. Trillion with a “T.” What’s the source of that estimate you say? It is what Senator Purdue (R) said at a hearing of the Senate International Narcotics Control Caucus, June 11, 2019. But before you scream foul, it doesn’t count because he is a Republican, here is what Senator Diane Feinstein, a Democrat had to say at that same hearing: “The illicit drug trade is a business, valued at anywhere between $426 [billion] and $652 billion…” Get the picture? Follow the money.  Do you think the people and children coming across our border are coming empty-handed? If so, you are living in a fantasy land. They are bringing drugs of all kinds….cocaine, fentanyl, heroin worth hundreds of millions of dollars, maybe billions on the street. How much do you think is flowing back into the coffers of politicians from this windfall?  Do you really believe the telephone numbers children are carrying with them are contact information for relatives living in the United States? Are you a special kind of naïve? Oh, you think these are insensitive, hysterical, unfounded comments? Well, think back to the evidence we heard about Hunter Biden’s scheme with the Chinese Communists when he accompanied then Vice President Joe Biden (now our current president) on Air Force 2 and walked away with $1.5 billion in “venture capital investment” ostensibly to set up a company that included Joe Biden himself as the “Big Guy” with a 10% stake. Did you forget about Tony Bobulinski who tried to warn us about what Joe and Hunter Biden were up to well before the election took place? Isn’t it strange that the mainstream media kept this completely under wraps and few people knew about it? Who else do you think might have their hands in the till? If America and Mexico wanted to eliminate the cartels and their operations in Central America, they could do so quickly. Why then do they persist? Keep in mind, the Cartels are also pocketing millions in illicit fees they collect from families in Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico along with terrorists from Yemen, Syria, Iran, North Korea, and China who infiltrate America through our now porous southern border. 
Children unaccompanied by their parents are arriving in the thousands seeking entry to the United States. Does any of this make sense to you? Why would parents send their children on such a perilous journey alone in the “custodial care” of groups specializing in human trafficking? Don’t you think someone is looking out for them since they are carrying some very important assets?   And what are we doing about this lunacy? Oh, wait…Let me circle back with you in a few months and I will give you yet another evasive snide comment for asking such good and probing questions, so says Jen Psaki the appointed town crier for President Biden!  By the way, where is Hunter? I am given to understand that Joe Biden is scheduled to hold a press conference on March 25 when reporters can ask meaningful questions other than what is his favorite color.  We will see then just how open this conference is. I wonder if anyone in the media will ask our President about Mr. Bobulinski? I just read Wayne Allen Root’s essay about our real president actually being Barack Hussein Obama and I believe he is 100% correct. What we are being treated to is the Third Term of Barack Hussein Obama and he, together with Susan Rice and Valerie Jarret, is pulling all the strings on Joe Biden who is president in name only. If you think about it objectively, there really is no other conclusion. Consider the following: 1.    I challenge anyone to identify one single legislative or executive action taken by Obama that benefited America or Americans. Name just one. Ditto for Joe Biden and he has been in charge for only sixty days. 2.    Virtually every action Obama took during his presidency was designed and intended to weaken America. He enacted more regulations on business than any other president with the consequential effect of stifling growth. He curtailed, and in many cases banned, oil and gas exploration making our nation more dependent on foreign oil. He weaponized the IRS against American citizens. He tried to force the Little Sisters of the poor to provide condoms to young girls. He was a proponent of the Paris Accord which would have drained America’s wealth in pursuit of climate change, a notion which is by no means settled science. He did next to nothing to reign in China or North Korea. His presidency marked a continuous spread of seemingly endless wars in the Middle East with no end in sight. He sent billions, $176 billion to be exact, to Iran, the single greatest state sponsor of terrorism in the world, and never told anyone in Congress about it until it had been done He insulted our ally, Israel intentionally. He did nothing to achieve peace in the Middle East, raised taxes on corporations and individuals, and presided over the greatest flight of capital from our nation in history. As our first black president, he did absolutely nothing to ease racial tensions, fostering instead a great schism between black and white Americans. He did nothing to reduce black unemployment. And, during his presidency, he alone increased our national debt by $10.0 trillion, more than all 43 Presidents before him accumulated in our nation’s history. 3. Under Obama, do you remember the videos and photographs of U.S. Navy Sailors being held captive by Iranian sailors in small gunboats, with their arms raised and hands clasped behind their necks? I do. Did Obama show any embarrassment or anger? In the recently concluded initial meetings of high-level diplomats from the Biden Administration and their counterparts in China in Anchorage, Alaska, the Chinese excoriated the Americans in a fifteen-minute tirade. Biden said he was proud of how our side conducted themselves! Remarkable.  4. Recently, Biden fell three times trying to run up the steps to Air Force One. The White House blamed it on bursts of wind. They have so little regard for us, just like Obama. We are no more than useful idiots to them. 5. Where was President Obama while our embassy in Benghazi was being overrun by a well-organized assault team armed with RPGs, machine guns, mortars, and assorted small arms? Where was Joe Biden? Since when do angry mobs show up at spontaneous protests so well-armed? This was no spontaneous reaction to a movie no one saw. It was yet another Obama lie, a storyline promulgated by the Triumvirate of Obama, Clinton, and Rice. Benghazi was a well-planned attack with a purpose, and that purpose was as despicable as you can get. Come to think of it, where was that tough guy Joe Biden while all this was happening? Was he in his favorite hang-out, his basement in Delaware? 6. Our nation did rejoice however when Seal team Six completed its mission of killing Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad Pakistan. Afterward, it sure didn’t take Joe Biden long to give an interview with the Press, at which point he disclosed to the media the precise name of the unit that had prosecuted the action against Bin laden. In doing so, he put a target on the backs of Seal Team Six, and several months later a U.S. Chinook helicopter crashed in Afghanistan brought down by a shoulder-fired missile killing 38 servicemen several of the members of Seal Team Six. Can you guess where that shoulder-fired missile came from? Can you spell Benghazi, Libya? Joe Biden was just trying to let the world know that he was in the know about the Bin Laden mission, even though we now hear he was actually opposed to it.  7. Now, fast forward to 2021 and the Presidency of Joe Biden. If you look at his cabinet members and people assembled around him, it is strikingly similar to the people who served in Obama’s administration. The 52 executive orders issued by Biden are in no way beneficial to the United States and, indeed, are detrimental to our economy and moral standing in the world. We seem focused on things like proudly introducing new uniforms for pregnant female soldiers, renaming bases and schools, tearing down monuments to our history and Founders, and teaching our children the newest and latest cancel culture concepts like not referring to your mother and father with terms like mom or dad. We have developed a penchant for denigrating our history and trying to pick the fly shit out of the pepper, while China continues to move forward at breathtaking speed. And the world is watching us with great apprehension. Biden talks of unity but his actions are diametrically opposed to unity. They are divisive and make little sense economically, morally, and operationally… just like Obama! 8.  We have yet to see Biden’s new tax plan unfold but all signs point to yet another devastating outcome for our economy. If Biden holds true to form, he will abolish the Trump tax cuts which will automatically increase taxes on everyone, not just the so-called wealthy Biden promised to focus his tax plan on. We do know that the Biden Administration is hell-bent on increasing corporate taxes, capital gains taxes, and personal income taxes along with a wealth accumulation tax and other assorted tax hikes in 2021. It is astounding to me that whoever is advising Biden has learned nothing from the consequences of these actions. Money is a mobile asset and will likely move offshore. That is what happened under Obama and it will happen again. Companies will move offshore. Executives will do the same and the American Middle Class will become squeezed once again in footing the bill. The end result will be a devastation to our economy and an inability to address our skyrocketing National Debt whose interest costs will eat away America’s wealth.   Long ago, Joseph Goebbels, a German politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda for the Nazi Party from 1933-1945 had this to say:        “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic, and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

     The takeaway lesson from all of this is that if we continually allow our elected representatives to lie to us as they have far too often done, then we will have committed ourselves to witness the obliteration of the last bastion of freedom and progress the world has ever seen. We will have irreparably damaged the future of our children and grandchildren and wasted the sacrifices of so many who came before them. We will have lived the prophetic words of one of our greatest Presidents, Abraham Lincoln who said so eloquently:    “‘America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we lose our freedoms it will be because we have destroyed ourselves from within.” Do not let this happen. I implore you. 

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